Tuesday 28 January 2014

 I bought this old postcard last week.   I think it's hilarious...
a different 'eye pose' everytime.
Just wondered which one you like best?
As for Mr. Wolf there, not only is he rather menacing, but I think a little too salacious for comfort.


Monday 27 January 2014

Dennis Severs House - London UK

 A wonderful, wonderful weekend in London.
We were able to spend time with our girl, who lives and works there.
We went Mudlarking on the Thames foreshore...the sky was blue...
until the evening when we watched forks of lightening light up London skyline

Found by the current husband.   
I found a marble!!!  

Taking the moment in.

 Onto Dennis Severs' House in Spitalfields.
Sharp contract of buildings.
 Waiting to go inside and it absolutely persisted it down.

 Worth the wait in the rain though.   I will never forget our visit to this House.


Thursday 23 January 2014

thank you for your comments on yesterday's post.
With regard to the Dog Brooch...
Flamin' Nora asked what the dog's name was.
 Sharon Young's comment with regard to 'Monsieur Bob', inspired me to call 
this particular dog design 'Bob the dog'.   Catchy eh?
I will be making more of those particular brooches soon.
Another kind of dog makes another appearance on a Brooch.

 I was very lucky today to receive a gift out of the blue, from Christine of gentlework
A beautiful brooch made for me.   Christine said that she had found the Dog in a button box, so made a brooch home for him to live on.
Made my day to receive such a lovely gift.

I am having a little break away from blogging over the next few days, as the current husband and I are off to London town.   
There are a couple of things I want to do...
Hoping to go Mudlarking on the Thames foreshore, when the tide is out, of course :)   Here is a brilliant Mudlarker  Blog , which you may already know about.   So I wonder what we will find?  
I also want to visit Dennis Servers' House, looks like an incredible experience.   
Not sure if either of these will happen, but just looking forward to a couple of days in London.  
See you on the other side.  Have a great weekend.

Monday 20 January 2014


Screen printed A6 notebooks
and should I sell something from my Etsy shop,
this is the packaging the pieces are sent out in.
I liked how they looked all neatly lined up, when I had finished stitching them.


Sunday 19 January 2014

Saturday 18 January 2014


Remember the handful of tat that I posted about the other day?  Here are two of those sussies applied to vintage tin little artworks.   Loved making them.


Friday 17 January 2014


Run with the Fox
Into the wind

Unto the dawn of tomorrow

Run with the Fox
Into the wild

Into the wild in the fold

Beware of the rocks

And be prepared

Prepare for love comes and goes

Run with the Fox

Random Christmas song lyrics I know...but every time I look at this Fox, these words spring to mind,
so .... :)
A few lyrics taken from 'Run with the Fox' .. Chris Squire

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Thank you to everyone who entered the Giveaway, such a brilliant response.  
The winner is ... 
Carly Wilkinson-Fretwell.   
Really enjoying playing with old tins.
This is quite a large tin ...
Wills's Whiffs 

 There is a pocket to keep your happy thoughts safe and sound.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Thank you for your comments.   It seems that many of us are singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to Google+
Today's little make is 'A little tin full of love', 
it says so on the top.

She's a happy girl and her heart is full to bursting.


Monday 13 January 2014

thank you for all your comments from the previous posts.  Glad I'm not alone on the 'tat' collecting front.
Question : Does anyone understand Google+ thingy and the way Blogger works these days?   I think it's just me, my mind set and feeling annoyed with how Blogger has changed.  It was all so simple at one time, but now, I am completely confused by the whole thing and can't really be bothered to look into it.  Should I be looking into it?  
Doggy Brooch made today.   A little Bee has caught his attention.


Friday 10 January 2014

A really rusty old tin, a home for a Blackbird.
Now winging it's way to Oxfordshire.

 This little bird Brooch in currently residing in Etsyland.


Thursday 9 January 2014

thank you if you entered the 'Giveaway'.  Such a fabulous response.   
Still lots of time to enter, if you wish.
Yesterday and today I have enjoyed making brooches...layering up various fabrics and laces, 
as I wanted lots of texture. 


Wednesday 8 January 2014



I am having a *Giveaway* over on my FACEBOOK Page, 
of this quite large'House of Commons' envelope artwork.   
 If you fancy entering, please pop over to my Facebook page and leave a comment (if you have a Facebook account) OR, here on this post and I will pop your name into the bag, to be picked at random, 
next Wed. evening 15th January UK time.
I hope you like the mixed media envelope enough to enter...I will ship worldwide from UK.
Thank you.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

very happy to say that I have been published in two of Stampington's Spring publications.
Prims ::
I have two features

 'Keeper of the buttons' brooches

 and Beryl Bunny Prim pincushions.

 Jewelry Affaire
 I have a page showcasing a Suffolk Puff/Yo Yo necklace.
Happy :)

Monday 6 January 2014

so far so good with the daily posts.

Today's make, 
off to Australia too.

Sunday 5 January 2014

 Large and very rusty Tobacco tin artwork...now on it's way to the other side of the world.