Monday, 29 December 2008

Links and Liam

Well I seem to be on a bit of a roll here! Two needlecases and a sketchbook today...who hoo!

This sketchbook was put together the other day. I adore these books made by Khadi Papers. It's the decal edges that do it for me.

Put this together this morning.
I wanted to also bring up the subject of links. Just before the festive season I got myself into a bit of a pickle with the link list. With time being at a premium I did'nt seem to be able to keep an up to date list. If any one left a comment I tried to put them as a link, or if I came across a great blog, I added that butI find it such a fiddle faddle adding links. Then there is google reader and blogs that 'I follow'. It all just got a bit too much, so I deleted all of my links! I would hate to upset anyone with regard to links and it is always lovely to see that someone has added you to their link list. ( gigibird had a great idea with having a 'blog of the week' which is such a good idea). So anyway, I wondered if anyone had any tips for someone who has got a bit flustered on the link department. I would love to hear from you with your ideas/suggestions, or is it me just not having enough spare time?
I will leave you today with a YouTube clip of Oasis ~ I'm Outta Time. Stunning lighting, mood, settings, perfection ... just like a fabulous dream, I could watch it all day. I could rather fancy Liam?!
Thanks for stopping by.x


Anonymous said...

I love those sketchbooks! I just want to reach into the photo and touch the paper.

As for links, I keep my pared down, too ... they can get overwhelming. Every so often I go through and take off some older ones that don't get updated frequently, and then add new ones.

Jackie said...

I know exactly what you mean by problems with linkslists. Mine is so long and its stagnant..I mean I haven't added any for ages. Maybe the blog of the week is a good idea but its hard to keep it up.
I don't know if you place any importance on technorati ratings but they depend on the number of links you get from other blogs, so when I first started I was desperate to be linked to.
However they expire after 3 months so unless someone links to you again, eventually it won't count, but again blog of the week would solve that.
Flippin heck..I'm such a nerd!
I love khadi papers too, and your sketch books are just delicious.

Gigibird said...

Maybe just have a list of the blogs you like to visit regularly as it makes practical sense to have them on a sidebar to click on.
We all need link lists - without them no one would find anyone else’s blog.
I think we should all be adult about links and not sulk if someone deletes us either.... I always feel very honoured to be linked by anyone but I do want to have a list that is current. I know that my readership changes - a dog might be for life but a blog link is for as long as you find it interesting.

Margaret said...

I love the latest sketchbooks, your style is just brill, real 'aw look at that' stuff.
As for links I just use the bog standard link list and I only add the ones I visit very regularly. All the others are on my personal favs list which is a whole other story, a total mess and very full! (but nobody can see it!)Love the 'Blog of the week idea'

Linda Jo said...

I love your stuff! You are such an inspiration to me.... About the links...tho...I just keep a few on my blog. I have a TON of them in my favorites. And every so often I change them up on my blog, but most of the time they are just some of my closest internet friends and some new stuff that I find. If people don't update their blog very often...then I usually remove them from my blog link list. Some yours...I honestly prefer to keep to myself for awhile. hahaha It also works just to click on the people that leave if you want to get your blog out there...leave comments everywhere you go and people will follow your trail. I found you on Margaret's blog...which I adore and should've kept my own little secret. Before we know it Nathalie Thompson will be here gushing over your stuff. hee hee