Monday, 8 September 2008

Jesse's diets

On my way into work today....overstating the obvious somewhat!

Because I'm going stir crazy............the weather being so dreadful, I thought Jessie (from Jessie's diets, The Fast Show) sums it all up quite nicely here.

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I do miss the Fast Show, never failed to make me giggle.
Thanks for stopping by.x
ps BEWARE if you click any other clips ~ some are very naughty.


Martha Bright said...


I love your blog too! Just discovered it the other day. I love your artwork--the embroidery on the old letters is inspiring!

I agree about the issue with tossing out stuff that's donated to thrift shops. You've motivated me to find out whether they do that here. I'm sure they do.

Pippa said...

I LOVE Jessie's diets - one of my favourites was "This week, I have been mostly eating tyres". Ah it always makes me chuckle!