Wednesday 2 October 2019


I am beyond thrilled to have been invited to teach a three day class programme, at this wonderful new event, in Brisbane, Australia next February.
All information here here about entry, workshops, tutors, exhibitions etc.   It would be wonderful to have a day with you, at this fabulous event.
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Monday 18 March 2019

New Big Cartel shop open

after ten years or more of selling with Etsy, unfortunately these days, I find that I can't afford their fees.
Etsy has worked very hard to upgrade their site and now has all kinds of seller tools but boy do you, as a seller have to pay for it.   I'm really sad about this, but I have opened a Big Cartel shop, as a toe dipper to see if this works out in a more financially viable way.   I hope so.

So, I have added to my new and shiny shop three hand embroidered Berets with Japanese cherry blossom inspired embroidery.

New screen prints too for use in your own craft projects ... all hand screen printed onto vintage cotton.
Swan with flowers.

 Bird with flowers.
A Bunny...packaged with a colour card copy of my embroidered sample of the design.

So if you fancy a nosey around my new Big Cartel Shop (my Etsy Shop is still open) ... here is the Link.

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Thursday 24 January 2019

Workshop at Warm Brook Barn, Vermont


very happy to announce that I will be flying over the pond to Vermont next June, as I have been invited to deliver at 'Workshop Retreat' at Meleen Dupre's beautiful 'Warm Brook Barn' venue.

There will be much creativity, led by myself, with beautiful hospitality provided by Meleen and her team.
If you would like more information, please email Meleen : 

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Wednesday 9 January 2019

Happy new year to you!

I hope all is well with you, dear reader.

I have received a wonderful response to the embroidered Berets and thoroughly enjoy embellishing them.

I came across a piece of beautiful, luxurious black velvet fabric and thought it a good idea to make scarves...all went well until I made the scarf up (backing with the same velvet).  Just a simple long rectangle, easy!!! I'm afraid to say that particular skill alluded me.  The velvet has a mind of it's own and is quite uncooperative, to form nice points and keep to a straight line when turned right side out.   
Shan't be going down that road again.

Purses .... 

 Over the years, I have made many, many purses and so, after a long break, I thought it would be great to start making them again and embroidering in the same way as the Berets.

  I used a lovely wool felt for this one and have successfully made the purse up without wanting to throw it down the garden, in temper!
This particular purse was a commission...I and the purchaser are very happy with how it turned out.   Yay!

That's me for today ...
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