Monday 23 February 2015

 Very happy to say that I have an article in Spring edition of Hoop-La Magazine.  
Hen's Teeth is featured alongside fine and talented fibre artists, 
so I am very happy to be part of this issue.

Thank you for your kind comments from my last post...very much appreciated.

I will leave you with my latest Etsy offering.
Lovely old envelope which I have collaged with paper ephemera.   Free machine embroidered my girl design, cut her out and applied to collage...then hand embroidered the flowers and painted teeny Bees.
Sweet and very old French price tag caught down under a fine MoP button.

Thanks for stopping by. x

Monday 16 February 2015

I have been re-branded!

Hello and thank you very much for all your comments on my last post...each one very much appreciated.
I wanted to say how pleased, well thrilled to bits actually with my new header and side link buttons.  I asked a very talented artist and graphic designer to use my work to create coherent heading for all my online places...Etsy, FB etc.   I think she did a brilliant job.
Revisiting my 'header' girl, inspired me to make this artwork below...a sweet girl, who smiles and remembers a 'Perfect Day'.

Many thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday 8 February 2015


I wanted to tell you about the murmuration of Starlings each evening, this winter, over our village.
We first noticed the murmuration just before Christmas and how the Starlings all flew in from every direction and from goodness how far away.   It's as if the murmuration has grown over the last few weeks and now we are into February, there are thousands of Starlings all flying in, one huge gathering in particular, joining many other smaller flocks.   I took these videos yesterday.   Terrible recordings!   The one above though, is to just give an idea of numbers over our English, Staffordshire village at dusk (5pm).
Eventually the murmuration divides up and the Starlings roost in three sites in back gardens.   This being one of them (video below).   Cars are covered in poop and you will be able to hear the sound of their wings, the chattering they do and the sound of falling poop.  I apologise for the really awful recording and me '' in the background.
I feel extremely privileged each evening to watch this spectacular site. 
The vids are obiosuly best watched on a large screen, if you fancy viewing. 

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Thursday 5 February 2015

thank you for all your kind comments received over the last few posts.
Each comment very much appreciated.

The heart brooches I have been making for a while now and it struck me how designs progress...
so I start with the heart brooches and move onto making Cuff/Bracelets...with appliqu├ęd found vintage motifs...

which leads to screen printing imagery onto bracelets....

then hand painting the imagery for bracelets ...

and onto hand painting necklaces...
Bunny and deliciously wicked Mr. Foxy.

Mr. Badger next, I think.
Thanks for stopping by. x