Friday, 2 April 2010

I fell asleep amongst the flowers....

So much going on, that it has been a bit bonkers around here :-)
Last Satuday I had the most wonderful day. I had a stand at a brand new vintage textile event at ludlow . It was a great day, with lots of wonderful clothing and textiles to desire and I met up with lots of friends old and new too. A surreal moment when I spied niki , who was with her husband celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary, with a short break in and around Shropshire and Herefordshire. Then a lovely new bloggy friend tina , who is opening a shop soon in Montgomery, Powys. A very exciting event and I can't wait to go and have a look. Here was my stand on the day. (Thank you Kirstie). x

My current husband and I have been married 25 years too this week. Infact the same day as Niki. My husband is in true denial that we are celebrating a Silver Wedding. He says it's our parents that celebrate Silver Weddings, not us! My old man is a gem and puts up with a great deal from his wife ;-)
Bank holiday Monday I will be having at stand at homespun . Can't wait, to not only be in Cornwall at beautiful Porscatho, but to be part of this lovely Fair. This will also be our Silver Wedding treat.
So I have been busy making ...
Velvet hair bands.

and textile necklaces.

Just a few of the handmade pieces travelling down to Cornwall.
Well, I would just like to wish you a Happy Easter holiday time.
Thank you so much to everyone that kindly left a comment last. I am so sorry I have not thanked each of the lovely ladies that took the time to leave a note...I feel awful, but please be sure that I am so happy to receive each and every one. Thank you to new Followers too. I do so love this bloggy world of ours.
Oh and all of the comments about Collies and smaller dogs have been so useful. Backed up my feelings on the matter perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by.


lilylovekin said...

I love the new felt flowers you are doing and the necklaces. I wish that I could attend one of your fairs but it is too far to travel!!!! Have a Happy Easter.

Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Viv,
It was wonderful to see you last Saturday and to spend a few minutes chatting...I loved your stand and now do not know how I walked away without making a purchase??!!!
Congratulations to you and your hubby...25 years does sound like a long time, doesn't it? But time does fly and I can remember our wedding day as if it were yesterday...

Good luck at Portscatho...wish I was going...the hair bands that you have created are truly magical...they are sure to be a best seller.

Have a very Happy Easter weekend,
Niki x

silverpebble said...

Good GRIEF Viv. Can I bagsy a couple of hairclips? Oh my goodness I am swooning, they are tiny bits of Easter for my girls to wear in their hair.

Jennifer said...

Wow, such beautiful pieces. How much fun to do the shows, wish I could be there. said...

Those are amazing Viv! Amazing!!!

JuicyFig said...

A veritable feast of loveliness!

Have a wonderful wedding aniversary - 25 years is worth celebrating no matter what generation you belong to!


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Viv

Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary! How funny that Niki should stumble across your stall whilst away celebrating her silver wedding anniversary!

I really like your hair bands, so very pretty! I hope that some will be making their way to the fair in Chipping Sodbury in May..

Good luck at the fair in Portscatho. Unfortunately I won't be able to go.

Have a lovely Easter
Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Twiglet said...

Gorgeous crafty stuff as usual - do tell us more about Tina's shop in Montgomery. I live just up the road!! Happy Easter.

Fleur de Boheme said...

Hi Viv, such a lovely stand and such beautiful creations! I love reading your blog as you´re such a great source of inspiration!

Didn´t read your last post before now though and have to say... think twice before getting a border collie!! Our dog Gustav is a border mix, and he is a gorgeous dog, very devoted, very sensitive and caring BUT very demanding, too... Don´t expect to be able to leave a border alone for 7 or more hours when you all go to work/school, and having another dog is not necessarily a solution - we have two dogs but still Gustav destroyed so many things, from boots over books to electric toothbrushes and plastic waterpipes (yes!!).... One thing is that it´s annoying and expensive, another that they can damage themselves! Once I found a huge sharp knife on the sofa that he had stolen from the kitchen and carried there, not funny!

They are highly intelligent working dogs that want to be occupied a lot and have a strong herding instinct, which even can cause problems with small children as they tend to regard them as obnoxious sheep and consequently might nip them.

Luckily I knew what I had to expect and I wanted an agility dog, we actually won quite a lot of prizes but I finally dropped it because it became a stress factor for him. I take him with me to work, he loves being in the car and doesn´t touch anyting there, and I can always park in the shadow when it´s hot in the summer. And I taught him lots of tricks and he´s outside with us in the garden (never on his own though as that stresses him) and around the horses a lot in the summer,I also cycle a lot with him.

That was a long one, but there are so many unhappy border collies who live in an environment that is not right for them already, so it´s important to realize that they´re more working dogs than family dogs!

Having said all this, I´m sure you find just the right dog for your family!

Have a wonderful Easter, and let me know about the scarf ;-),


sarah-jane down the lane said...

How beautiful your new treasures are Viv, loving thoser superb headbands.
I wish you all the best for Porthscatho, I long to join you but alas I am stuck up country for now!
I will send you an e-mail with my address so that we can swap details as I have a something that desperately wants to wing it's way to you.

Happy Easter and wowzers trousers amazing amazing congrats to you both on your silver wedding! He did very well indeed!

Love Sarah x x x

Jo said...

Oh wow, Viv! I just love, love, love your gorgeous flowery creations - but then, as you know, I'm fascinated by dainty blossoms too.
So pleased Ludlow show went well... would love to have a stall myself next year.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
Hugs xx

PepperPi Pals said...

You really do make such beautiful things! And I love the way you set your table out.

Love your new banner too...very sweet :)


Carol Q said...

ooh what beauties. have a successful time in Porscatho and happy anniversary! I reckon 25 years is an achievement these days.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Viv, you are so inventive and full of ideas - the hair bands are really pretty as are the unusual textile necklaces. Good luck with your day at Portscatho and congratulations to you and your husband reaching such a milestone! Lesley x

Country Style Living said...

Congratultions to you and your husband on your wedding anniversary. Your necklaces and hair accessories are beautiful. Good Luck with the fair, I am sure you will do well

Angela Smith said...

Hi Viv, beautiful pieces, love both the headbands and your necklaces. Enjoy your wedding anniversary, we celebrated ours last week by going down to London, haven't been there for about 10 years, so it was a real treat.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Viv

Congratulations on your 25th. It was our 33rd the day after (to current husband also!). Same date as my parents' wedding. Obviously a good time for long marriages!!!

Have a fabulous time in Portscatho. Wish we were going to be there but have just run out of time before the DH fair next Sunday.

See you soon.

Sue x

Vintage to Victorian said...

PS - Meant to say how gorgeous all your new goodies are!

Tina said...

Congratulations to you and current hubby on your 25th wedding anniversary - well done. Lovely to meet you at Ludlow, glad the show went well - i was quite jealous, i used to love doing the shows but i don't have time now. good luck in Cornwall. Gorgeous headbands...gorgeous everything actually...speak to you soon.

Lyn said...

The things you make are so beautiful!
very delicate and Springy!

Patty said...

Oh my gosh the crafts you make are amazing!!! So gorgeous! Happy Silver Anniversary!

A Mermaid's Tale said...

Oh my god Viv, those flowery hairbands are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you and all your beautiful creations on Monday, and to wish you and your lovely hubby a Happy Anniversary! Safe journey down,
Christine x x

Chrissie said...

the headbands are delightful, full of the promise of Spring. and happy silver wedding

Corinne Phillips said...

Absolutely LOVE those hairbands. So beautiful. Can't get over how prolific you are Viv! And your stall looks lovely. Hope Homespun is a great success for you on Monday. xx

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Viv
OMG those headbands!
Have a lovely weekend in Cornwall you lucky, lucky thing.
p.s. I can't believe that I will have been with the lovely Michael for 5 years this summer, time certainly does whizz by when you are busy & happy.

Babs said...

What a nice surprise, in the way of your wares. I really like them, purses and jewelry...
I want to add or do a little post on your things, if it is okay, on my blog, been looking for just the right blog and you are it. :)
What a lovely garden studio..

Thecraftytrundler said...

Your jewellery, hairbands, and hair pins are gorgeous!!
Congratulations on your anniversary, and have a great time this Easter weekend : )

Sharon xx

margaret said...

My dear Viv, if you're going to fall asleep then where better than amongst the flowers, welcome back! Fab gorgeousness to feast our eyes upon, so very you, I love it all! Mx

Pom Pom said...

Love those headbands! Happy Easter!

Jacqueline Taylor said...

Oooh Viv! I love the headbands and necklaces, they are so lovely! Have a lovely Easter and congratulations on your Silver wedding anniversary! : ) xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your felt flowers and fabulous but those textile necklaces are truly unique and beautiful. wishing you and yours many Easter blessings and much joy, all the best, Tammy

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Viv, I would SO love to wander through one of your wonderful events (fairs) and stumble onto you IN PERSON.

Love the new pieces. Congratulations to you and your significant other. Those years fly past don't they?

All joys to you and yours,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Becca said...

Beautiful hair pieces. Have a lovely time in Cornwall...oh how I hope to see that place one day!
Happy Easter!

Cowboys and Custard said...

I spy with my little eye..some rather scrumptious wares on your table Viv..
Your beautiful Spring flower headbands are just the thing to cheer up these rain sodden days..
Have a wonderful time in balmy Cornwall .. celebrating and attending Home Spun.. look forward to seeing you soon.


Fondant Kiss said...

Happy Easter and Anniversary!
Your blog is beautiful as are your creations....sadly the homespun fair is too far away so I will call back here to read about your day.
Best regards

Jackie said...

Did you make all those felt flowers too? It must have taken ages.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and a successful Craft Fair. Your stands always look so inviting. Congratulations to both of you.

Katie said...

I LOVE your latest creations! Hope you had a good time at Homespun (one of these days I'm going to come along to that fair!) Happy Silver Anniversary too! See you soon, Katie x

Cathy said...

Wonderful headbands you have created. Really pretty. Congrats on your 25th anniversary. My parents have just celebrated their 68th.

A time to dance said...

Where do I start, I love the head bands...sweet P does too, and I wish wish wish I was down in Porthscatho...I hope the sun shines for you sweetie pie...if you see Jane give her a huge H

Coco Rose Diaries said...

Hi there, I can't seem to find an email contact on your blog and only a comment post. If you would like to contact me via my email at that would be great Many thanks Vanessa

Bobo Bun said...

Definately after the event, but hope it went well. I'm sure it was great.

The hairbands and your felty flowers on previous post are truly delicious.

Lisa x

Catharina Maria said...

The flowers are great !
love from the Netherlands RINI