Sunday, 18 January 2009

Quite a lot to get through here!

I was photographing these two pieces yesterday to pop into my Etsy Shop. Difficult, as they are framed and thus have glass.Definition .... not good.Then I found I had taken these two, which have reflected the bare branches of the Silver Birch above. I kinda like them in a washed out sort of way.
Moving on, you may remember that I mentioned the idea of having a journal as a keepsake book. With that in mind, I copied one of my illustrations of a sweet girl with her pet Hen, onto linen and added some embroidery, which in turn is now decorating one of those gorgeous Khadi handmade paper books. I can't begin to tell you how gorgeous the paper is. Unfortunately, somehow, I have managed to get a blue tinge on the photos I took today.

You can see here though, the off white of the pages and the decal edges. I just love 'em. I thought that if anyone wanted a name and date putting in, I could always type this onto some lovely linen and apply to the inside orange page.
Moving on again.....
Here we have Amelia, a little friend of mine since I was a child, next to a piece of work I finished today. Firstly, she is wearing a Liberty Tana Lawn dress. As you will see further on in this post, she is sporting nothing but her birthday suit. Apologies for this exhibitionism, but she insisted on being in the photos to keep the pages from flying around in the wind. She complained bitterly of the cold, so I made her a little dress to cover her modesty. I hope you will not be offended ;-)
'On her Majesty's Service', is a layered up, collaged piece, with embroidery, buttons and very old boot buttons hanging from the bottom edge. I do so enjoy putting these pieces together, it's as if they speak to me, i.e. "no, not that bit, use that instead"....... "yes, that looks good, now add more of that". Blimey, I sound like a mad woman, well maybe I just am!

One of the sweet matchbox covers used.

AND for the next item......
More pages from my Inspiration book, thought I would show you.
A few snippets of our Ju's work ;-)
Here, as mentioned, Amelia nudey rudey, shows us the front page of my new 2009 Journal.....bit of a mistake using a deep blue background, (note to Viv...ditch the blue background).And another page.... One of my little collections is fishing fly's. (Have I written that correctly)? I have no knowledge at all of the names of these fly, but they are so technically brilliant and very beautiful that I just adore them. Here is Amelia showing you my matchbox book, (last post). I had to show you more, I am so pleased with the darn thing.

The Seagull matchbox cover is so graphic. So much detail in such a tiny area.

And finally, I wanted to tell you about our little incident in the Sliwka household this morning. I came to my studio early and decided to nip back in doors (studio in garden) for a cuppa and wondered what the black mess was on the sofa. Upon closer investigation, I found my dear black sketchbook (Moleskine type) had been attacked with aggression. I turned to Rosie (medium size terrier cross) and asked if she had done it, holding the outer cover out. She gave the game away when she took it off me and carried on ripping it up.
It reminded me of jackie's Willow, chewing up, what was it, carrier bags?

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. We had her at 6 weeks old in 1995 and apart from when she was a young puppy, she has never chewed a thing in her life. What's more she had taken it out of my handbag!!!
So I'm kind of upset but astounded at the same time. Has my old girl gone a bit senile? Or is she rebelling in her dotage, as I hope to do some day?

I shall have to make a new cover, as the pages are not too badly torn. What a naughty girly!
Anyway, I'm sure you need a break from me now, so I will close and thank you very much for stopping by.x


Jenn said...

Firstly, I love Amelia nudey... she is a cutie! Your journal is fabulous and your collages are amazing... I like the washed out birch tree pics too! You are welcome for the link to the Background Fairy....she also has a site for collage images... (link on my sidebar) which is also great if you ever need an image...

Sal said...

I love the sweet girl with her hen.
You are very talented ;-)

Jackie said...

Oh no! Poor Moleskine. You don't think its a bits like 'The Birds' is it where the birds all suddenly start attacking people. Only this time its dogs..and its only our two...??
As for the boot buttons..I don't know how you can bear to part with them. Gorgeous and inspired as ever Viv.

Our Hands For Hope said...

Forgive her. It made for great photos. Besides I can't wait to see the unique cover you come up with! The black one was way too boring!

Anonymous said...

Yes please forgive her and perhaps buy her a purple collar.
Love your work and your blog.
Thank you.

mimilove forever said...

Ah...a trip to my shop would be futile to see..
..Bunny bits in all his glory
Cos he's heading off to the USA cos I dun a swap with Aimee Ray...
and I is getting a personalized Fat Kitty in return...YAY!

(I fear we could be starting summin' here )

Top terrier texturizing too...think you should incorporate the nosher marks into new cover!

Anonymous said...

I think Rosie has been seeing you do collage and thought she'd have a go! Unfortunately paws and teeth are not good for sticking and sewing, so she had to make do with the tearing things up stage. I like her work on the cover - very modern abstract-y. I'm sure you will make a brilliant new cover.... and tell Rosie to stick to doggie chews!

Unknown said...

viv, i don't know where to start with this post, your poor journal, your sweet little doll, even if she is in the buff! your beautiful new pieces, i love 'on her majesty's service', and your illustration on the front of the keepsake book - all so lovely :)


The fabric of my life said...

Oh naughty girl! Maybe it was attention seeking behaviour, her way of saying 'don't spend so much time on your sketches when you could be with me'?

Your pictures are just beautiful.

Thank you so much for thinking of me when you saw Elbow in concert. I did apply for tickets but it was just a draw and my name didn't come out of the hat sadly. Would have loved to have been there but I will just have to satisfy myself with listening on the 31st. I'm sure it will be lovely x

jenny elkins said...

Viv-I have said more bad words trying to photograph my work over the years. My favorite place to photograph is outside on a weathered table. I do love the little drawings in the dog chewed journal. I bet she had fun. Hopefully she isn't loosing her mind! jenny

Margaret said...

Great post full of fun and your fabulous style!! I love 'needlewoman' and Amelia nudey rudey, she's certainly not lacking in confidence!! I can imagine Rosie has been admiring your work for long enough and just needed to get in on the action!


Here I am back in the land of the blog living. Still no posts for me yet I amy eventually find time this coming weekend.

Oh how I do LOVE your posts its so funny, I feel as if I am having a little conversation with you.

Amazing work as ever!! I love the idea of a book for newborns/special occasions. What with all my wedding palava (sp) I think its an excellent idea.

Hope you don't mind me taking a photo of the lovely work I had from you this Christmas and puuting it on my blog for all to see how clever you are. Note to self SORT BLOG!

Ciao Sam x


Hi, thank goodness I have found your blog - you are right we do sing from the same hymn sheet! I have added you to my list of faves and will be back. I love all your work!

Pippa said...

1. You don't sound like a mad woman - you sound like an artist!

2. Ooooo nice background on your blog.

3. Beautiful, beautiful work, as always. One day, I shall own an original of yours. One day...

4. SHE CHEWED YOUR SKETCHBOOK?! You sound incredibly calm. You certainly handled it better than I would have done!

Jacky said...

Love your journal (thank you to Amelia for showing it to us). That Khadi paper is beautiful, decal edges very nice.
The photos of your art with the birch tree branches look great, I love that effect.

The Bunny Maker said...

love the little note book - such a pretty illustration of the girl and the hen.

ArtPropelled said...

Totally enjoyable browse!

Jenn said...

You have won an award! Come over and visit and see what you have won!

luckygirlgifts said...

Your work is beautiful. I'm so glad Jenn gave you the award so that I could find you. I've added you to my bloglist. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with photos. Still, you can see how beautiful the artwork is.
thanks for the inspiration.
Cari b.

Unknown said...

Such fun visiting you! Always a feast for the eyes! I am so sorry about your journal! What does get into them sometimes?? Do you think she was angry at it for taking your time?? Now that's a thought! haha! Love love love your new pieces!