Sunday 20 October 2013

They seek him here, they seek him there...

it's been along time since my last post...
we have been very busy.
I have a couple of events to share with you, firstly our youngest girl...Holly.
You may remember that she has just finished a Degree in Special Effects Makeup...
Holly had a couple of days work last week with Tony Webb Wax Figures
colouring Jim Carrey's feet, as in this pic here

Here she is striking a ballet pose with Jim's feet.
Can't begin to tell you how much I love this picture, just sums our Hol up perfectly.
A couple of days later, Holly's Graduation Ceremony...tissue please.
 My heart burst with pride.


Louise of Hope & Elvis asked quite some time ago, if I would teach a 'needle case' workshop, 
at her Studio on the Welbeck Estate, Notts.
I said 'yes please' :)

Oh what a day!
The studio is crammed and it's a big studio, with hundreds of vintage pieces...ranging from textiles to old toys...what a treasure trove...what a stimulating and interesting place to meet new people, 
stitch and drink tea.
I think there were around 15 ladies at the Workshop.
Here are a few studio shots...

 after a most delicious lunch and an afternoon of stitching, the ladies gathered with their makes 
(not all needlecases either)

A few of the ladies are Bloggers...
 Mrs Bertimus ... stitched some magic on the day and has since written a super post.
Ticking Stripes ... Wendy stitched the most beautiful needle case and brooch.
Leah Halliday ... helped make the most beautiful lunch and also made a fabulous needle case.

Just a few of the wonderfully kind and talented ladies you could ever wish to spend a day with.

Thank you Louise, Debs and Leah for all your support and hard work in making the day so special.
A huge thank you to Jenny Hubbard too,  for being a super star. xxx

H & E forthcoming workshops here.

I'll leave you now with just a few pieces made over the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for sticking with this and letting me tell you about a couple of very happy days.
Thanks for stopping by x
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