Friday 31 August 2012

The feeling has gone only you and I, it means nothing to me, this means nothing to me, Oh....

I am very honoured to have an article, Keepsake Boxes, republished in Stampington's 'Handcrafted Inspirations' free digital magazine.
It is jam packed with great ideas, features, articles, inspiration and eye candy.  
Well worth downloading.   You can get your free copy here
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Vienna Ultravox

Tuesday 28 August 2012

The minute you walked in the joint...

a very 'random' quick post...just to say that the most extraordinary thing happened here today.   I looked up early this morning and instead of the steel grey low sky, generally persisting it down with varying quantities of water, I saw this...I had to go and sit down with a strong cup of coffee to recover from the shock.   We have not had a day, that I can remember in weeks, where it hasn't rained at some point during the day.  So a bit of blue is most welcome :)
 Another reason to smile is that after being home for three and half months, our youngest is moving out again for her final year at Uni...and breathe.  
The 'stuff' of her Uni life has filled every nook and cranny of our home since May, so although I shall miss her dreadfully, I will not miss the stuff!
 And finally, no more moaning, just to say how much I am enjoying embellishing lovely old envelopes.   They are a joy to work with.  
I have some for sale here UK postage.
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Big Spender Shirley Bassey

Sunday 26 August 2012

You do it to yourself, you do and that's what really hurts...

just a few images from the Cotswold Vintage Fair I attended yesterday.
A really lovely event.  Goodness there were so many things beautiful things to buy.
Refreshments from lavinias tea party.
to name just a few...
and moi...
I have decided to change my stand from this style.   
Very useful having the shelves for my purses, but I can't see a thing.  
I have to stand in the middle gap and look out over horsey!  
The old legs won't stand for a whole day, so when I perch, I disappear and that's no good.  
So I thought I would perhaps buy a few smallish suitcases and use those as a props.   Oh I don't know, it's so hard to showcase everything properly and still be visable and able to have a conversation with friends and customers.
Practicality and a pleasant looking stand ain't easy :)
 I have always enjoyed working on old envelopes. I have been embellishing them now for twelve years or so. 
I love everything about them...the old paper, the postage stamps, post marks, hand writing etc. etc.
 I have recently started to hand paint birds, Black birds...
I now apply the finished article to reclaimed wooden blocks, to stand or hang.
I really like the chunky blocks ... 
with their knots and blemishes...
I think they compliment what I do. 
All these pieces are in my madebyhandonline shop.
 Just popped this hand painted/stitched brooch into Etsy
 and this Kitty needlecase too.
Happy Bank Holiday all you lovely Brits.
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Sunday 12 August 2012

Oh wouldn't it be nice to get on with me neighbours....

just popped by to say 'hello'
and to say that I am busy making for

which is being held on Saturday 25th August.
Link at sidebar too.

On the same day thevintageandhandmadefairs will be holding at Jumble at Rangeworthy...
so if you are in the Gloucestershire area that day,
you have plenty of chances to get your collectibles and handmade fix!
Thank you very much for all your kind comments and support, with regard to my last post. 
I am so sorry for not replying to your comments.
Please know that I appreciate each and every one.
Like many here in the UK, I have just recovered from screaming Mo around the running track last night and biting my nails through the diving .... along with many other wonderful events.
Even I, for whom sport is alien to every fibre of my being, have found the Olympics so very enjoyable:)

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