Friday, 17 January 2014


Run with the Fox
Into the wind

Unto the dawn of tomorrow

Run with the Fox
Into the wild

Into the wild in the fold

Beware of the rocks

And be prepared

Prepare for love comes and goes

Run with the Fox

Random Christmas song lyrics I know...but every time I look at this Fox, these words spring to mind,
so .... :)
A few lyrics taken from 'Run with the Fox' .. Chris Squire


Jayne said...

love your random lines, and mr fox so cute. x

Anonymous said...

Loving your Mr foxy & the little song but please tell mr fox to leave my chickens alone {;0)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Great little fox, you make some amazing creations! :) x


Hi Viv, Love that you are going to post daily. I love your designs and look forward to a daily fix.

Happy happy, new year,