Sunday 2 November 2008

Lillie and Lulu Dryson

Well, my very precious week off from work has come to an end....what happended there then? Where did a week go? The days seem to speed by at an alarming rate!

I have so thoroughly enjoyed all the commotion over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, apologies to USA readers, but the news has been full of the goings on of these two. I am an avid Radio 2 listener and to have all the skeletons come out of the cupboard has been very interesting and made a really great change from the usual 'recession' news we have to endure.

But anyway, I wanted to show you what I have been doing in the week, here is 'Miss Lillie Dryson'. No idea how this was going to turn out, when I initially purchased the two envelopes last Wednesday. I placed the two on top of the other and realised that attaching the two together with lace would look lovely. Wanted to use some of my own art work, so out came the tracing paper and liberty. The tracing paper being stitched is very fragile but strong enough to hold and I am very fond of the technique. The snippet of embroidered table cloth picked out the colour of the stamps and I finished with free machine embroidery. I Keep looking at it and smiling, as I am really pleased with it (smug so and so)!

Full of ferver, I moved onto an envelope from Portugal, opened it up and played at pretty much the same thing, this being Lillie's twin sister 'Lulu'. Dog called 'Lottie'! Try saying that after a glass of sherry.

Etsy here they come.
I have also made a couple of Huglies for the Christmas Craft Exhibition, I was telling you about. The one is made from chamois leather/chammy leather/shammy leather...ugh??? It was an absolute so and so to stitch, really thick and ungiving.

I also managed to pick up these beauties....the box was 30p, and I was so pleased to pick up a few more pieces of paper ephemera.


Unused.... both above and below are embossed and both extremely beautiful cards.

Talking of cards, I have also made quite a few greetings cards with free machine embroidery. Using some of my old card designs, I drew these with the machine. I find free m/c embroidery really hard going on the neck and shoulders. I don't know how
jackie gets on doing all her beautiful work, which must take her hours, without some sort of crippling neck and shoulder pain! AGONY!!!!! I always find my shoulders are up by my ears, when I have done!

Got to attach these now to a blank card.

And carrying on from my post where I had crocheted a necklace......... well I'm hooked! I'm crocheting all of my precious beads and buttons into necklaces!

Thought I would try these next. Being an avid button collector, I have hundreds of 'brown' buttons of every shape and size , which are difficult to incorporate into the kind of thing I do, so maybe I could use them in necklaces.
Well, I have lurched from one item to another for long enough and I thank you very much for taking the time to visit. x


Gigibird said...

What a busy bee you've been - as usual always lovely results:)

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I do love the necklace, well infact all of your art work.
I too have listened with interest all the goings on on radio two.
I say serves them right for getting too big for their boots.

Gina said...

Wonderful things as ever but I adore Lillie and Lulu!

Swirlyarts said...

Gorgeous!! Some more to add to my favourites then over on Etsy :)

Jackie said...

I have no neck.(As you know!)
Oh but Viv I LOVE all these especially the main piece. Really original as ever.

Unknown said...

What a fabulous post, so many goodies - i need a moment to take it all in...


'fancypicnic' said...

Good heavens! So much work!
Lillie and Lulu are delightful, Viv - just like everything you create! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking.

monda-loves said...

lulu, lottie and lillie - all lovely!
I found sewing with suede quite difficult too - you huglie was well worth it though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Viv,
I had to write you a comment. You see, I stumbled on your flickr by accident - looking at one flickr and then I saw I think your banner in a comment on someone elses item and so then I moved onto yours. I have to tell you that your work completely blows my mind. I especially like the collages that are like grass fields with flowers on old papers. It's as if you reached this place in my head where all those artistic ideas float around but then I go - nah - that's just nuts - no one will understand that - it's like your work is the epitome of "just letting go" for me. I know, I know I sound like a crazed artists but your work so moved me.
Listen - I have a blog and I am going to list you as one of my favorite sites and also post a specific blog about how you inspired me if you don't mind. You know what would be great would be if you could send me a pic or two and i'llpost that as well - but I wanted your permission first
-Sorry for going on and on - I couldn't help myself!
Thank God for the internet and that we can meet people like each other

maria said...

Hi, I love your work with the envelopes, they are so original and beautiful.
I love radio 2 as well. I'm listening to Steve Wright at the momment. I find Jonathan Ross funny not so sure about Russell Brand though. I think they over stepped the mark though.
Maria x

Anonymous said...


it's all just beautiful! in fact, i wanted to tell you i received your sweet little needle case today and i just love it!! i did a post all about it. thanks again!!


Lobster and swan said...

All you make is so magical. This whole post is beautiful.

mimilove forever said...

By 'eck our Vera you've been busy!!
Lillie n Lulu my favourite so far

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

totally gorgeous stuff as ever love those twin girlies!

instead of tracing paper have you tried "pergamano" parchment paper? it's supposed to be used for embossing/paper piercing type art but it is lovely to sew on too.

haven't really paid much attention to the radio 2 shenanigans but i love russell & jonathan BECAUSE they are such naughty little boys!

Pippa said...

Wow! So many lovely things! Lillie and Lulu are lovely. The Portugal one is my favourite - with what looks like a garden around her feet. Lovely. And you don't stop there - cards, jewellery - always a big fix of pretty things to look at on your blog :o)

elena fiore said...

Hello, I included your creations on my blog. The you can see on
I hope you like it. Hello, Elena