Sunday, 15 March 2009

Catch up

Goodness me what a busy couple of weeks I've had. Firstly I started my new job last Monday, as a Print Technician in the Print Room at our local College of Art. I did already work for the College on Reception and running the art materials shop but now I have a more art based job and will have more time to do my arty stuff at home. The Print Room needs quite a lot of work to bring it up to scratch, so I have been a bit of a scrubber over the last week, cleaning paint off the huge sink and screen printing units. Cleaning oil based ink of the rollers and spatulas is a bit of a task! I made myself a pinny, with 'fine art techi' machine embroidered along the top which has made the staff smile.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to go on a College trip last Wednesday to Bath. I had forgotten, although I know Bath well, just how beautiful it is. This tree with it's delicate blossom against the soft pale Cotswold stone was just stunning.
Fine Georgian architecture.
Famous Pump Room.

I visited the Fashion Museum.....full of divine clothing, through the ages. The Bill Gibb designs amazed me, all of his models must have been 7' tall and thin as garden rakes.

I managed to do a bit of drawing at the Museum, very fast, quick sketches.

Oh and did I mention the shopping around Bath....lots of divine shops to tempt.
Talking of shopping, I have been spending like I have won the lottery over the last few days. I went to an Antique Fair with my mum and had a great morning, oohing and arghing over the priceless, gorgeous goodies.
Picked up a couple of 50's cook books, adore the illustrations, oh yes I do.
Then yesterday, Mark and I visited the Rag Market at Stroud organised by stroudinternationaltextiles . (Mark walked around Stroud)! A collection of sellers selling vintage fabrics and all things vintagy and needleworky. I was actually shaking when I got in, overwhelmed and not sure where to start and what to buy. I soon overcame that and spent a bloody fortune. Well not that much but enough!
Bit of bed time reading.
I thought I would top up my button collection, as I haven't got many........ (my nose has just shot forward a yard)!!!!

Hankies, braid, buttons, fabric....

This hanky box, is stunning, I nearly screamed when I saw it!

Just a few more buttons, I'm a button bore, I know.

After an hour of high adrenalin fuelled purchasing and a coffee from Costa, we drove from Stroud to Cirencester. What a delightful and lovely town.

A great day out.
This morning I spent sorting and tidying my studio, as it had become a bit of a tip. I have not made anything for a fortnight, what with new job and usual fatigue thing. So I had some strong dialogue with myself and got on with it.

and made this! Fabric from the Rag Market, samples of vintage tweed. The factory had closed and the lady that sold them to me, said that she had bought all of the samples. How could she part with them?
Coin purse, longer than usual (sold).

Thank you so much to all that left lovely words on my last post. I'm so sorry if I have not got back to you individually. I do apologise.
Thanks for stopping by.x


Sal said...

I love the coin purse!
You certainly have got around lately!

Genie said...

Good luck with the new job.
love the pics of Bath, have not been there for years.
Loved all your Buttons, and the purse

mimilove forever said...

Thank Gawd for that, got quite worried there! x;0)
Top Bath...Bathing? trip...missis!

Hope the new jobby is going spiffingly..get you all techie..(see I could've said summin about old scrubbers there but I didn't!)

connie said...

Just the thought of your adventure makes me gitty. What fun. I love the coin purse it is exquisite.

Jackie said...

What a lovely purse. You are clever.

Greedy Nan said...

How nice to be reading you again - it seems like such a long time since your last post.
Loving your purse - if it were mine it would last ages as I've never got any money to put in my own, although there are loads of 'loyalty' cards - I am loyal to a heap of shops.
Bath keeps cropping up in conversation lately and I may well have to talk the lovely man into taking me there again - I particularly like the American Museum in Claverham - have you been?

Shabby Chick said...

That purse is beautiful, your work is so good. Your sketches are brilliant, I would love to be able to draw.

Hope the new job goes really well :)

Mel xxx

Unknown said...

What wonderful inspiring adventures! I love it all, I want to be there with you. Just adore that hanky box, what a find! Oh and that amazing purse, you are very talented!
Sophie x

Teena Vallerine said...

I'm baffled - are you suggesting that there are people out there who might be bored by buttons? Surely not?!
Beautiful purse. Tweeds are so cosy and comforting t.x

Sue said...

Bath is lovely isn't it. I first went there as an art student over 20 years ago and was smitten. Congratulations on your new job and hope it all goes well :-)

silverpebble said...

What a delightful purse - I'm not surprised that it's sold. Those buttons and the hanky box are such treasures! I love seeing other people's lovely finds. Emma x

jenny elkins said...

Viv-we have a lot in common more than you know. I love your sketches! I can imagine you are tried with the new job it is very physical. Enjoy it. Keep posting.

A time to dance said...

Hurray hurray you 're back...what a wonderful time you have had...I loved your pictures and hearing your are mean tempting us with these lovely purses and then telling us they are sold...hope you are enjoying your new and hugs H

Me, You and Magoo said...

I used to live in Bath, it's lovely at this time of year, just before it gets too crowded in the Summer!
love your purses, have been following your work on Flickr :)

Dee said...

Really love your little purse, lovely mix of fabrics.

Margaret said...

Wondered where you'd got to, might of known you were off spending your hard earned dosh, nevertheless all superb purchases (especially the books) Just had to pick myself up off the floor after the pics of the purse, good gracious my dear you are a talent, what on earth are you doing working for someone else??!!

ag said...

I love the purse!
congratulation of having a new job! good luck
I live in Bath,oh yes it's so beautiful place

Sarah said...

What a lovely time you've been having. I like the sound of your apron, and the purse is just gorgeous.

The fabric of my life said...

LOVE your purchases! You can never have too many buttons (or too much fabric!). I too get silly at textile fairs, I get a real head rush, similar to a strong coffee and run around like a fool. Fabricaholics!

That purse is delicious!

Cecca said...

Lovely sketches, great purchases and a beautiful purse! :-)
Last time I went to Bath it was for the Christmas market where I bought a stash of lovely colourful buttons. Your posts are a perfect balance of inspiring treats and interesting trips :-)

M.A. Wakeley said...

An absolute delight to see and read this post. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful and inspiring images. All best wishes with your new job !! xx

Unknown said...

i'm sure you probably get a lot of these, but there's a bit of appreciation for your wee blog over at mine, no need to follow it up if you don't want to, i just wanted to let you know... :)


Julia said...

I love the purse...great fabrics!
I've only been to Bath once,and only for a day but I'd love to back and spend more time there.
Good luck with your new job!


Hi, sounds and looks like you had a fabulous time. Lots of retail therapy too is always a bonus. Love your coin purses, they are perfect

Hope you have a great weekend! Carolyn

Lobster and swan said...

I hope you are enjoying your new position at the college. I would love to work somewhere like this.

A new college is being built near where I live and I am hoping there will be interesting job opportunities there.

ps. These purses are a delight!

Karen said...

Hi! Thanks so much for those lovely words. I saw your lace purses on flickr...adorable.

Ashley said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have given you a Kreativ Blogger Award, just pop on over to my Blog to see.

ArtPropelled said...

I happen to like button bores! We spent three lovely days in Bath and might even have stood on that exact spot under the pump room sign.

BusyLizzie said...

I am sooooo impressed with what you have done with the tweed! I am guessing you bought it from me last Weekend? I am sorry I didn't "recognise" you, but it really was Billy Bonkers in there wasn't it?
I still have about 10 crates of tweed oddments, they are stacked behind my kitchen door at the moment! Lizzie x

HappySquirrel said...

Oh! What a wonderful day out! Thanks so much for sharing the fun. I love the sketches you made and the things you bought.

MUS said...

oow, i love this purse!

Anonymous said...

That coin purse is to die for. All of you purses are absolutely lovely.

Hugs, Gerry,N.C.USA

Anonymous said...