Saturday 4 October 2008

Julie Arkell and Saturday Shopping List

Hello.......had to tell you...... I have booked a Saturday/Sunday workshop with Julie Arkell. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. The workshop is being held at Stroud International Textiles. A two day workshop. First day to make a creature, second day to dress it!
I wondered if any of you lovely friends would like to join me, as I believe there may be a couple of places left! Check it out, I can't wait.

Anyway onto Saturday Shopping List based on the theme of Recycling.

1. jennyelkins ~ Rectangular Pillow Lady with Vintage Image sewn on dress by Jenny Elkins
2. AMDcustomdesign ~ Mock--ing Bird---ing
3. anotherworkinprogres ~ 1971 Sorry Game Board Hand Bound Journal/Sketch Book 4. salvagedrelics ~ Genuine Drilled Sea Glass Crystals, 6pcs 5. eclipse ~ I Love Carbs recycled plastic shopping bag
6. mandinka ~ Sidney handbag - No. 54087. SayHiBeth ~ Sad/Happy Dandelion 8. urchinbags ~ peata pocket 9. canoo ~ Munson - a charming monster by canoo
Hope you have enjoyed my choices of wonderful Etsy Sellers' work. Check out Charlotte's for lots more Etsy goodies. Let's all buy handmade!
Thank you once more for leaving your comments, so very much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by. x


jenny elkins said...

Thanks for featuring me. I wish I could attend Julie Arkell's workshop I love her work! I first saw it at the SOFA show in Chicago. I too have a blog

Have a good one! jenny

Unknown said...

I adore Mandinka bags, I just wish I could afford one!

I look forward to seeing what you make with Julie Arkell - her work is so surreal!

Lindsey said...

Oooh I sooo want to go to the Julie Arkell workshop. Will have to send link to hubbie as an early Crimbo prezzie idea.

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

How exciting, I would so love to go.
Have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing all about it.x

ArtPropelled said...

If I could I would be over there in a jiffy. I love Julie Arkell's whimsical creations.

Swirlyarts said...

Mandinka's bags are gorgeous I agree there! Hmmm might have to see how far away Stroud is from here....

Lorie McCown said...

How I would love to go to Julie's workshop..*sigh* I love your picks too, love the mocking bird idea..

Cary said...

that workshop looks amazing... wish i wasn't so far away. great picks too!

Gina said...

Lucky you! A workshop with Julie Arkell... can't wait to see what you make.

Jamie said...

Can't wait to hear about your Julie Arkell workshop! I love her work! I'd love to take a workshop if she ever gets to the US... Jamie V