Tuesday 30 October 2012

We move like cagey tigers, Oh, we couldn't get closer than this, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we stalk, the way we kiss...

here is my Sis and I,
(Sis on left)
last Saturday at
A really great day...
just the other side of my stand was the wonderful
 I adore Kathleen's work, quirky, fun and very clever...
 the time and work that goes into every piece is quite something.
 RachelBarker had a stand too.   I adore her beautiful ceramics.
Just two of many fabulous stands at this wonderful Fair.
And now to finish a short bloggy post, with a few needlescases, just popped into my Etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping by. x
Love Cats::The Cure

Sunday 21 October 2012

Where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York

A catch up blog post, as I have been sadly lacking of late.
It is this time of year which brings back memories of a wonderful week spent in New York.  Eight years ago, my sister and I flew off to The Big Apple, as I had booked a Workshop with the world famous paper cutting artist BeatriceCoron    The Workshop was to be held at the centreforbookarts , but was cancelled.  So Beatrice held the Workshop for me and another lady at her Apartment.
This is Beatrice standing in front of one of her incredible pieces of paper cut work.
If you visit her web site, you will see that she is a fascinating artist, a diverse artist.   Her work is commissioned for use in public places, aswell as private commissions and sales and ... no wonder. 
 She was the most generous artist, teacher and host.  
This was our table we worked on in her living space.
Her tray of paper cutting tools
Beatrice and I standing infront of another giant work of art.   Beatrice uses Tyvek
Tyvek has the properties of paper but does not tear.  Beatrice coats the Tyvek with Indian Ink and away she goes with a knife, with hardly any pencil work.  
It was a treat to watch such a superb artist at work.
 There were many highlights of spending time with Beatrice, up there though, was the view from her Apartment.   A 180 degree view, overlooking Central Park, sweeping upto Mid Town Manhattan. 
Never mind the paper cutting, I wanted to stand at her windows and stare, all day long, every day.
If you have the time, please visit her web site and view the TED Talk 'Stories Cut from Paper'...
you can get the sense of what a truly awesome woman she is.
It's weird really, my sister didn't attend the Workshop, but is now an artist specialising in Paper Cut work and Book Arts.  
She did visit Beatrice with me and I suppose was heavily influenced by what she saw.  
Here is my sister web site deckle-edged
Change of subject...you may know that our youngest girl is in her final year of University,
studying Prosthetic Makeup for Film, Theatre and Media.
She has made these professional prosthetic wounds to sell for Halloween.
just in case you may be interested:)
A long, long time ago I was commissioned by my friend Linda Letticeleaf to make a textile collage using a Christmas card and paper ephemera, from her time working for the British Royals.
Now, this was a challenge that I put off for far too long.   Last week I got to grips with it and transferred the Christmas card sent to Linda from 'Diana' (1995) and other Royal paper ephemera onto fabric and away I went.  
Quite difficult to incorporate fairly contemporary images into what I do, but Linda is happy with the result (thank goodness).  If you fancy reading more, pop over to her blog.
Just a few photos of my recent 'makes' ...
Lavinia in the garden with Dirk.
 Textile and paper Collage applied to a reclaimed block of wood...
 Screen printed Peter Pan Collar...
 Collage work...
Well that just about wraps up the last few weeks.  
I hope all is well with you and thank you for stopping by. x
New York Alicia Keys