Friday 29 April 2011

Change your heart, look around you...

Hello!   Thank you for calling in.
What a happy day...I have so enjoyed the Royal Wedding, watching the TV with half an eye, as I have been preparing for the vintagebazaar in Frome, Somerset, tomorrow Saturday 30th April.
 I have been really busy making brooches, pin cushions, clutch bags and needlecases.
 Using lovely old, softly worn cottons and French linen.
 The Fair is of the highest quality, with top notch fantastic stall holders and I am very, very happy to be part of the day, selling my handmade items and vintage textiles.   Please come along and say 'hello' if you can.
I have been receiving the most wonderfully supportive comments in reply to my last post.   I have been hearing from lots of bloggers who have the same or similar conditions and it is always good to talk to someone who has the same view point.   One contact made and I feel is already a friend, is julie ~ My Curious Tea Party.   A very special lady and reading her last post was very humbling.

Thank you for stopping by... I leave you with a picture from this lovely day...
I am in awe of the way the ...erm hat/fascinator stays aloft!  
pic from mirror

Monday 18 April 2011

Please forgive me if I act a little strange, for I know not what I do...

Hello dear friends,
Well the weeks are flying by and I for one have been basking in the scents, sounds and sights of Spring.   Each year, Spring to me is a beautiful miracle, a transient gift from nature, I try to grasp hold of it and keep the sight and smell of Bluebell woods in my mind, the delicate tree blossom, pink and white, the lime green of unfurled leaves, the symphony of bird song, the smell of the first lawn mowing.   After a long, cold, dark winter what sheer joy it is to be able to sit outside and take in the season.
Although my skin can't tolerate moonshine,  never mind sunshine, I still adore sunny days, when the sky is blue and the air fresh and the Swallows, House Martins and Swifts are back from their long haul flight..... before the humidity of summer sets in (well, sometimes). 
Happy Spring time.
 If you are a regular reader, you may know that I have Fibromyalgia, which is nothing but a damn nuisance.   I am taking anti depressants to help my muscles (I have a lot of pain) and to sleep.   Chronic fatigue is the order of the day and I feel like someone has stolen the old me, along with my energy.   Ugh.
So, unfortunately, I have had to give my day job up.   My work as a College Technician was at times interesting and certainly inspiring, so it is with much regret that I have to relinquish my role there.  
So now I turn and face a new chapter in my life.  
Part of that chapter is my sales area at The Wear-House, Ludlow, Shropshire.

 I have added pictures I took last week of rooms at thewearhouse
None of these pictures are of my area. 
 The Wear-House is a fabulous vintage shop .   I'm sure you have read before about how I have a small sales area there.   The shop at the moment is looking stunning, with so many gorgeous decorative interior pieces, antiques, textiles, clothing vintage and some new.   Handmade pieces and French brocante.  With a small Retro Cafe serving coffee and cake.   Lovely, lovely.  
 So I will leave you with these pics....
 and thank you for all your support and kind comments.
 I have, over the past few months certainly found out who my friends are....

Thank you for stopping by. x

Thursday 7 April 2011

Bernadette, people are searching for the love that we possess...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments left over the last few posts.
 Just a short little post today.
It's is The Original vintageandhandmade Fair, this coming Saturday 9th April at Chipping Sodbury, Gloucs.
I will, as usual, have a stand in the main Hall.
I have been very busy preparing for the Fair...

Lots of handmade pieces...

 and items like this crisp,  unused, hand stitched patchwork quilt.
 and this very old French Crazy Patchwork Quilt are all coming along too.
Hope to see you there!