Friday, 8 May 2009

Starfish surprise!

My family have been away for a little while, visiting my husband's sister who lives in France. I did'nt go as I was supposed to be going away with the College that I work for but unfortunately my trip was cancelled, so my husband took our two girls away on his own. They had a great time. I thought I would enjoy the peace. The kitchen being in the same state as I had left it, upon my return. Not having to pick up towels off the bathroom floor and so on. It was a very mixed, quiet time and I got absolute buggar all done in the craft department. Could not settle to do a thing. Also the Labyrinthitis thing has reared it's ugly head again, so anyway...they are back home now and I have been given lots of lovely treats from France and also these poor dead starfish found washed up on the beach (my girl assured me they were dead when found). They need to thoroughly dry out, boy do they stink!

Lace and buttons found at a French flea market.

This lovely note book, love the cover.

A tin of buttons, from the Flea Market, oh joy!

This morning I got up, swooning all of the place with this damned vertigo and spotted that one the dogs had been sick. Brilliant! Barely opened my eyes and I'm scrubbing up dog sick. Could'nt understand though just what I was cleaning up. Usually, without going into too much detail, you can tell what the last meal was and with this little speciality I could'nt work it out. Anyway, this evening my daughter picked up the box of Starfish that are drying outside and guess what, yes, you guessed it, two are missing. Mystery solved. It seems they were a tasty suppertime treat for one greedy little doggy of ours. Ughh.

Anyway, onto a nicer topic, whilst cleaning and sorting the house, which I did alot of whilst the family were away, I came across this lovely old velvet flower that I had stuck in an old scrap book, so it now adorns a crocheted pendant.

Gorgeous 1912 Letter Head used for a 'Button Love' collage here. A celebration of buttons. Let's here it for buttons, hooray!!!Coin purse ~ front and back.Another purse ~ front and back.

A needlecase ~ front and opened.

Another Collage. This one I will be taking to the Handmade and Vintage Fair at Chipping Sodbury on 30th May. I am really looking forward to attending this Fair. vintageandhandmade There are going to be some wonderful vendors and as you know, they are all bloggers! So I will be taking plenty of cash with me, can't wait. Try and get along there if you possibly can, it will be a great day.

A 'suspendant' An old suspender used as the base for silk and embroidered pendant confection with buttons!!!

My first silk screen print, done at work and made into a greetings card.

Lastly a little photo of wonderful, wonderful spring time in the Hen's Teeth garden, how I adore this time of year. Personally it does'nt get any better than this.

Thank you for stopping by. x



Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly! Hope it goes away soon. The things you made are lovely, swoon, always love your purses and needlecases, may need to get myself one soon (purse that is). Hope you have a lovely weekend, Carolyn

Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon Viv. Lots of lovliness here as ever!

Lyn said...

I just love your collages, I don't think I would be brave enough to cut up the fabrics!

Pussycats and Angels said...

I understand what you mean about not being able to settle to do anything while your family was away. I am the same, you think great the house will stay tidy and you can cook dinner when you want etc, but when it comes to having time to yourself its difficult to get motivated, I think it's because we worry that they are ok and a home isn't a home without the family around. Sorry to hear about your Labyrinthitis, I gather it's to do with the inner ear. I hope you feel better soon. Looks like you were given some wonderful treasure, lucky you.
Your work is insprirational and I really enjoy your posts. I am attending The V&H Fair too, I may see you there.
Have a good weekend
Warm Wishes

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hello Viv,
I hope you are OK, sorry to hear you have been unwell again.
Poor dog too!
Super purses xx

Clare said...

Sorry to hear about the labyrinthitis...I had it a couple of weeks ago and it was truly horrid! I LOVE that collage...I think I may have to make a purchase from you at the fair!!Don't tell hubby!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I feel a strange mixture of "oh how pretty! aaah!" and "ewww ewww ewww!" :-D
Never seen such drastic contrasts in one single blog post before. From dog puke to a trip to France, delicate lace and new beautiful work....

Cowboys and Custard said...

I could relate to so much of this post Viv..
Animals being sick is not uncommon in this house but eating starfish is!
Glad the troops are home and I can see you have got your creative mojo back and made some delicious things for the fair.. I hope!
This IS the best month in the garden and hedgerows.. I love it and spend far too much time staring at plants watching them grow...
Have a wonderful weekend..Hope you are feeling better..
Michele x

walter and me said...

Get better soon! Lovely goodies from France....thrifting is always such fun over there, and quite different from here!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ugh! Dogs can be disgusting! Hope you are feeling better now. I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations at the fair!


Heloise said...

I hope that you will soon be feeling much better. Lovely purses, collage, needle case and what a wonderful presents from France.

carolyn said...

So sorry about the vertigo it's really horrid isn't it? I had it once and it's not something I'd wish on anybody.
Your starfish reminded me of a similar escapade at Willow House. We'd been to the beach when the Spring tides had washed up thousands of starfish and thought hey if we take a bucket of those home we can dry them out. So we did, not sure what to do with them we put them on the (flat) shed roof to dry.
Unfortunately not long afterwards we had gales and it rained starfish throughout the neighbourhood. And yes the dog did roll in some and yes they do stink!

Jackie said...

You know, its mopping up sick that I really don't miss about Willow!
I am so glad to see you back Viv, with your lovely work. I hope you are better soon. I am envious of the chipping Sodbury gig if only for the name! Hope you sell loads.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

really sorry to hear that you are still poorly :0( did you get any tablets for the vertigo? i did and they helped me so much.

wow you family bought you some beautiful treasures {apart from the stinky vomit inducing starfih!}

great new art - love the collage piece for the vintage fair - good luck with it x

jenny elkins said...

Hey Viv...I hate that you are still feeling poorly. I have heard that there are simple exercises you can do for that. I can ask my step father about it. He had a nasty case of it. Do you know about these. If you have any more starfish left BLEACH! Take Care! j

Margaret said...

I'm pleased your family are home and what wonderful gifts they bought. Loved the starfish story! I can say that as I'm way too far away to smell it!! Love the tree and button collage, inspired! All the best for your recovery. Mx

Cowboys and Custard said...

You know me so well Viv... Yes I have been to the window many times to look out at all my hard labour in the garden today... So satisfying.. even the achey back is a joy!

Michele x

mimilove forever said...

Arent dogs BRILLIANNNTTT!!?? X;0)

Sorry to hear about the dizzybits again luv...hope you get it sorted soon...see it's not effecting the gorgeousness tho!

meplusmolly said...

Can't believe the beautiful work you still manage to create when feeling so rubbish!
Bless the greedy little dog ;0
Hope you feel better soon x

A time to dance said...

Hello lovely lucky to have a family that bring back such wonderful gifts...poor P has no idea...I am putting Polly in training as I feel she is old enough to take responsibility for buying mumma ducklings pressies....I love the purses...I am just obsessed by them...wonder if I should have one for every day of the week.....

Sue said...

Lovely photo of the pond and clematis, I agree, this is the BEST time of year, everything gorgeous and lush and so much promise :-)

Love the suspender brooch too :-)

Unknown said...

I havn't been a blogger very long, so what a treat to discover your blog...I really love your collages, being a collage-girl myself; the only thing is they've now made me feel rather inadequate, although I'm painting rather than sewing at the moment; it goes in waves and I simply don't have the stillness inside me for textiles at the moment,even though I love them, and I also get boring old carpal tunnel when I hand sew (a long-standing casualty of pregnancy I'm afraid) ...I also love the photos of textures from the car...I love finding hidden design treasures in everyday life (not that burnt out cars feature heavily in my everyday life!)
Look forward to reading more and will now be amongst your 'army' of followers!
x Philippa

lilylovekin said...

I'm sorry to hear you suffer from vertigo. And admire you for pushing forward and staying positive. Dogs don't you just love them! I have two and they sometimes drive me crazy but I would have it no other way. Have a nice day.

silverpebble said...

Oh dear - sorry your labyrinthitis has returned to haunt you - it does not sound fun.

Such lovely things - what lacey and buttony treasures brought back from France.

Those starfish though - eek! Our dog ate a dead one on Ainsdale beach when I was very small. The effects were NOT pleasant.


Clucking about said...

lm sorry your still poorly its so frustrating when you want to get on and do so much..recognised the pieces as those you made when l first started reading you!l like the old dress patterns.get well soon x

Anonymous said...

Ahhh don't your children know you well!

I love the coin purses they are beautiful. Hope you feel better soon,

Caz x

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Viv, Love your new are so very talented! LOVE the necklaces too. What a sweet family to think of you and get you such wonderful wares that are truly "you". Those are the gifts that means the most I think. Happy creating.:)

PS Wondering if you are off for the summer?

Anonymous said...

Your textile collages are beautiful - love the coin purses :)

Julia said...


I hope you soon feel better, Ive had that horrible bug myself before and its vile isnt it! I love all the lovely treats your family brought you back from France - not sure about the smelly starfish though! (giggle)

I found your blog through Cocoa & Blankets - I have to say how much I adore your fabric art...its beautiful!

See you again soon
Julia xxx

prettyshabby said...

ewwww..viv! starfish sick..yuk!

prettyshabby said...

oops I pressed the button before I'd finished then..meant to say hope the vertigo thing gets sorted soon, sounds quite horrid and I love the pressies your family bought home,especially the notebook,so cute! x

Niki (The Vintage Artist) said...

Your purses and work are stunning! I am so glad to have found your sites. xx

Anonymous said...

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