Saturday 13 April 2013

Sometimes you have to try to get along dear, I know the truth and I know what you're thinking ....


here is our youngest baby girl modelling a beautiful pinny, made for me by my Swiss friend
isn't it gorgeous?
Just wanted to pop a few of my recent makes here...
Wall hanging
Mixed media envelope artwork

 I love making these little artworks in tins

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Wednesday 10 April 2013

It worries me this kind of thing, how you hope to live alone...

our youngest girl had a Prosthetic makeup show to visit in London, so I went with her on the train and we stayed for two wonderful nights.   Our girl, on the Saturday went to her show and I had a day on my own around London.   I don't think I have ever negotiated London on my own, so I had to take a deep breath, give myself a strong talking to, grow a backbone and deal with London Transport.
Our Hotel was on Russell Square, just around the corner from the British Museum ... 
I particularly wanted to see the Exhibition below.

I managed to buy a tickets for this and Ice Age Art : arrival of modern mind.

Both Exhibitions were incredible.  (No photography allowed)    
Particularly, for me, the Pompeii and Herculaneum Exhibition.  
Each and every piece on view was exquisite and sometimes heartbreaking.
The Ice Age was equally fascinating, but I'm glad I didn't go specifically just to see that one.
Anyhoo, here are pics from around the entrance of BM.

 Getting on for lunch time, so nipped back to Hotel for a breather and
 then walked past Russell Square Tube Station and onto

for the Fate, Hope & Charity Exhibition.
I visited the Threads of Feeling Exhibition a couple of years ago.
Not a great deal here new to see, but very poignant all the same.
I then walked on, back past the British Museum and down to The Petrie Museum
Part of a University complex, the museum holds an estimated 80,000 objects from ancient Eygpt and Sudan.  

 Not sure if you can read the piece below, but I believe it refers to the garment underneath, which is one of the oldest pieces of textile in the world.

The place and it's exhibits were fascinating and mind blowing in their age, beauty and sheer number.   Absolutely exhausting!
Then onto a buzzing Camden and
spent the evening with my two girls.
Dropped into bed a happy mum and ever so slightly 'all Museumed out'.
Thanks for staying with me on this and thank you for stopping by. x
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