Monday 30 January 2012

This is a chance, dance your way, out of your constrictions...

"Look, is he not the most handsome boy in all the world?"  
I say that on a daily basis about our Billy Button Nose.  
Happy Birthday Bill, two years old today.
I have had the most amazing response to my workshop announcement. 
Thank you so much to all that have booked and for the words of support from all.
Just one place left here and link under header. 
All places now booked.
I am hoping to book/hold another workshop soon.
I wanted to show you this gorgeous hand sewn patchwork cushion cover I bought recently.
It is hand stitched and there are millions of the teeniest little stitches you have ever seen.

 From the 40's???
 What I like most about it though is the inside/reverse.
 You know me, anything textured, layered and frayed leaves me weak at the knees.
 Speaking of frayed etc...I wanted to also show you this textile collage I made for thegallery at Bishops Castle, Shropshire.   An exhibition 'Talking about the Weather' to be held soon.     The text, which I took from the back of a holiday postcard is incorporated into layers of paper and fragments of patchwork cottons and quilt.   Embroidery and buttons.   I found it a real challenge having to work to a 'brief' of sorts, instead of my usual creative wanderings.

Below, two notebooks covered in a textile collage too.  
Another challenge,
one:: to find a decent notebook and
two::making the work fit around the notebook,
done now though and I am happy with how they worked out.

Needlecases above, made from slubby handwoven French linen, embellished with old worn, torn patchwork.
And finally, in this month's Craftseller, I share a page with the gorgeous murgatroydhoots chatting about our workspace.

Thank you so much for stopping by. x
One Nation under a Groove

Sunday 22 January 2012

But every time it rains, you're here in my head, like the sun coming out...


It started with one Bunny brooch and then all of a sudden there were three!

Each one sporting very characterful ears.
 All three have hopped over to Etsyland. 
 Now for something completely different...
I am very happy to tell you I have booked my first workshop.   I have created a new blog, devoted to details etc. of the workshops.   Going to see how this one goes before booking more, but I do so hope that holding workshops will be a regular thing.   The venue is at weston-park    A beautiful stately home on the border of Staffordshire and Shropshire.   I have booked a classroom in the grounds, which borders the woods and is connected to the Granary Grill and Shop.    The first workshop will be Haberdashery Brooches.   Here is the kind of thing I had in mind...

I want the workshop to be a chance to play, be inspired by others and enjoy the opportunity to be amongst like minded, enjoying a day of uninterrupted creativity.
The link for further details, if you fancy a peek, is just under the header.
So excited!
Finally, I have these cards for sale in my shops, not just for Valentine's Day ... any day.

Thank you so much for stopping by. x
Kate Bush

Thursday 19 January 2012

now what you hear is not a test, I'm rappin' to the beat and me, the groove and my friends are gonna try to move your feet...

I love playing with...

linen, screen print, stitch

 papier mache, mono print
 mono print, paper
 mono print, cotton
 mono print, envelope
 mono print, envelopes
 mono print, reverse of letter

mono print, paint, envelope
 mono print, papier mache

sketchbook, pen and ink

sketch book, pen and ink

sketch book, pen and ink

sketch book, pen and ink
Thank you for stopping by. x
Sugar Hill Gang

Friday 13 January 2012

I like to see you boogie right across the floor...

Stevie Wonder


 Speechless, discombobulated, totally and utterly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously thrilled to have received so many lovely comments for the 'giveaway'. 
Thank you to each and everyone of you for entering and I am so sad that I can't send something out to everyone.
Anyway, (not counting the lovely LetticeLeaf who didn't want to be in the draw and the deleted comments), the winner is chosen by Random Number Generator,
no: 83 
 bun mountain cottage
comment left on 10th January.
Thank you Lynne, send me an email.
Thank you again everyone.
 I have also had some mighty fine feedback with regard to a Hen's Teeth Workshop or two.
I am going to take the plunge....yippee, feeling dead excited.
Will let you know what's what very soon.
I have been playing with photoshop, as you can see.
These two pics are not very good, but there are possibilities to print and use in collage.
I used two textures :
Just a bit of fun.

Well, I will love you and leave you with a couple of stunning links that have me transported to another world... missclara and her blog missclarablog .... heavenly.  
Thank you for stopping by. x

Monday 9 January 2012

Well you started out with nothing and you're proud that you're a self made man...

Stealers Wheel
just a little post tonight to thank all of you lovelies, who have left a comment on my previous post, with regard to the 'giveaway'.    The draw takes place on Friday 13th evening (UK), so please leave a comment on the same (previous) post, if you wish to be... in it to win it, as they say!

Just thought I would show you a few of the pieces made this week.  
Here, a Kitty purse and above and below two small vintage tins, which I have had the 'Prim' treatment.

 Below...I have free machine and hand embroidered onto old patchwork quilt...lovely texture.

Now, I wondered if I could please ask your advice???
I am seriously thinking of holding my own workshops.
I have a venue in mind, which is absolutely delightful.
It's just the subject matter??? 
What would you like to see offered on a Hen's Teeth Workshop? (No smut now :-))
You lovely ladies have a wealth of skill, knowledge and experience...
 I would appreciate any advice you could possibly give me on the subject.
Thank you.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday 6 January 2012

Keys that jingle in your pocket, words that jangle in your head

Noel Harrison
Thank you, the 'giveaway' has ended now!

Well another festive season over.
Christmas has gone back in the loft and the last of the dust accumulated over two weeks has been dealt with and vacuumed.
So we turn and face the new year.
I sincerely hope that all is well in your world and you have exciting plans for the forthcoming year.

You may remember that I had purchased a beautiful dress pattern from merchantandmills 
just before Christmas.
As I suspected, my dress making skills have clearly a long way to go and I produced, in a dark brown/ green wool suiting, what I can only describe as a Monk's Habit and very badly too.
My husband's face was a picture when I popped it on to show him...
he clearly struggled with the desire to say "oh no, oh goodness no",  
but knowing how I had laboured over it, he managed to reign himself in :-)
I ended up chopping a good foot in length, off the bottom of the dress and made it into a long top,
which doesn't look quite so terrible.  
With a little tweeking and lots of practice, I will get there!
Onto the little 'giveaway' mentioned in my previous post.
Just as a small thank you for all the kindness and support over the last year,
I have a silk fronted purse and a brooch to go to one winner.
The image on the front of the purse is a lovely old picture of a cottage by the sea,
which I have embellished with embroidered flowers.
 The back is vtg French cotton.
 A little bunny brooch too.
 Just leave a comment and I will draw a name next Friday 13th January.

I have been enjoying making gadget cases over the last week or so.  
Seeing that Valentine's Day is appearing on the horizon, I thought I would make a couple of greetings cards, to celebrate the love. 
Mum, Dad, partner, child, friend...anyone really.
Hand coloured with a glittery red heart.

 Available in my blogshop .... etsy or madebyhandonline
I have these heart shaped brooches too, made from old embroidered linen, hand sewn to vtg patchwork quilt.

Well, I think that is all for now.
Speak soon and thanks for stopping by. x

Thank you, the 'giveaway' has ended now!