Wednesday 25 November 2009

'cus you're beautiful......

Hello Lovelies!
Thank you all so much for the comments left on previous post. It really is so fantastic to receive such wonderful feedback.
This is my second go tonight with this post. Blogger decided I would be better off without all of the images that I had previously uploaded, so here goes...seconds out, round two!

Now, when Viv gets an idea, she has to run with it. I am obsessive to say the least. (Ask my husband)! My mind is constantly working on how to make things, what to make, how to make it. So much so, I have to make a list to remember day to day stuff that has to be done, fetched, purchased! Then remembering the list is the trick. I treasure every moment working in my studio and I am backwards and forwards doing a bit of making, then filling the washing machine, vacuuming, taxi driving etc, you know the score. Maybe I should take a note or two from these books my Mum picked up for me!
How times have changed!
Anyway, last weekend,I snook as much time as possible making these brooches...they are a cheerful lot!

These three have made their way into Etsyland..... Birdy, Lavinia and Elsie!

Joining them tonight are these two coin purses made from very old textiles.I

I have added Spring dawn chorus to my blog....I find it very relaxing this time of year to listen to birds in full song.....maybe Spring is just around the corner! Tell me please if you find it irritating.

Well I have had two glasses of a very nice red and I have been trying to sort this post since 6.30 and it is now 9.40pm, so I think I will leave it at that for now.

Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends and thank you so much for stopping by. x


Gina said...

Fab brooches! Can't comment on the birdsong though because I don't have any sound on my computer (still in the dark ages here)

Katie said...

Oooo, I love the birdie tweetings, it's very relaxing! What a lovely feature to have on your blog. Gorgeous brooches. The glorious purse my lovely hubbie bought for me from you at the V&H Fair has pride of place in my workroom at the moment and I can't stop looking at it! Hoorah for creativeness and the time to indulge in it! Katie x

Angela Smith said...

Hi Viv.
Thank you for your kind and generous comments,
Your brooches look as beautiful as always.

One day I will have a blog as creative as yours, it's just taken me an hour to try and place a new post on my blog and it's not behaving! grrr!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Viv

The brooches all look so pretty, I really like the little cheerful smily faces!
So pleased with the brooch I bought from you!
Isabelle x

JP said...

the brooches are just gorgous - clever you to make something so cheerful with all this horrible weather

Fleur de Boheme said...

The brooches are sweet! Good job you found the time to make them!

And the books... Cooking for the middle

Take care, Kirsten

Annie said...

The brooches are really sweet. I love the birdsong , my dog heard it before I did and started looking very confused !
Ann x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Great brooches, Viv - like the birdsong - and glad that you have enjoyed (well deserved) a couple of glasses of red. The evening has flown by for me too and now it's bedtime. Lesley x

Unknown said...

Hi you! just so love the little birdie brooches, I think I may have to indulge at some point!I must visit Etsy soon - havent been there for a while.
I know what you mean about fitting everyday life around whats important - 'the creative you'- its hard to explain to anyone who hasn't got the 'creative urge' how its so much of you, and so overpowering!

Vicky x (or maybe its us! - maybe we are crazy women!!)

Jackie said...

Lovely brooches...ooooohhh!!!!

lilylovekin said...

Darling brooches, and the coin purses are lovely to. I've had the pink one in and out of my esty cart several times!

A time to dance said...

Viv, its 6.30 ish and I have just made polly turn off the TV as we all stood next to the window listening ...I thought the birds were outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there are no broaches left can I order some for pressies....I am totally in love with them...H

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh, I do love your birds especially. Lovely brooches. The books are fab 'Cooking for the middle classes'??? It kind of takes my breath away! I once had an old 50's etiquette book and the one thing I remember most from it was 'When workmen are working at the house, a wife should offer them refreshments. This does not mean of course that she should offer them the key to her husband's drinks cabinet'. Priceless.

Pokey Bolton said...

Those brooches are SO cute! Can you contact me (It's me, Pokey!)

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

so glad to hear that someone else is as obsessive as I am where their creativity is concerned!!

BadPenny said...

delightful broaches.. can't comment on the birdsong as our speakers blew ages ago !

I really admire your work


Your brooches are sew, sew special. I love 'em!

I can't hear your birdsong ... do I need to press something?

Carolyn ♥


Your brooches are sew, sew special. I love 'em!

I can't hear your birdsong ... do I need to press something?

Carolyn ♥

jenny elkins said...

Hey Viv! You have been busy! Love what you found and what you are making. Sewing freestyle is fun. I have been too busy to blog. One day soon. take care...jenny

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Love your brooches, so happy and whimsical!
Have a nice weekend

Country Cottage Chic said...

The brooches are charming - they look like family portraits!


Sharon said...

So many more lovelies on your blog! And the birdies started singing as all the neighboring dogs are barking. It was a relief having that noise covered up!!!

Amelia said...

Ooohhh - what gorgeous purses. I love this kind of vintage fabric!

You inspire me to continue to be obsessively creative!!

Thanks for lovely comment on my latest post too!!!


Gloria Leandro said...

belle cose, brava!!!