Tuesday 22 February 2011

Warning :: self indulgent post alert

Just a little update from the Hen's Teeth camp...
Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since last August...each day is a struggle, as I have chronic fatigue and every little scrap of me hurts, which intensifies with physical activity. It would be very easy to spend each day prostrate on the settee or bed, but I'm not doing any of that. Keeping positive and a strong mental well being is most important and I can understand very much how depression can be a major factor of this strange illness.

I wanted to tell you how hugely important my sewing is to me. Collecting, selling, buying, all things vintage and beautiful, making... all of these components knit and weave together into my creativity and keep me sane.

I am most fortunate in being able to spend a few hours each day making, putting together thoughts and ideas, trying to think out the box a little, successfully or not. Many days I have to physically work through the pain and tiredness, and I can come through it and feel a sense of achievement.

Ultimately, the positive energy too that comes from the fantastic support I receive from my hen's teeth friends here on my blog, raises my spirits and makes me happy.
I do apologise for this self indulgence, especially when there is so much pain and suffering out there, all around the world, but I just wanted to put you in the picture...

and here goes with this week's makes...

I think this is a little vtg playing card box, it's made of cardboard and covered in paper, with a lovely tassle,
containing this...'fly with me'.
Peter now has wings :-)
Two pretty felt brooches.
Four 'prim' brooches, they make me smile, they are so odd!

Now, you may remember that we have two new members of the family, Wonkey donkey and Dixie Donkey, well look who has come to stay too...
Mechanical Mike...
Oh my word I do adore his faded and worn look. It doesn't bother Mike and
it doesn't bother these guys either. They all get along together, just fine.
Swift change of subject, as of the moment, I am mostly loving these...
and these,
and these,

All hand embroidered, long ago.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday 13 February 2011

Pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare...

How I relish early to mid 1900's children's illustration. One of the and my, all time favourites Mabel Lucie Attwell. It's the Boo Boos! I was very lucky to have the best part of this 1918 Fairyland book, sent to me as a gift. It made my day. Each of these drawings had been beautiful coloured in by a little darling, some time ago. Fortunately, I was able to get an erasure and clean them up. Thank you Tracey. x
Oh, look at those bunnies!
This has to be the most darling of pictures ever drawn!
Makes me want to colour them in!
Speaking of gifts, this unexpected delight came in the post this last week too, from my dear friend michele ... she knows I have the needle felting 'bug'...
Onto Betty Bunny...
I made her a little felt pinny. She is a sweet, fluffy little thing.
On my travels this week, I couldn't resist this book...
It has lots of pictures of dogs,
which inspired me to make this...
meet Doug. Doug the Dog, I just like saying that!

He has a charming little gingham scarf with a bell attached.
So, as you can see, I am needle felting for Britain. Not sure how long it will last, but I am enjoying the challenge while it lasts.
And finally, both my etsy and madebyhandonline shops are well stocked at the mo, if you fancy taking a look.

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging and very lovely comments. So very much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Tuesday 8 February 2011

You're calling to me, I can't hear what you've said...

Needlecases a plenty here... The base fabric I use is very, very old French handwoven linen for all of the cases...it will never wear out!
I finished the 'Peter and Pamela Prim' needlecases too...
Opened out...I have tried to keep a simplistic look to them. Peter Prim here, showing off his very handsome chest...
Pamela below, I admit doesn't look too happy with life...she does, however, crack a smile when she has had a glass of sherry, in polite society, so I am told.
She may look a little miserable, but she does have flowers growing from her dress.
Back to Peter again, who looks fine and dandy in his shirt with 3 buttons.

and onto 'Bunny Prim', tapping her big long feet to a tune in her head. (No, I've not been at the sherry).Back, lovely old French cotton.
I have lots of 'makes' here
and here
Finally, I have been very inspired over the last few months by the beautiful needle felted creations of domenicamoregordon
So I decided to take the plunge and have a go.
Donald Dog...

and Beatrice Bunny.
I would love to make a collection of vintage inspired bunnies, with long, long ears, not enough hours in the day though.
As you can see they are good friends, but I think he likes her more, than she likes him.

Thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday 6 February 2011

'Threads of Feeling' brooch winners

Thank you, thank you so much for all of the most sweetest comments ever. I think this Exhibition has touched all of our hearts.
First though, I wanted to tell you about a little incident that happened this week.
As you know I was so pleased to find Wonkey Donkey. So pleased that he accompanied me on a visit to my Mum and Dads, so I could show him off to them. We were happily chatting away at the kitchen table, when I noticed that their little dog 'Poppy' was chewing something...thankfully I investigated to find 'Wonkey' revolving around her mouth. She had pinched him out of my handbag on the floor. Well, I started wailing in distress, rather like a child, I have to admit. I handed Wonkey to Mum, who was loudly "oh no...ing" and Dad, who is as deaf as a post saying, "what? What's happened"? What a flaming carry on. Thankfully the little so and so, had only chewed Wonkey's legs....so like the Toy Doctor in Toy Story 2, I set about repairing them, as there was enough left of everything to be able to piece his legs together with emery board splints. He is now as good as new.
My Mum felt so bad about the whole incident that today she gave me 'Dixie...Dixie Donkey'. Mum said that Donkeys should never be alone! Here they are making friends...not too friendly though I hope!
Well, back to the point of the post and here are all the names for the 'Threads of Feeling' four brooches giveaway...
I closed my eyes and picked out four little folded papers...

and here we are:
grrl + dog
Silke Scheller
Please let me have your details and I will pop in post asap.
Thank you to everyone for commenting, I wish I could send you all a brooch.
Thanks for stopping by. x