Wednesday 26 July 2017

Festival of Quilts

I know many of you dear readers are from far off lands...
but if you are planning to visit Festival of Quilts this year...
please do pop by and visit our stand H45 and say 'hello'.  
Hope to see you there.
Thanks for stopping by X

Wednesday 12 July 2017

currently enjoying painting, stitching, appliqueing these fabric bracelets...
the girls insisted on wearing red bows in their hair.

Wishing you a happy day.
Thanks for stopping by X

Thursday 6 July 2017

Thank you!

Hello ...

thank you, thank you so much for such kind and very welcome comments.
I have missed my Blog and thought that an Email Newsletter would fit the bill, not so.
Feeling encouraged and excited to start blogging again.   

I picked up an old wedding tiara recently, with wax flowers...inspired, I started to make my own paper/fabric waxed flowers.
I use old and my hand made stamens, making a little scene with a hand sculpted bird set in a vintage tin. 
The making of these is very time consuming.  Individually creating each component, finding the right vintage tin and tiny boxes and thimbles, assembling into a tin, the embroidery, machine embroidered text and fixing everything in it's place is a very long process....

but each and every minute making is an absolute joy to me.
If you would like to see more photos/details, please stop by my online shops

Thank you for stopping by X

Wednesday 5 July 2017

any body out there?
If I kicked my blog off again, would I be just talking to myself, I wonder?