Sunday 27 June 2010

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay, ain't it sad

my Mum and Dad's garden is a joy this summer, dripping in roses, a real treat to see,and Billy Button Nose is digging the sunshine too!But changing the subject, I have some great news to tell you....

Hen's Teeth now has a little shop, yes, a real shop. You may remember that I have talked many times about zanilady French Antiques Emporium in Ludlow, Shropshire. Well, Sue (owner) has now closed Zani and has opened a new premises, right in the heart of historic Ludlow, called The Wear-House. I am very lucky to be part of this wonderful new venture set in a Georgian Town House. The actual building was built in 1760 and has three storeys. A courtyard garden to die for, filled with vintage gardenalia, a 50's inspired coffee room (can't wait to show you that) and from the top floor, views over roof tops, chimneys to the Shropshire hills. There are three rooms on each level, each being occupied by various, wonderful artisans, antique dealers, jewellers, vintage clothing....oh the list goes on.

This is the room that I occupy, sharing with the lovely Thursa, who specialises in white painted furniture. Along with lampshades and screens, reworked in French linen.

The room itself not very inspiring to begin with, but it does have two large sash windows and a view over into the market square.

Well, with an awful lot of hard work and very little time...The Wear-House opened this Friday, Sue is in the middle.
and here is Hen's Teeth and Thursa's room...

I will be selling my French linens and textiles, alongside my handmade pieces, so excited. I am also thrilled to say that I will be stocking some of jackie's jewel like brooches and michele's sublime greetings card.

These photos above were hastily taken just before the opening and I have done quite alot of tweeking to the contents since .... I can't wait to get back there and take lots of photos of all the exquisite rooms and their contents to show you.

Yesterday I went to Ludlow again to be at the Wear-House and attend the LOVE event....pretty tricky being in two places at one time! LOVE was a truly fabulous event, with so many dealers selling desirable pieces of all things textile, accessories, haberdashery etc. etc. I am feeling truly overwhelmed today! Not helped by the copious amount of red wine I managed to consume at our friend's 40th Birthday party last night...oh my head this morning (Wonderful evening Em, thank you) :-)
Well, Sue's vision has come to fruition now and it is truly stunning.
Don't forget friends that the vintageandhandmade textile fair will take place this coming Saturday, it's going to be a good one!
Well that's me for now.... Thanks so much for stopping by. x

Saturday 19 June 2010

as the images unwind, like the circles that you find, in the windmills of your mind...

Good evening, don't know why I have added picture of bunny, other than to say, I have had this little fella for at least 30 years and sometimes you don't 'see' your possessions ... so I decided to dust him off and take his picture! He is such a sweet thing.

As for the title of this post, I heard Dusty Springfield singing 'The Windmills of your Mind' on Radio 2 today... it was haunting. I really wish Dusty was still with us.

Just a quick little post today to show you a few more items that are now in Etsyland.
Another Coin Purse...

Dorothy bag made from monogrammed French linen with lots of texture, lace, silk and embroidery.
Needlecase ~ front... Back...
I hope you are having a smashing weekend...thanks for stopping by. x

Wednesday 16 June 2010

who will tie it up with a ribbon and put it in a box for me....

I have been working at finishing off pieces started whilst on my jollies and today I have been mostly uploading onto Etsy...such joy...I do adore Etsy and it's little uploading 'isms'. Anyway, I am in danger of starting to moan here ... so here are a few pieces, all now installed in Etsyland.
Needlecase, sold, screen printed with my bird drawing and Liberty Lawned and embroidered to within an inch of it's life. A drawstring Dorothy Bag made from the most exquisite French vintage linen...even has a little hand darned area. Embellished with a fine piece of vintage French embroidery, finished with a stonkingly gorgeous and very old mother of pearl button.
Then onto a little envelope...lovingly embellished.

Millie Mouse brooch, wearing her finest pinny.

And last but not least for today's gratuitious sales promotion .... a coin purse, sold, which fits perfectly into the hand, just right for one's pennies and perhaps a lippy.

I have two lovely Fairs where I will have a stand coming up in the none too distant.
Firstly there will be the second LOVE Ludlow's Own Vintage Event. Ludlow, Shropshire. This is such a great Fair, specialising in textiles, clothing and makers.
Then there is vintageandhandmade Textile Fair. Looking forward very much to this new event that Jayne and Michele have worked so hard to establish.
If you check out their blog Jayne and Michele have raised an issue and I hope you don't mind me having a small rant here.... there are some fabulous Fairs springing up all over the UK. Thanks to Jayne and Michele's influence. This is great for all who appreciate the opportunity to sell and buy handmade and vintage. But pleeease....if you are going to organise one of these Fairs in your locality, have the decency to come up with an original name and not call your fair 'Vintage and Handmade'.....some original thinking may be required at some point!
Phew...that's better!
Thank you so much to everyone who have left a comments. I am so happy to receive such lovely, kind words.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Monday 7 June 2010

Misty, watercoloured memories...

My family and I have enjoyed a wonderful Whit Week, spent in Britanny, France with my kind and generously lovely sister in law. Kathleen has lived in France for 30 years and she and her family always give us a fabulous holiday stay, nothing is too much trouble.
It was so lovely to have time to sit, chat and sew ... celebrate three family birthdays, and

visit the local Brocante Shop, where I purchased Madeleine. Isn't she wonderful? (She is about two and half feet long). The current husband and I, also took a road trip to Bordeaux to stay with Penny, whom I had met at the Vintage and Handmade Fair. Penny kindly looked after us for two nights. Taking us to see some of the local sights, such as canal, river and boat straight out of Rick Stein's French Oydssy ....

the view from Penny's home...

some of Penny's exquisite textile collection...

We visited five vide-greniers, much to the current husband's joy!
Stunning countryside, such as the Cornflower meadows as far as the eye could see...
French treasures picked up along the way...

and quite a bit of snoozing too...

Family, friends, finds and France. A perfect holiday......happy days.

Thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday 6 June 2010

Button Nose Update....

You may remember at the beginning of April this year, a certain little 'button nose' came to live with us.... this rinky tinky is the same bit of fluff, but longer and slightly taller and is verrrrrry naughty.... Butter wouldn't melt?!?