Sunday 29 March 2009

It's rude to point

As you are probably aware by now, I have a fairly newish job based in the Print Room, at our local College, Faculty of Art. I have spent the last couple of weeks basically cleaning and ordering and now my mind is starting to settle on the kind of art work that I can be produce, using the my lunch hour, of course. A technique which particularly hits the spot is using the contents of drawers and drawers of stunning wooden fonts/type.
I am very much hoping to use these and incorporate them into my work somehow. It's the history of them that I find so intriguing, aswell as their beauty.
I have made two pieces this week. A flying birdy winging her way home. I have used as the background an Invoice dating 1945...Duck, Son and Pinker Ltd, (there may be a joke in there somewhere) which has the small written receipt, with postage stamp, applied to it. It's a sweet little concoction. The hens are a embroidery transfer, which I ironed on.~O~
Then onto this piece. I know it's not very clever to be pleased with yourself but I am! The bird below is a seperate piece, hand sewn using all manner of various fabrics and papers to create a really textured bird. I applied and then machined around her. Appliquing her to a beautiful piece of paper ephemera dated 1914.

I like the way she is just off the background paper, which has embroidery transfer paper added along with usual materials.

I also wanted to tell you about the postcards I ordered from Moo. I needed cards to write a quick note when sending stuff off and I shall have a job parting with these because Moo have done an exceptional job printing my photos. Top quality card stock, crystal clear printing and with the added bonus of it being a no brainer to order in the first place, I am seriously delighted!

I have got so many ideas swirling around my nogg that I can barely concentrate on anything!

Well it's been a week since my last post and I once again have to thank everyone for taking the time to visit. The comment notification thing has been a godsend and I feel much better in being able to respond to everyone that leaves a comment.

I must add that I have found a wonderful base of truly good friends via my blog and particularly Flickr. Generous, kind and supportive and downright hilarious, at times! We all help each other through the good times and unfortunately for some, very bad times. Speaking for myself, I know I would only have to post a question or a thought and I would have the very best in responses and I hope that you know that I too would reciprocate in the same manner.

Kindest regards to you all and thanks again for stopping by.x

Sunday 22 March 2009

Busy Bee

Really pleased to report that lots of crafty stuff has been achieved this week over at the Hens Teeth household.
So here goes......
This is a quite long coin purse, made from cream cotton but overlayed with the most exquisite vintage silk, which has been embroidered in self colour but also has drawn thread work. Now as far as I can remember, drawn thread work is pretty tricky enough worked on cotton/linen but silk! Uhh! Anyway, it is truly beautiful and I have enjoyed french knotting it to the back ground cotton and applying circles of muslin, Liberty and a button.


Same goes with this purse but I used fragmented, beautifully worn, thin cotton lace, so fine from years of use and laundering. This was layered over linen. I added the same kind of circles for texture and colour, with a little smidgen of embroidery and lots of buttons.~0~

I have also enjoyed using the vintage tweed I purchased last Saturday and have made two purses with appliqued birdies.

This was a commission, as I mentioned on my Flickr page, the lady who commissioned it wants to turn it into a handbag. But I must discuss this with her, as I don't think it's robust enough!

Below ~ She is such a sweetie to look at...... but by all accounts a proper little madam, so I'm told ;-)

Below ~ I would'nt normally associate yellow and pink as a great combo, but I think this Liberty is so pretty!
The background for this piece is a letter, which I have copied onto cotton, from a firm of solicitors, dated 1910, re: John Somebodyorother, dec'd.
I had'nt noticed the wording, had I, till the thing was done, duh! I hope the lady does'nt notice or if she does, I hope she does'nt mind that the letter is about some poor bloke who kicked the bucket back in 1910. Strange mix Viv, well done!
The purse below was another commission this week for a Mothering Sunday Gift.

"Mum, if you were a flower, I would pick you".

I'm lovin' 1950's/60's caravans or should I say the shape of them at the mo. Such strong shapes, so the piece below was loosely based around 60's caravan and travelling.

Last week I bought this Dinky Caravan at an antique fair, it has obviously seen better days, but I do love it so and will use the shape in things to come. It was an absolute beast to photograph, as it has'nt got it's wheels and it's all wonky.

I also wanted to show you a small part of my Shell Box collection. There is something about a shell box that makes me come over all nostalgic like. I'm up against it really, as my dear husband can't stand them. But they are still relatively cheap to pick up and they make such a good group. Handmade too.
Last but not least, Mothering Sunday, I am extremely lucky to have two wonderful girls 21 and nearly 18. Lucy (lives in London) went to the trouble of going to VVRouleaux to buy me this corsage.
And from Holly.... I adore Disney's Pinocchio, we had this film on video when the girls were small, so now I have a Platinum Edition 70th Anniversary DVD version. It's the art work............ I think it is sublime. The charm and beauty of this film never ceases to delight me. I think it is a masterpiece.

This what my feathered girls gave me today, along with alot of squawking and should hear them when one is laying an egg! All worth it though.

Well, my dear friends, I want to yet again thank you all for visiting and leaving your kind comments.
Jackie posted a very interesting topic the other day about folks that blog and never reply to lovely comments left....never! (Not me, I hope ;-) )....... Well, it has given me food for thought and maybe it is easy to get complacent.Jackie told me that you can reply to comments left directly by e mail, I did'nt know that, so now I have that set up it will make life easier...thanks Jackie.
Sorry to have gone on a bit today, I bet you have taken root reading this post.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday 15 March 2009

Catch up

Goodness me what a busy couple of weeks I've had. Firstly I started my new job last Monday, as a Print Technician in the Print Room at our local College of Art. I did already work for the College on Reception and running the art materials shop but now I have a more art based job and will have more time to do my arty stuff at home. The Print Room needs quite a lot of work to bring it up to scratch, so I have been a bit of a scrubber over the last week, cleaning paint off the huge sink and screen printing units. Cleaning oil based ink of the rollers and spatulas is a bit of a task! I made myself a pinny, with 'fine art techi' machine embroidered along the top which has made the staff smile.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to go on a College trip last Wednesday to Bath. I had forgotten, although I know Bath well, just how beautiful it is. This tree with it's delicate blossom against the soft pale Cotswold stone was just stunning.
Fine Georgian architecture.
Famous Pump Room.

I visited the Fashion Museum.....full of divine clothing, through the ages. The Bill Gibb designs amazed me, all of his models must have been 7' tall and thin as garden rakes.

I managed to do a bit of drawing at the Museum, very fast, quick sketches.

Oh and did I mention the shopping around Bath....lots of divine shops to tempt.
Talking of shopping, I have been spending like I have won the lottery over the last few days. I went to an Antique Fair with my mum and had a great morning, oohing and arghing over the priceless, gorgeous goodies.
Picked up a couple of 50's cook books, adore the illustrations, oh yes I do.
Then yesterday, Mark and I visited the Rag Market at Stroud organised by stroudinternationaltextiles . (Mark walked around Stroud)! A collection of sellers selling vintage fabrics and all things vintagy and needleworky. I was actually shaking when I got in, overwhelmed and not sure where to start and what to buy. I soon overcame that and spent a bloody fortune. Well not that much but enough!
Bit of bed time reading.
I thought I would top up my button collection, as I haven't got many........ (my nose has just shot forward a yard)!!!!

Hankies, braid, buttons, fabric....

This hanky box, is stunning, I nearly screamed when I saw it!

Just a few more buttons, I'm a button bore, I know.

After an hour of high adrenalin fuelled purchasing and a coffee from Costa, we drove from Stroud to Cirencester. What a delightful and lovely town.

A great day out.
This morning I spent sorting and tidying my studio, as it had become a bit of a tip. I have not made anything for a fortnight, what with new job and usual fatigue thing. So I had some strong dialogue with myself and got on with it.

and made this! Fabric from the Rag Market, samples of vintage tweed. The factory had closed and the lady that sold them to me, said that she had bought all of the samples. How could she part with them?
Coin purse, longer than usual (sold).

Thank you so much to all that left lovely words on my last post. I'm so sorry if I have not got back to you individually. I do apologise.
Thanks for stopping by.x

Monday 2 March 2009


I wanted to tell you about my weekend in London with my eldest daughter Lucy, whom you may remember moved London last September.
We look like a couple of numpties here! When Lucy met me at Victoria we headed for Sloane Square and passed a group of the most stunning Antique Shops and this Florist. I could have stayed all day just drooling over the fabulous displays.Onto Sloane Square....'must do' visit to vvrouleaux, ribbon heaven (but dreadfully boring web site).and next door but one.... basiaZarzycka..... drool.Underground at Baker Street, they don't make 'em like that anymore. Grafitti.....I know it can be a terrible eye sore and the ruin of many properties, but I do have a sneaking regard for the artistic merit ........ look how popular banksy is!

The rest of the day was spent down the Kings Road, eating, drinking coffee and window shopping.

Sunday, bit of a trek but headed to columbiaroadflowermarket. Oh words can't describe how much I enjoyed being here. The vibrancy of the flowers, vendors and the location was so wonderful.
Above the heads.......

A little lane off the Road led to a small area selling Antiques.

Just a taster of some the mix of flowers.

I happened to look up and saw paper cutting artist robryan shop, his blog, really enjoyed looking around this small gallery shop with the most perfectly gorgeous hand papercut in the window.
10,000 mile jaunt back to Liverpool Street Station and a
Gherkin appeared!!!

Lucy and I had a great weekend together, I suppose all the more special because I obviously don't get to see her as much as I would like to .................. (like every day)!!!
Last but not by any means least, I wanted to say a big thank you to margaret of Alice and Camilla. She very kindly offered and sent me a most wonderful parcel, full of beautiful book papers, lace, a tin rabbit to hang and all sorts of lovely things. I can't believe just how generous my bloggy friends are, thank you so much Margaret, I truly appreciate your kindness.

And with that I will sign out and thank you very much for stopping by.x