Monday 30 July 2012

Happiness, more or less, It's just a change in me, something in my liberty...

 Ludlow, Shropshire, a shop called 55 Mill Street, at the top of the town, before the Castle.  
An eclectic mix of vintage, antique everything and designer/maker pieces...always changing, always interesting.

 Hen's Teeth has a spot there too.

Pop along if you are in Ludlow, it really is a lovely place to browse.
I will be having a stand at Ludlow Food Festival in September, at the Craft Fair in the Harley Centre. Should you be visiting the FF, squeeze your way through the town and come and say 'hello'!
Playing again with old and very worn patchwork quilt pieces...embellishing a cross body bag
 I have been also playing with the idea of making a pocket, just big enough for keys or a mobile...
I used, I think Edwardian, fine leather glove for this one...
 and a French suede glove for this one.  
I had to unfortunately cancel my Workshop dated 11th August, but the Workshop set for 22nd September is filling up fast and is still going ahead.  
And finally,
 Fibromyalgia the nuisance thing I am plagued with 24/7...
I am finding it very difficult to express myself verbally and to write a coherent sentence these days.  
The current husband would no doubt strongly disagree with my inability to express myself verbally but, it's why in recent posts I have been keeping the text to a minimum.  I find it so difficult to summon up the words, trying to explain something and pull the right word out of my head is like trying to find a lost needle on my sewing room floor.
I have to proof read everything too, as the typed letters/words all jumble up...
in other words ~
brain fog.

Thanks for your time and for stopping by. x
The Verve

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hen's Teeth Workshops::Two new dates


I am very happy to announce two workshop dates to be held at Weston Park,
Weston under Lizard, Shropshire.
First workshop Saturday (11th August cancelled) for mixed media KeepSake Box Workshop
Saturday 22nd September for Handmade Needlecase Workshop

Please visit my workshop blog for more details.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my previous posts.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Monday 23 July 2012

When your world is full of strange arrangements and gravity won't pull you through...


an afternoon visit to Bryan'sGround Presteigne, Herefordshire.
A sublime piece of heaven on earth.
Unfortunately, my snapshots don't come anywhere near doing the place justice,
but maybe you might get a sense of the place.

I can't begin to tell you how beautifully, quirky, unusual, thoughtful and interesting Bryan's Ground is.
Unfotunately, closed now until next April.    I will definately be back next year.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Friday 20 July 2012

Keep on chasing down that rainbow, you'll never know what you might find...

I hope all is well with you and yours.

I have been a stitchin'
Lots of stichin'

on lovely old, worn, soft, patchwork and quilt cotton pieces...
 making brooches.  
Brooches that would hang nicely from a skirt pocket or waistband maybe?
Needlecases, made from again old, quilt pieces...

a purse...
a long handled bag (which is currently winging it's way to Canada)!

lots of stitches on thick, very old quilt piece, my screen printed designs appliqued, with hand embroidery and buttons.

So here, a little padded needlecase with a hand painted bird on the front,
 opened out, you can't see the detail very well on the back...
 inside patchwork cotton and more pieces of quilt to keep your pins and needles safe...
onto another needlecase, where Lavinia is taking...
 Dirk for a walk...
 inside again, more old patchwork cottons...
another needlecase, worked on old patchwork...
 I adore how these textiles pieces.  They feel so soft.  
I think about the person that worked the original patchwork
and the fabrics/clothing that they used to make the quilt.
Hope you like the loose threads, layers, textures and imagery :)

Just a couple more things before I go.   You may remember that I used to have a sales area at
'The Wear-House', Ludlow.   Well, just recently it has changed hands and there is now a
'Maker's Gallery' on the ground floor.  
If you are ever Ludlow way, perhaps you could visit what is now called '55 Mill Street'.  
There is a wonderful eclectic mix of antiques, vintage, retro, textiles and handmade pieces.  
I will have photos of the new layout to show you soon :)

Also, I am seriously thinking of holding a 'Hen's Teeth Workshop' at Weston Park on 11th August.  
I can send details if interested.

Thanks so much for stopping by. x
High flying Birds