Monday, 12 November 2018

a year or so ago, I was invited to contribute a few images and a Q & A for the book, pictured above.
I didn't really give this much thought at the time, but when the book was published and I received a copy, I was beyond thrilled. 
A French publication, but sincerely hoping the book will be published in English soon.  
The book takes a look at contemporary embroidery.
Absolutely packed with a fabulous collection of contemporary textiles artists' work, unusual and alternative.   To be part of this wonderful book is a huge honour.

 Available here and AmazonUK.   I looked at Amazon USA but not available at the moment.  I'm sure it will be widely available though, if published in English.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

thank you so much for the wonderful welcome back to blogging.  Thank you each and everyone for your kind comments, all very much appreciated.

So, here is the result of many hours of stitching over the last few days....French style Berets.   One of our daughters suggested embellishing Berets, which I thought was such a good idea.
Each has a hand embroidered spray of flowers and teeny Bees.  Available over in my Etsy shop.

Well, that's all for today, 

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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Hens Teeth Art starts blogging again!

it's been a long, long time since I blogged last and I wondered if anyone out there in this big old blogging world of ours, can see this post?   If so, do please say 'hello', just so I know I'm not talking to myself.   Not that there is anything wrong with talking to myself, I do just that, all of the time.

Anyway, after much persuasion from a dear friend, lettice I thought I ought to restart keeping a record of what's stitchery business is going on at Hen's Teeth Heights.

So for now, I will leave you with these pics of current 'makes' and wish you well. 
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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Embroidery workshops in France, July 2018

I hope all is well with you, dear reader.
Not a great deal stitch wise going on here. 
 December was a blur, but with a wonderful interlude of a week in Marrakesh.   Look at the sky!   Such a treat to experience such a different culture and of course, the sights, smells and sounds.   

The news I would particularly like to tell you, 
I am most honoured, to have been invited to Caroline Zoob's French Workshop , along with
Lynn Barron of Vintage Sea Angels 
to teach for a week, in the most glorious Chateau, this coming July.
I will be teaching projects covering hand embroidery and free machine embroidery.
Lynn has some achingly exquisite projects.....along with Caroline, 
who will be teaching too, both in their beautiful style.
There is a full explanation of this sure to be glorious week over on Caroline's web site here ....
read down and at the bottom of the page click → France 2018
which will take you to the full PDF brochure, 
with a full guide and prices.

Doesn't it look stunning?

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Just a few words to say that I will be delivering a workshop at the wonderful theyardartspace a week on Saturday ... there are a couple of places available, if you fancy coming along.   A creative and fun day making an angel or fairy from found materials.   Visit the website link for more info, if you fancy.

Although I have woken with vile 'positional vertigo' this morning...and feeling pretty hysterical about it...I am off to Cornwall tomorrow to cowslipworkshops .    I was going to sell at the two day Christmas Fair but I am unable to do this now.  I will, however, being delivering a workshop there on Sunday.   Details below if you are in the area.   So many gorgeous makers will be show casing their wares at this fabulous event.

Leaving you with a couple of pics of latest 'makes'.
My etsy shop will be in 'holiday mode' as from this evening 15.11.17.   Back to normal on Monday though.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Fabric brooches ... free machine embroidered.

These have been selling well, as many buyers have mentioned that their purchase will be a gift.

I have to start making in earnest for Christmas Fair at Cowslip, 
 Newhouse Farm,  St.Stephens Launceston,  Cornwall PL15 8JX 
18th - 19th November.    I am delivering a workshop there too - 20th Nov.  
It's going to be lovely.
I have much to do :)
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Friday, 6 October 2017

 A collection of work available in my Etsy shop.
The above two pieces sold this morning, but I wanted to include them here as a record of my work.
Free machine embroidered girls and birds applied to 1906 paper.   
Below, a lovely old envelope, with 'answered' written on it from 1946.
Layers of lace and snippets of silk ribbon are applied and embroidered to form a garden scene.
 A simpler design for this lovely 1907 envelope below.   A drawn and painted Pidge in amongst the flowers.
 I like the simplicity of this brooch.   Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop.
 Finally, a group of small Brooches which include a Pug brooch!    I know, random, but that's how my mind works.
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