Sunday, 22 March 2009

Busy Bee

Really pleased to report that lots of crafty stuff has been achieved this week over at the Hens Teeth household.
So here goes......
This is a quite long coin purse, made from cream cotton but overlayed with the most exquisite vintage silk, which has been embroidered in self colour but also has drawn thread work. Now as far as I can remember, drawn thread work is pretty tricky enough worked on cotton/linen but silk! Uhh! Anyway, it is truly beautiful and I have enjoyed french knotting it to the back ground cotton and applying circles of muslin, Liberty and a button.


Same goes with this purse but I used fragmented, beautifully worn, thin cotton lace, so fine from years of use and laundering. This was layered over linen. I added the same kind of circles for texture and colour, with a little smidgen of embroidery and lots of buttons.~0~

I have also enjoyed using the vintage tweed I purchased last Saturday and have made two purses with appliqued birdies.

This was a commission, as I mentioned on my Flickr page, the lady who commissioned it wants to turn it into a handbag. But I must discuss this with her, as I don't think it's robust enough!

Below ~ She is such a sweetie to look at...... but by all accounts a proper little madam, so I'm told ;-)

Below ~ I would'nt normally associate yellow and pink as a great combo, but I think this Liberty is so pretty!
The background for this piece is a letter, which I have copied onto cotton, from a firm of solicitors, dated 1910, re: John Somebodyorother, dec'd.
I had'nt noticed the wording, had I, till the thing was done, duh! I hope the lady does'nt notice or if she does, I hope she does'nt mind that the letter is about some poor bloke who kicked the bucket back in 1910. Strange mix Viv, well done!
The purse below was another commission this week for a Mothering Sunday Gift.

"Mum, if you were a flower, I would pick you".

I'm lovin' 1950's/60's caravans or should I say the shape of them at the mo. Such strong shapes, so the piece below was loosely based around 60's caravan and travelling.

Last week I bought this Dinky Caravan at an antique fair, it has obviously seen better days, but I do love it so and will use the shape in things to come. It was an absolute beast to photograph, as it has'nt got it's wheels and it's all wonky.

I also wanted to show you a small part of my Shell Box collection. There is something about a shell box that makes me come over all nostalgic like. I'm up against it really, as my dear husband can't stand them. But they are still relatively cheap to pick up and they make such a good group. Handmade too.
Last but not least, Mothering Sunday, I am extremely lucky to have two wonderful girls 21 and nearly 18. Lucy (lives in London) went to the trouble of going to VVRouleaux to buy me this corsage.
And from Holly.... I adore Disney's Pinocchio, we had this film on video when the girls were small, so now I have a Platinum Edition 70th Anniversary DVD version. It's the art work............ I think it is sublime. The charm and beauty of this film never ceases to delight me. I think it is a masterpiece.

This what my feathered girls gave me today, along with alot of squawking and should hear them when one is laying an egg! All worth it though.

Well, my dear friends, I want to yet again thank you all for visiting and leaving your kind comments.
Jackie posted a very interesting topic the other day about folks that blog and never reply to lovely comments left....never! (Not me, I hope ;-) )....... Well, it has given me food for thought and maybe it is easy to get complacent.Jackie told me that you can reply to comments left directly by e mail, I did'nt know that, so now I have that set up it will make life easier...thanks Jackie.
Sorry to have gone on a bit today, I bet you have taken root reading this post.
Thanks for stopping by. x


Eileen said...

Happy Sunday, Viv!! I have your blog on my Google Reader and it doesn't allow me to comment directly, so I have been a bit lazy lately. Know that I read all your posts and just love your work!

I've been down in sunny Florida with my mum while she recovers from knee surgery but I've had a bit of time to go out and shop the flea markets. When I return in a week or so I will have a little Florida giveaway on my blog.

Hope you're having a great spring!!


jenny elkins said...

Viv...I love that even with a job and scouting about looking for great finds you still manage to get a lot made. Since my move I am nearly frozen to work. So I am going to try and make a tunic sort of garment on Monday. I would like to know more about responding with email. Have a great week.

Rose&Bird said...

Hi Viv

I've just found your lovely blog. You're obviously very talented!

Anonymous said...

OMG Viv you have been so busy, I just love those little purses, I think the little tweed one is really cute!
Happy Mothers day
Pam x

Ticking stripes said...

I just love your blog and the beautiful things you make. I haven't managed to buy a piece yet. I'm waiting for more of your beautiful postcards and lettercards so I can have something to display on the wall.

Gina said...

Lovely work as always Viv. I like the shape of the long purses but I'm with your husband on the shell boxes!

Sue said...

Gosh you have been busy. I too have a penchant for ancient Disney - my favourite is the cartoon Robin Hood! Fab :-)

elena fiore said...

Complimenti! I portamonete sono bellissimi! Ciao, elena.

mimilove forever said...

Ey up darlin'!
Aww...and if you were nose I'd pick you x;0)

Gawd shell that takes me back..I'd forgotten all about those..I love 'em (my aunt had a fine line in them n also sea anenome lamps...sweeeet!)

Top pursing as ever!
Hope jobby is going well chick

linda said...

hello :)

all your work is beautiful but i absolutely LOVE the tweed purse with the birdies! and i too am in love with 50's 60's caravans so that piece is just fab too

how talented you are.. well done :)

linda x

walter and me said...

Lovely work - I especially like the vintage tweed. And that cute little caravan! Thank you for the link to Jackie - her post was interesting reading - and heartening to know so many of us feel the same way.

Heloise said...

The purses are gorgeous. I love the way that you layer the various fabrics. I can not believe how much you achieve in a weekend.

Unknown said...

Oh so many beautiful things Viv! Where do I start, I just adore the tweed purse, it is indeed my favourite, the little birds are just such a gorgeous touch. The vintage fabric you are using is just fabulous. Oh I just love it all!
Sophie x

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi Viv,Lovely combinations of fabrics and stitches.
Cute caravan,it's amazing what can spark an idea.
The Toy maker featured in the Pinocchio film lives down the road from me.
Have a good week.x

Jackie said...

Hi Viv
I've got a lot to live up to now. Me and my big mouth. These purses are fabulous. Its good to see you motoring on now you are PT.
Glad you had a good mothers' day..hang that apostrophe correct? Thats something else I'll be moaning about next! I hope the hens got a mothers day treat.

Anonymous said...

Oh Viv I love your work its all soo beautiful I really do need to come up with an exscuse to buy a piece!

Teena Vallerine said...

Oh my! So much inspiration to take in here! LOVE the purses and that caravan piece is wonderful!
I have an old letter by a local solicitor giving a reference for a boy (son of staff) to join his rifle regiment in 1916- pah! dread to think what came of the poor boy.
I also have one which details pauper funeral arrangements for a lady in the workhouse! Sometimes these pages are so poignant. Still fascinatingly beautiful though! t.x

Claire said...

Cooee Viv, you've been busy, I love the purses especially the tweed one with the birds, very cute.Had a guest stay over the weekend she is a caravan lover and even had one tattooed on her arm, very quirky. First one I have ever seen but cute as, they have a certain charm about them particularly the older ones.

Regards, Claire x

carole brungar said...

What an interesting lot of pics! I just love your wee purses! They are stunning, especially love your wee birds!

Anonymous said...

Love the caravans, Viv! Happy crafting!

Lori said...

your work is so beautiful...i really love the purse you made for mothers day, it is just lovely!!!

meplusmolly said...

Gorgeous creations as always! loving your purses and mixed media collage.
We had a caravan we I was small and went on a lot of holidays to Devon in it, it was so small, I'll never know how we all managed to fit in it! Glad you had a lovely mothers day.
Whats this email thing?? ;0 x

Margaret said...

oops she does it again!! fabulous work Viv! you really are very productive when you set your mind to it! lurve the purses especially the tweedy birdy one, really like the shape you're making now, very special. Mx

Unknown said...

Your coin purses are wonderful! I just have one question... HOW did you attached the latch?

And your caravan collage is wonderful too! I just returned from camping this weekend and I must say, you have captured the experience with paper- Krispy Kream donut label and all!

Photos by Rosie said...

i've just discovered your blog - and i'm very happy i did! your work is beautiful. i especially love the birdie purses - they're magic! i plan on spending all my pennies in your etsy shop in the near future! nice to meet you, Rosie x

silverpebble said...

What a sumptuous post Viv. Where do I start? Your purses are delicious, the little caravan just magical (is it Brittens? I can see how it's an inspiration) and what a lovely Mother's Day gift. I've heard VVRouleaux is a wonderful place x

Unknown said...

Oh Viv, your new purses are just gorgeous and look perfect for the spring! I can't wait to get back to doing some more creative things again... getting lost in all my fabrics and threads...

Ah well, i'll just have to drool over everyone elses stuff!


♥zoe♥ said...

Pretty purse! XOXOXOXOXO


Victoria said...

Everything is so lovely! (I adore the little tweed purse with the chicks!) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. xo

A time to dance said...

Hi is the new job going?...I read Jackies post and quite agreed with her...but not sure hw you reply by emal...will have to ask her...I do love your purses...would you make me one ( or two) if I sent fabric and bits??? love H

Clucking about said...

hi there,lm sure you must go to work for rest!l hope all is going well there?you have made so much this past week.All so beautiful.l love the commission with the pink and yellow girly.l would love to see a picture of the finished?bag!

monda-loves said...

i hopped straight to your shop when i read this post but it seems i was way too late! Can I please put in a request for a birdie purse in tweed like the one pictured? I just love it, and have to have one :o)


Pippa said...

Wow! These are really gorgeous! I adore your style. I don't know of another artist doing a similar thing - your creations are so unique. Keep up the amazing work!

Lyn said...

I have just 'found' your blog, you are very clever, I love your birdies and the sewing needle cases.
I will pop back and visit you often!

Kitty said...

I'm late reading this post - sorry about that. Those purses are absolutely beautiful - how difficult is it to actually use one of those clip frames? They look so complicated!


Sam said...

Thought I would stop by and say hello...
Came across your blog via pretty shabby....

Lovely needlework!

Love Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Have REALLY enjoyed having my coffee "with you" this morn as I just discovered your lovely blog--And am off to dig out my unread Cloth Pap Sciss to read your article--CONGRATS! victoria,

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Dear Viv,

I have been over quite a few times to visit your wonderful wares and realized I have yet to leave a comment. First, thanks so much for the sinus info. I went right to the site!:) Your work is stunning and I love seeing your finds and how they find their way into your art. So glad your job is going well. Will we ever get to see you in your pinnie??:) Lotsa hugs, Amy

Clare said...

Hello..If you check my blog there is an award there for you.