Thursday, 24 July 2008

Told you I had been busy!

These soldered pendants are really rewarding to make. Thought I would get a bit of our four legged friend featured on some of them.
And below:
Absolutely dreadful photos of a needlecase I made today. I had to show it to you now before I tried some better photography because I am so pleased with it (big headed so and so, I know). I did my usual stuff to an envelope and then magic....ed a copy into a needle case with a few embroidery stitches to finish. It may not look much but it's the feel of it! It's such a nice size, it just fits in your hand like a lovely flat purse with lots of detail to really look into it. Sorry to bang on about my own stuff, but I am really chuffed! Hopefully better photos coming up. So much to do, so little time ;-)


Jackie said...

Wow! Its a good job you only have a few weeks off or you'd be flooding the market!These are lovely.
Powis trip is off I'm afraid..single bed in flat for workers in castle. Don't fancy that.

Pam J said...

Your needle case is just stunning,
well all of your work is really,
I really enjoyed visiting your blog!


Victoria said...

I just love your work!!