Sunday 26 July 2009

A little bit of this 'n that

Hello...long time no post. I have been working very hard preparing for the Home Spun Fair in Portscatho, Cornwall on 2nd August. Link at side. Not only am I attending the Fair but we are having a few days in Cornwall too, doing a little sight seeing and generally enjoying beautiful Cornwall.

Huglies, collaged embroideries,

all sorts of things handmade.

How many pieces do you make??? Have I got enough???? Too much.??? All of which will be answered next Sunday.

Hope to see lots of my Bloggy friends there. So excited!

A pic of the most perfect gift, given to me by a French Cousin. Kenzo perfume, isn't she just stunning?

I wanted to show you a perfect book too. I found it thanks to printpattern .

A really great book featuring, to name but a few, darlingclementine and mattestephens. Inspirational stuff.

Thank you once again for stopping by. x

Sunday 5 July 2009

I will never have any money!

I would like you to meet the girls, well the Lavender Ladies to be precise! Hilary, Maude and Olivia. Here they are having a chat with Little Ted.
These girls like to have fun and enjoy dressing up. Floral frocks with bird detailing and button accessories, bang on trend! A mane of floral and muslin hair, so jealous! Smelling of Lavender (filled with it, they are). Wire legs and a wire hoop to hang around and chat to friends.

All three living in Etsyland at the moment, all in need of good company, someone who appreciates a girls' fine qualities!
Onto more brooches...... such a pleasure to make.

I also wanted to tell you about my trip to Ludlow yesterday and particularly a wonderful Antiques Emporium zanilady. I adore this centre, it is filled with mostly French antiques and vintage items. Every time I visit there is always something new and wonderful for the home. Well, me being me, I couldn't resist this picture, no way could I have walked away from this. Please forgive dreadful photo, but I just could not lose the reflection. Stunning black background in contrast to the sumptuous colours of the flowers and birds.
Birdies....don't you just love 'em!
And yes, there is more, the last thing I should be doing at the mo is spending money...but I will never have any and especially when I see lovely furniture like the kitchen hutch that came home too. Perfect size, perfect colour, so pleased. Holly reigned me in, as there was more I could have quite happily purchased. Glad she did really, as I would have gone on one massive guilt trip later.
So I haven't finished playing with my new 'hutch' yet, but you get the picture.

Well, after my tales of self indulgencies, I will love you and leave you and thankyou very much for stopping by.

Wednesday 1 July 2009

I'm in love

with Muriel. She came to live with us on Monday and we are all so happy and excited about being privileged enough to own her. She is a 1967 Morris Minor. We felt Muriel was the right name for her.
It's like driving a very ancient piece of farm machinery, in comparison to my little run around Corsa.
Rosie and Daisy like her too and look very much at home.

We are looking forward to packing a picnic basket and having great days out, driving our lovely new/old car.
Thanks for stopping by and saying 'hello'.