Sunday 28 February 2010

Thank you!

I really do not know how to thank everyone who, so kindly left a message or e mailed directly their kind words of support with regard to us losing our dearly loved dog Rosie. I can't say that the last two weeks have been easy, but reading so many words of kindness has been such a help...thank you so very much. Each comment has been read and so very much appreciated.

'How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world' .~William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice.

Below is a picture of our ten year old Bichon ~ Daisy ~ she has been totally lost without Rosie. We have given her lots of time and attention though and because she has 'poodle' fur, Daisy has to go to the 'poodle parlour' every now and again. This is a before...

This is the after....I much prefer the 'before' Daisy, but her tight curls have to have attention otherwise they get felted. She is so soft at the moment and must be cuddled constantly. (The groomer always ties a bow on the doggies' collars when they have been groomed). Daisy you are one big powder puff girl!
Holly has been to Paris for a few days with a College trip, which has thankfully cheered her a little. The sweet child thought of her old Mum, whilst in Paris and found 'Laduree' and purchased these stunning macaroons for me. The box is good enough to eat too. A blissfully beautiful and kind gift, I'm sure you will agree.

Onto all things handmade...I have been very busy over the last few days and have made...
an embellished envelope. The stamps applied to this vintage envelope are so softly coloured, just beautiful. The inside of the envelope is a faded, blue zig zag pattern, so I took the back of the envelope off and used little pieces as the base of the collage.

Lots of texture...

Then onto a needlecase, with a silk screen printed bird. Front...

Opened out...
Oh, this has just sold. x
I have also made three little mixed media collages held within small vintage tins.
Forgive me for stating the obvious here but...

This little darling tin has sold but it is so cute I thought I would show you. It held corn caps...nice!
Tin open...

Tin closed...
This is another Panatella slim cigar tin.
Opened out...
When I visited France last year, I purchased a few very old tea towels or should I say Torchon. They have that washed worn feel of the softest cotton. The one towel has the most stunning, delicate darning, so I turned it into a Dorothy Bag, as one does!
Here we go,
Opened out...
Darned area....
Close up...
I wanted to draw your attention to some of the fabulous Fairs, where I will be having a stand.
A week on Saturday, Rag Fair stroudinternationaltextiles at Stroud. If you like bargains of the vintage haberdashery and sewing kind, this is your Fair.
I look forward so much to all the Fairs I have booked, particularly the Fair that seems to have started the trend of vintage/handmade fairs, the creme de la creme vintageandhandmade
1st May at Chipping Sodbury. But before then, I will be attending the lovely homespun fair at Portscatho, Cornwall, April 5th. Please see my sidebar for more details.
Once again, how can I thank you? I don't know what I would do without my bloggy friends.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Friday 19 February 2010

Our dearest girl...

forgive me ..... but, I wasn't under any illusions that it would hurt when Rosie passed away, but I have been knocked sideways at the depth of sadness we as a family feel. Rosie passed away last Saturday night, thankfully peacefully. We were able to stroke and talk to her after she had had a stroke and be with her as she slipped away from us. She became part of our family Christmas 1995 and we have been in receipt of fifteen years of absolute love and total devotion. We are heartbroken. Will there be a time soon please, that I can think of her and not cry? To all you lovely friends, please give your sweet family pets an extra hug today and a huge hug from me. xRosie enjoying a walk in bluebell woods last April.
Onto much happer subjects....I was cheered today by Posty bringing me my part of a swop.... the lovely and exceptionally talented becky of vintage fairy tales sent me the most wonderful package, containing a flower made with gorgeous vintage textiles. Becky made the flower when attending a workshop in France with Julie Arkell. Not only did I receive this, but also the most fabulous medal for valour, which I shall wear next week on my cardi with pride. If you don't know Becky's work, please take a look at her blog. A lovely and talented lady and my friend. I shall be sending Becky one of my new necklaces and another little thing. Thank you so much Becky. ~O~
Despite having a thousand better things to do, I have been making or should I say pithering with this bird cage all of last evening and most of today! I have finally finished it and what a fiddle faddle is was too, but I am happy with it and I do love a bird cage. It bought Miss Flight to mind and I did leave the door open for little birdy to fly.

Just a short little post today. Thank you to everyone that visited my last post and to all who left a sorry if I didn't thank you personally.
Thanks for stopping by.x

Friday 12 February 2010

Where troubles melt like lemon drops...

Hello, long time no see!I wanted to tell you about a postcard, below, which was kindly given to me by my sister in law. As you know, one of my passions is collecting vintage ephemera with it's beautiful handwriting, text and stamps. So I was very fortunate to be given this postcard dated 1933. When I read it, I couldn't really believe what I was reading.
Here goes ... "My dear daughter, just a card to wish you many happy returns of the day and I hope you will live to see many more, from Mum and Dad. xxxx".
Addressed to : Miss E. Wright, Victoria Ward, St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington W2!!!!!!
Well her Mother certainly sounded optimistic!!! :-( I can only hope Miss E. Wright was a Nurse on that particular ward.
I also wanted to tell you about two wonderful ladies and the swops we have exchanged.
You may know dreamsintertwined Heidi is an avid collector of all things vintage, a good deal of which is for sale in her Etsy shop and also makes wonderful collage. Look what I was lucky enough to be sent by Heidi. All manner of ephemera, fabrics and wallpaper. She also kindly included a piece of her own work. So many lovely things that she chose especially for me. Poor Heidi hasn't received my end of the bargain yet, but I'm getting there. Thank you so much H.
Now, onto Julie juliewhitmorepottery If you don't know Julie's work, well, you are in for a treat. Without doubt, Julie has the most special gift. Her gentle, sweet, beautiful faience pottery is sublime. How fortunate am I to have such generous and kind friends.
I sent Julie a needlecase and an embellished sketchbook.

A plate, lino print cards and divine necklace with a painted Bumble Bee focal bead. Thank you so much Julie.
With Julie's help, inspiration struck and I have made these textile pendants.

The blues, pinks and greens of the beads just help to set the pendants off. I have enjoyed making them so much.
I have also been making Dorothy Bags, (tenuous connection with post title), from vintage french dense weave linen.
Again, I have really enjoyed making these too and it is great to have a usable piece made from such lovely old linen. All of which are in my Etsy shopBack
I just wanted to mention that I have recently joined Etsymidlanders A great yahoo group, all working hard to promote Midland Etsians. Please take a look at the blog, if you get a mo.
Finally, I would just like to send you to a heartwarming post. Victoria of thesillyboodilly .... a few months ago, Victoria lost her beloved Mo, but now Ellie Mae has come to stay. Make sure you have a tissue at the ready girls.
Well, once again thank you so much for visiting and for all the kind and generous comments. x