Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Happy new year to you!

I hope all is well with you, dear reader.

I have received a wonderful response to the embroidered Berets and thoroughly enjoy embellishing them.

I came across a piece of beautiful, luxurious black velvet fabric and thought it a good idea to make scarves...all went well until I made the scarf up (backing with the same velvet).  Just a simple long rectangle, easy!!! I'm afraid to say that particular skill alluded me.  The velvet has a mind of it's own and is quite uncooperative, to form nice points and keep to a straight line when turned right side out.   
Shan't be going down that road again.

Purses .... 

 Over the years, I have made many, many purses and so, after a long break, I thought it would be great to start making them again and embroidering in the same way as the Berets.

  I used a lovely wool felt for this one and have successfully made the purse up without wanting to throw it down the garden, in temper!
This particular purse was a commission...I and the purchaser are very happy with how it turned out.   Yay!

That's me for today ...
 thank you for stopping by X


Lettice said...

I have one of your wonderful purses Viv and in it... so many lovely badges you have made for me over the years. On my new year head I sport a glorious beret festooned with poppies. As my grandchildren call me Poppy what better? Thank you for all of your wonderful work, who wiuldn’t walk tall wearing it?


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

The little blackbird popping out of the flowers is just darling!

Connie said...

These are amazing . . . I wear berets all the time, you have inspired me :)

Inma said...

Hola. Tus trabajos me parecen maravillosos. Gracias por mostrarlo. Saludos

Cathy said...

Hi Viv, I bought one of those little purses from you ages and ages ago and I still use it. Glad to see them back and I love the wool/felt one pictured here.

liniecat said...

Love Love Love the blackbird!