Sunday 25 October 2009

For each a road. For everyman a religion....

Hello Lovelies..
I hope all is well with you and yours.
I wanted to share some good news. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Katie of textiletreasureseeker for Sewing World. Along with Nicky of thevintagemagpie and manda of treefalldesign. The subject being our wonderful world of blogging.
Katie has put together a smashing article. Very encouraging for anyone who has not yet entered our world.

The article also mentions the vintageandhandmade fair. Only 20 days to go. This must be very rather irrritating for anyone who cannot possibly come to the Fair, listening to me banging on about this event...I do apologise, but it really is such a special event. I need everyone to know about it, just in case they can visit Chipping Sodbury on that day and come and meet all the brilliant bloggy and non bloggy vendors and have a large slice of cake and a cup of tea!
Anyroadup, I have been making Christmas cards, for the very same event and I have enjoyed a few hours collaging 50's wrapping paper, buttons and this 'n that to make these 'one off' cards.
Speaking of buttons, just happened to be chatting to the ladies in the back room of my local Charity Shop and I thought to ask "any buttons"? Imagine my delight extreme delight when this was taken from a shelf!
Full of these (well, these are the pretty ones). I am not sure what has pleased me more, the tin or the buttons? The tin holds dear memories, if we were lucky when we were kids, we may have had a family tin of 'Quality Street' for us all to share and this would have been the tin. The illustrations are exquisite and so nostalgic to me. Simpler times????

A little while ago, I made a textile collage for my dear friend Carolyn of lovestitchingred. This beautiful piece of work was made by Carolyn for me, as a present. Thank you sweetheart. x

Now onto a much blogged subject...the exquisite Sophie Digard scarves, for sale with selvedge Magazine. You know the ones that you think, "OOOOOh, I'm going to treat myself to one of those, they are divine", that is, of course, until you see the £200 price tag. Well, I did that very same thing at the Festival of Quilts, in August. I recoiled in horror when I saw the price but they are absolutely exquisite! So thoroughly inspired, I have been looking for a pattern and wool.
So, inspired by donna's link to attic24. I am now currently half way through a Ripple Pattern scarf. Oh yes, the Ripple Pattern! The pattern is explained clearly and simply by Attic24 and I am very appreciative of the time and care taken. Wool - well Appleton's Tapestry Wool (2 ply?) itchy but lovely, subtle colours and I shall back the scarf with a cosy, soft fabric.
So theraputic to crochet, but hell for the carpul tunnel syndrome :-(
Last post title was 'Come and hold my hand' by our very own Robbie Williams. See if you can guess the title of this?
Talking of simpler times. I came across this on Twitter. If you have not already seen it....take a look, so true!

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has been kind enough to leave a comment for me. It is such a treat to read your comments of support and encourgement, thank you. x

Sunday 11 October 2009

"Come and hold my hand I want to contact the living..."

Hello lovelies...
Here ... a gorgeous vintage box... containing these pristine, linen, embroidered serviettes.....
Sharp intake of breath, as this is what I have done with them today ~

Now to those of you who have not run away screaming.....and I know there are a good many of you out there that would accuse me of .... well, a travesty. I paid the money for this box of delights and I wanted to make these beautiful pieces of fabric into something that can be enjoyed and used in another form!

Although I say it myself, I think they are far more enjoyable made into something sweet and pretty, rather than sitting at the bottom of an ironing basket for months on end, and getting all stained by inconsiderate Spag Bol eaters!
Change of fabric...
The purse below, made today from a pair of curtains, (no longer in use ;-)) Sanderson's Little Chelsea. Subtley aged, with a slightly faded air of elegance to the fabric...just like me ;-) I wish.

Well, I hope I haven't offended your sensibilities and thank you all so much for leaving such great comments and taking the time to stop by. x

ps. last post entitled "you make the moon a mirror ball" by the magical 'Elbow'. The most beautiful of love songs, in my humble.

Monday 5 October 2009

You make the moon a mirrorball...

Hello Lovelies...Couldn't you just eat one of these? Yeah, me too. I did indulge just a little over the weekend, as we visited Amiens, just north of Paris for another French Flea Market.
The city of Amiens has very interesting architecture. We, unfortunately, didn't get chance to go inside the Cathedral. It was H U G E and very detailed.

We arrived in Amiens on Saturday and doesn't the weather make all the difference? It was cold and windy and instead of being able to sit outside and watch the world go by, with a glass of something alcoholic, we had to scuttle inside for warmth and shelter. Sunday, was the day of the Flea Market and the moment we started searching for bargains, the drizzle broke into a torrential downpour...

Such a shame, as an awful lot of items for sale must have been ruined with the rain.
A very large part of the centre of Amiens was taken up with Antique stalls and car booter booty. But after an hour of persistent persisting down, the current Mr. Hens Teeth had a face that matched the miserable weather :-( I did manage to find a man with a van, who was selling the contents of two large trunks of lovely old linens. So not all was lost! We left Amiens around 1.30pm and arrived home at 8.30pm.
The mannequins below were really lovely but reproduction. I wished that I had enquired about the price now, but isn't that always the way after the event???

Onto 'stuff' created in the last week or so.
I was lucky enough to be given a huge collection of paper doilies, which I have silk screen printed my drawings of birdies. They look really delicate on the lacy paper, so I have attached the printed doilies to greetings cards. They will be part of my stock for the Vintage and Handmade Fair in November, which I am getting really excited about now. If you have not sampled the delight of the V & HM, you are missing a treat. The atmosphere, goods for sale, tea room, organisation, meeting bloggy friends...every aspect of the Fair is thoroughly enjoyable and a great day out. Please see link at sidebar for more info.
More 'stuff' made....
A 1950's envelope with textile collage.
A gathering of brooches...
and a coin purse...

All of which are residing in Etsyland as we speak ;-)
My last post was entitled "I was sitting in a bar.... " thank you to all who knew "In these shoes" by the much missed Kirsty MacColl. Just incase you have forgotten what a bloody good tune it is, click the link below. Bet you can't keep still to this!

Thanks for stopping by. x