Wednesday 28 April 2010

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme......

Don't you just love vintage glass animals??? Maybe, maybe not, but here are just a few of the pretties coming with me to vintageandhandmade fair this coming Saturday at Chipping Sodbury.

Hope to see you there. x

Sunday 25 April 2010

Friday night I'm going nowhere....

Hello, my name is Daisy...Let me tell you how it's been around here just little world has turned upside down since my big sister went away. Everyone has been very sad around here and then just as things were starting to settle, this came into town...I can't tell you how much of a pain he is, trying to bite my tail and ears...pooing and weeing in inappropriate places and at inappropriate times. I tried to tell him to 'get lost' on many an occasion but nothing seemed to make him understand.
He has been living here for two weeks now and with my mom working very hard to train this little upstart into leaving me alone. I can just about tolerate him now...infact, I did manage to share a chair with him for a minute or two.
Thanks for letting me tell you how it's been...I think maybe one day, when he matures a bit and stops being so silly, we might be friends. Maybe, we'll see......
Lots of love...Daisy. x Thanks for that Daisy.... thankfully, we seem to be making progress ;-)
Well, I am very much looking forward to next week, May 1st, and the Vintage and Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury. I enjoy every aspect of it. Michele and Jayne organise a simply stunning Fair and I love every minute. Hope to see you there!
A couple of pieces I have made for sale on the day.

I have had a lovely couple of surprises this week. Carolyn of love-stitchingred kindly sent me a handmade gift, specially created from St. Ives in Cornwall, capturing the essence of Cornwall so very beautifully.
Carolyn also sent a collection of fabrics, ribbons and snippets...

also this....the title made me smile!
Thank you so much Carolyn for your kindness.
I was also lucky enough to win Emma's giveaway over at silverpebble Emma's exquisite work arrived in this box decorated with this birdy drawing.
This isn't a brilliant photo, but as you can see the necklace is handmade and absolutely exquisite. Thank you so much Emma. I shall wear with pride.
Thank you so much for all your support and generous comments and for stopping by. x
ps. my Holly just read the beginning of this post and she said it was pretty nauseating...sorry :-)

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Let's waste time....

I have been endeavouring to embroider this all day, or I should say, I have been faffing all day.
The reason for my distraction ....this..... my heart bursts every time I look at him...
Daisy....well, she is keeping well out of the way. She made herself comfortable for a while in my scrap fabric basket. She will come round eventually. Daisy loves fuss and she's been getting a lot of it. x
There is a little piece of paper stuck to her mouth in this looks like she has one lonely tooth peering from her mouth!
Thank you so much for lovely comments about Button Nose and Daisy...every single one, so very much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday 11 April 2010

Here we come, walking down the street....

I would love you to meet the new member of the family...
Billy or as Holly and I call him Billy Button Nose!
We adore him....Daisy our ten year old Bichon doesn't! She really can't be doing, at her age, with a bouncy, bouncy pup, wanting to play!

He has big paw prints to fill, as we still miss our lovely Rosie girl so very much. He is a good boy though and I feel very sure having him to come to live with us was the right thing to do.
My current husband and I travelled down to Cornwall last Sunday, as you probably know, for the homespun fair.
We arrived Sunday late afternoon and dashed over to Fowey.
Oh my word...what a stunning town. Historic buildings, pirates, Daphne du Maurier, teeny tiny streets and alleyways leading to the estuary...I fell in love.
Steps leading to the estuary...
An empty shop, I couldn't imagine a more perfect place than here to open a vintage/maker shop...sigh. Look at the bull's eye glass!
Narrow streets, one car wide.

Exquisite shops...

and the estuary...

And onto Homespun. So good to meet up with all my bloggy friends, too many to mention. We all had such a good day. jane had the most adorable doggy on wheels for sale... he ended up going to the best home possible vintagemagpie Look how well he looks with one of Nicky's beautiful bears.

lizzie had a stand which was divine and so too was lizzie'sandlindas to name but a few.

I managed to inhale one slice of lemon cake that would have choked a teeth itched and I felt a bit sick after consumption... only due to it's enormity though. There it is, the monster cake on the left.
Although a fast and mad couple of days, it was memorably lovely. Thank you Jane and Christine for organising such a wonderful Fair.
Yet again I have to thank everyone for leaving their comments of friendship and support. New followers too. I am a very lucky girl.
Thanks so much for stopping by. x

Friday 2 April 2010

I fell asleep amongst the flowers....

So much going on, that it has been a bit bonkers around here :-)
Last Satuday I had the most wonderful day. I had a stand at a brand new vintage textile event at ludlow . It was a great day, with lots of wonderful clothing and textiles to desire and I met up with lots of friends old and new too. A surreal moment when I spied niki , who was with her husband celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary, with a short break in and around Shropshire and Herefordshire. Then a lovely new bloggy friend tina , who is opening a shop soon in Montgomery, Powys. A very exciting event and I can't wait to go and have a look. Here was my stand on the day. (Thank you Kirstie). x

My current husband and I have been married 25 years too this week. Infact the same day as Niki. My husband is in true denial that we are celebrating a Silver Wedding. He says it's our parents that celebrate Silver Weddings, not us! My old man is a gem and puts up with a great deal from his wife ;-)
Bank holiday Monday I will be having at stand at homespun . Can't wait, to not only be in Cornwall at beautiful Porscatho, but to be part of this lovely Fair. This will also be our Silver Wedding treat.
So I have been busy making ...
Velvet hair bands.

and textile necklaces.

Just a few of the handmade pieces travelling down to Cornwall.
Well, I would just like to wish you a Happy Easter holiday time.
Thank you so much to everyone that kindly left a comment last. I am so sorry I have not thanked each of the lovely ladies that took the time to leave a note...I feel awful, but please be sure that I am so happy to receive each and every one. Thank you to new Followers too. I do so love this bloggy world of ours.
Oh and all of the comments about Collies and smaller dogs have been so useful. Backed up my feelings on the matter perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by.