Friday 15 June 2012

Daydream, I dreamed of you amid the flowers, for a couple of hours, such a beautiful day...


The current husband and I had a smashing day out at the BBC Good Food and Gardeners' World Shows
Can't say I enjoyed the Foody part, bit too corporate for me, but the Flower Pavilion in the Gardeners' World area was another thing.
Plant nirvana.
The current husband scuttled off for an hour of food and drink tasters, whilst I ooohed and arrghed my way around the plants... 

I bought some beautiful Lily bulbs, not the ones below but the Star Gazer type and I also managed to find a Gloriosa Lily bulb too. 

 This was the only show garden outside that I cared for.   Running stream through pebbles and stones with a back drop of erect sleepers.    Really lovely.   I do love running water in a garden.
A bit of celebrity watching ... Carol Klein, doing her 'piece' to camera...
and Alan signing books.
It was a lovely day and made a really nice change.
Now, just a little note to say that I was thrilled to get a mention in July's Homes & Antiques Magazine.  
They have a very interesting article about Pinterest and at the end of the article suggest five Pinners to follow and I am one of them.
If I am ever feeling low, uninspired and in need of fix of something lovely to brighten the day, Pinterest does it for me, everytime, without fail.
Another online time stealer :)  
Here's my Pinterest boards.
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Daydream in Blue by Monster

Friday 8 June 2012

Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach...


 As you probably know, I make these pretty Felt Flower Corsages from time to time...

Well, I have been a thinkin' ... how could I make the Posy brooch available as a pattern???   
After much head scratching, photo editing and a little bit of cussing,
I have created the pattern and instructions for this pretty posy.

 Available for sale in my Etsy Shop here 
which would be sent to you via snail mail.

I do so hope you like my pattern :)
Thanks so much for stopping by. x
The boys of Summer

Thursday 7 June 2012

Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home...


Well, despite the weather doing it's utmost to try and dampen the Jubilee Celebrations, the current husband and I enjoyed a fabulous day.
Our  Cul-de-sac friends were supposed to meet up and have our celebrations in the field at the bottom of our street...unfortunately the forecast was not good, so our dear friends offered the use of their home...
Will and Carol, you are just the best...
Carol wore her best flag headwear, which waved frantically everytime she spoke, so funny.

 Sheltering in the garage/gazebos :(
 Look at the can't help but grind your teeth a little...
***Ooops Brit moaning about the weather alert***
 We all had a smashing time.   God save the Queen.
Well, onto other things...
I am very happy to have a four page article in this
Stampinton publication (USA) 'Sew Somerset' Magazine...

 All about my bird brooches and generally I chat about what I was funny really because I sent off a collection of bird brooches to the Publishers, without recording what I had sent.  
A few weeks later, I was contacted by the Editor and asked if I would send a 800 word article about the brooches.   Well, do you think I could remember what I had sent?   Not on your nelly.  
Anyway, after some head scratching and much sticking out of the tongue in deep concentration, it all came together in the end.  
The memory, let's say, ain't what it used to be.

 I am in excellent British company, (aswell as American) as Priscilla Jones has an article too.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I have a new love.
My new iPhone!   Now don't roll your eyes!!!  I adore it!
It is so easy to use and I am addicted to the Instagram app.
As you can see from these pics below,  pieces recently made.
 Commissioned phone case
 Bag detail
 I have entitled this Prim head wearing bunny ears... 'It's a funny old world'!
 Flower brooch
Well, that's me for today.
Thank you for stopping by. x
Comfortably Numb . Gilmore and Waters