Sunday, 13 January 2013

Come on I'll show you how to sing the blues, now baby, come on over you got nothin' to lose...

Thank you, thank you, so much for the fabulous response to my purse giveaway,
the Random Number Generator thingy was 112, which I believe to be Catherine Constance.
Thank you everyone, it has been a real joy to have so many lovely comments.
Catherine if you could send me your details, I will post asap.
Life has been very quiet around here just lately,
need to get out a little more and one of the places I hope to visit is the Exhibition at
The Foundling Museum, 'Fate, Hope and Charity'.
Following in the footsteps of 'Threads of Feeling' Exhibition.
Here are a few words from the Foundling Museum ...
'Tokens, small everyday objects, were left by mothers with their babies at the Foundling Hospital, which continues today as children’s charity Coram, between c.1741-1760. These tokens, which include coins, jewellery, buttons, poems, playing cards and a simple nut, were a means of identification should the mother ever return to reclaim her child. Hundreds of these small items were removed from the Foundling Hospital’s admission records in the 1860s, severing links with their history – until now.
Now, over 250 years later, Fate, Hope & Charity reunites the tokens with the foundlings to whom they belonged, bringing to light untold stories that are testaments to the grief of separation and the timeless bond between a mother and child. Each heart-wrenching story offers a glimpse into the lives of ordinary women in the eighteenth century. The accounts reveal fascinating information about the tokens themselves, the circumstances surrounding the mother’s decision to give up her baby and the moving stories of the individual foundlings to whom the tokens belonged.' foundling museum website
I am sure this new Exhibition will be as interesting,
heartbreaking and as poignant as Threads of Feeling.
Just a few pieces I have been working over the week.
Below, is a Needlecase, the background of which I have copied from
this Diary.
I have no idea if the original owner of the Diary was male or female, only a few little entries were made, one of which being on Sunday 25th April 1897 'Cuckoo!' Lower Bebington.

Poor Harry.
I hand painted a quirky Cuckoo to the front of the Needlecase and
felt really pleased with the outcome.
New designs for 2013, Daisy and Dennis Donkey, Bing the Budgie, Birds and Bees and Beryl Bunny pops up here and there. 



As you can see, I am really struggling with Blogger again, so before I throw my toys out of the pram,
I will thank you, a HUGE thank you, once again for visiting Hen's Teeth. x
Elo :: Rockaria


Jayne said...

Hi Viv, I had heard about the foundling collection, one on my tutor's did a collection based around it. It is heartbreaking. I am sure the exhibition will be equally as moving. I love your new characters, especially Beryl, she looks as if she has a puzzled expression, almost as if she has been caught doing something she shouldn't. jaynex

Unknown said...

Hi Viv,
I'm over the moon to have won your giveaway... thank you. Please let me have your email address then I can send you my address.. my email is
I've got a big cheesy grin on my face very happy fan.. :D

Unknown said...

In my enthusiasm I forgot to comment on the Foundling collection. How sad and wonderful that it has been conserved to remind us.

the vanilla squirrel said...

lovely post as always......heart wrenching is the is unbearable to think about such things but so important to remember.....
love ALL your new have been very busy! happy evening to you x

primrosesattic said...

What a sad but beautiful post at the same time. Thank you...
Love your new designs really cute.

martha brown said...

Oh, the foundling collection is so heart wrenching....
I fight with Blogger with every post -- I used to post far more often. Now it is a battle to get the photos where I want them. What was blogger thinking? And why haven't they fixed it???

Magic Bean said...

Stunning. Hope to see a lot more hee-haws over the next few months...!

Annabel said...

I remember seeing those pieces of fabric connecting mothers with their children and feeling profoundly moved. I have been working with tiny scraps ever since. Brilliant stuff you are doing, as usual x

HenrietteWhite said...

I'm totally in love with the little donkey!

And also love the way you're using that beautiful diary!

lemonade kitty said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner. You have been a busy bee making all those gorgeous things, Lucey x

Unknown said...

too lovely stuff
love it love it love it

xxx Ellen

Hesta Nesta said...

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a lovely Christmas. Take care and see you soon.
Jo xx
PS Love the donkeys!

Murgatroyd said...

Love the new designs Viv (especially Denis the donkey).
Would love to see the 'Foundling' exhibition. I shall look forward to your report post visit! x

Greedy Nan said...

When does the exhibition end? I'd really like to go but need to plan a day trip to come to London.