Tuesday 24 May 2011

Here we come, walkin' down the street, we get the funniest looks from everyone we meet...

Thank you so much for all your interesting comments on the last post...I'm glad it's not just me!

Just a short little post today to tell you that I am very happy to have created a new blog, which is my
hens teeth shop!  
All thanks to this lovely lady lettice-leaf who suggested that I should sell my work direct from my blog.
I wanted to keep my usual blog free of selling and merchandising buttons, so I created hensteethartshop.
As you can see I have also created tabs at the top of this blog that will take you directly to all my links.
I am very happy to have this new blog and a little excited about it...your support would be greatly appreciated and it would be brilliant if you, 'follow me' and add the new blog to your reading list and this will keep you updated with new pieces for sale, just in ase there m ight be something that hits the spot one day :-)
This is my first piece for sale in my bloggy shop below... a (although I say it myself :-)) sweet, tactile clutch bag ...
there will be more pieces added shortly.

Thanks so much for stopping by. x

Friday 20 May 2011

I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does...

 I had to share with you, pics of what is currently gently blowing dry on my washing line.  
Very old patchwork, recently purchased, hand stitched, with the most delightful, colourful prints.  
A joyous hand crafted creation, with a story no doubt, to tell.   For me, a pleasure to own.  
 Not only have I gloried in the texture, print and coloures but also in washing it.   I find I am now of an age, I  have to admit, that buying an old textile and gently soaking it in a bucket (only if appropriate, of course) and gently stirring until the water turns an ugly brown, brings a smile of satisfaction and when the washing is complete and the piece has either been hand or machine washed and is ready to dry, the feeling is almost excitement...
Huh, what is that all about?   
Excitement used to be when Earth, Wind and Fire released a new LP.  
 Or I got asked out by the fella I fancied (sadly, that rarely happened),
receiving my wages in cash in a brown envelope and having the lot to spend on clothes and going out to the pub and dancing to Boogie Nights.  
Then life changed, I met the current husband and let's say, life got all of a sudden...different.
 Now, don't get me wrong, I am no domestic goddess. A launderess I am not.   I do not iron socks and knickers like my dear mother in law...but as time has gone by, I am getting a strange sense of deep satisfaction to have a washing line of clothing drying on a warm, blowy spring day...unlike in the winter when washing is draped over radiators and airers etc. etc.  (I am probably one of the remaining few who do not have a tumble dryer).
 So here I am, having bared my all and confessed that bringing out stains and dirt from vintage fabrics does it for me!
Oh gawwwd... 
I hasten to add that this is not my only pleasure in life :-) 
If vintage fabrics are part of your life too, don't forget that there will be many gorgeous fabric, haberdashery and vintage textiles to be had at the  vintageandhandmadetextilefair  4th June, at Chipping Sodbury.
Hope to see you there.
 Billy couldn't give a hoot!
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Thursday 19 May 2011

Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about Wonkey's trip to the seaside...he is glad to be back with his friends though... One Eyed Wonkey, Mechanical Mike and Dixie Donkey!
I was recently asked to make one of the above brooches with a name, instead of the happy little ditties, I apply.
Just a thought... that I would be very happy to make brooches to commission...the same heart shape, using very old and worn patchwork, with your special word/s/phrase added.  
The cost would be £17. or $27. Postage free.
Check out my Etsy for more details and size etc. of the brooches.
Could make a unique little gift for someone!
Send me a love letter, if interested.
Thanks for stopping by.x

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Adventures of Wonkey Donkey as he travels to Kent

as we live in the centre of England, we don't get to see much of the Seaside.   Wonkey, in a previous life, must have been a Seaside Donkey, taking children rides along the sandy beaches, this may account for the loss of his ears, which he never speaks of.   Anyhoo, he told me that he would very much like to visit a beach and smell the sea air once again.  
 I suggested that if we visited the Kent coastline, maybe we could also visit two iconic gardens???   He agreed, he's a most likeable Donkey.
So, here we are hurtling down the motorway past Heathrow Airport.  
We, of course, had the obligatory coffee along the way.
He insisted on standing on the dashboard, which wasn't very safe, but he wanted to see where he was going, as he felt a bit travel sick...

Well, we booked into our American Western, Cowboys and Indian themed Hotel for two nights at Royal Tunbridge Wells and we all enjoyed a glass or two of very cold beer.   Set 'em up Jo!

So, next day, bright and early off we set to Great Dixter.  
Here is Wonkey admiring the view from beside the Garden Nursery.
 I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this place is truely heaven on earth, do I?
 Here is Wonkey in the meadow, I just stopped him from nibbling the meadow Orchids.
 He is is, admiring the view again across Great Dixter.
 I wanted the current husband to take a pic of me, as I have wanting to visit this place for so long and finally, we had made it!
 Just too beautiful for my limited vocabulary...
Wonkey agreed.

 We booked out of our Rootin' Tootin' accommodation at Royal Tunbridge Wells and headed south for Sissinghurst.
 Again, what can I say that hasn't been said about Sissinghurst!
 Here is Wonkey surveying the White Garden...
 Here we are together, Wonkey and I, enjoying a cool and shady corner ...
 Wonkey having eaten his lunch, looked out of the restaurant window, whilst we ate our delicious lunch.
 Partly moated and magical in every sense...
 Here he is again, being very brave and looking out from the tower.  
 A room of the tower, cool and inviting.
 Well the world and his wife were at Sissinghurst, so we moved on.   
In the evening we ate fish and chips on Winchelsea Beach.   Miles of deserted beach, brisk wind, but no too cold and Wonkey was very happy.   I think I saw a tear in his eye, but that may have just been the bracing wind.

Saturday, I woke, breakfasted and sped off at top speed to Cranbrook, to meet my bloggy friend Lettuceleaf, (she is pictured here with her 'wicked stepdaughter') who is the co-organiser of kitschandstitch fair.    Oh, it was so lovely to meet my lovely friend and to have time to have a really good look around the fabulous fair and bump into another friend, who I was not expecting to see!                                           Wonkey stayed in the car with the current husband, as 'vintage' ain't their thing!
 After a wonderfully inspiration morning, we found ourselves at Dungeness.   Derek Jarman's garden was beautiful in it's simplicity.    He worked with what he had and I thought it was stunning.
 I also really enjoyed the landscape...
 full of atmosphere and interest...
 Wonkey was getting a bit fed up now and wanted something to eat...

 we walked ...
 and found Wonkey something green to eat.
 Next day, I had to go back to Great Dixter, not particularly to look around the gardens again, but to just be there.   Wonkey was rather pleased, as there was some sweet, juicy, green grass to eat.
 The current husband and I have fallen hook, line and sinker for this beautiful part of Kent.  
We can't wait to go back again.
 Wonkey is not so sure.
Well back to normality again and I have been filling up my Etsy Shop.  


Thank you so much for stopping by. x