Sunday, 6 February 2011

'Threads of Feeling' brooch winners

Thank you, thank you so much for all of the most sweetest comments ever. I think this Exhibition has touched all of our hearts.
First though, I wanted to tell you about a little incident that happened this week.
As you know I was so pleased to find Wonkey Donkey. So pleased that he accompanied me on a visit to my Mum and Dads, so I could show him off to them. We were happily chatting away at the kitchen table, when I noticed that their little dog 'Poppy' was chewing something...thankfully I investigated to find 'Wonkey' revolving around her mouth. She had pinched him out of my handbag on the floor. Well, I started wailing in distress, rather like a child, I have to admit. I handed Wonkey to Mum, who was loudly "oh" and Dad, who is as deaf as a post saying, "what? What's happened"? What a flaming carry on. Thankfully the little so and so, had only chewed Wonkey's like the Toy Doctor in Toy Story 2, I set about repairing them, as there was enough left of everything to be able to piece his legs together with emery board splints. He is now as good as new.
My Mum felt so bad about the whole incident that today she gave me 'Dixie...Dixie Donkey'. Mum said that Donkeys should never be alone! Here they are making friends...not too friendly though I hope!
Well, back to the point of the post and here are all the names for the 'Threads of Feeling' four brooches giveaway...
I closed my eyes and picked out four little folded papers...

and here we are:
grrl + dog
Silke Scheller
Please let me have your details and I will pop in post asap.
Thank you to everyone for commenting, I wish I could send you all a brooch.
Thanks for stopping by. x


Bobbie Casey said...

Dear Miss Hens Teeth,
This donkey story is the cutest ever. I would do the same thing, Even though we all love our animals, there are points of no return.
You make me laugh!
hugs to you.

mamabeaks said...

I would have reacted the same way, I understand! I am glad that Donkey is repaired and OK. Cograts to the winners!

cardinal arts said...

oh no! at least you were able to repair him-
and thank you so much for following my blog

lettice leaf said...

Viv, I'm with you lassie, I'd have wailed in distress too. Difference being... Whale in dis dress. LLX

Swirlyarts said...

Oh wow - I'm thrilled to be one of the winners :) Thanks and I will send my details over to you!


Hi Viv, I followed your links to the foundling museum website and was just blown away. It's incredible. Thank you so much for the link. I was a little sad to hear about the wonky donkey ... but so glad you were able to sort him out and he has to be happier having a friend to "chew things over with"



ps. I'm having a giveaway too if you want to join in :o)

found and sewn said...

I'm so pleased Donkey is o.k and now has a new friend!

All things nice... said...

Aww poor Donkey, he is so cute :) Love the new header

All things nice...

Susan said...

Well, in my family, sadly, when someone misplaces something and anxiously inquires of everyone, "Have you seen my..." The reply is usually, " I thought I saw a little dog running down the road with something in its mouth"

Silke Scheller said...

Dear Viv,
oh, I`m so happyyyyyy, I`ve won!
And: your Wonkey Donkey story is UNBELIEVABLE!
Have a nice week,

carole johnston said...

Poor little Wonkey
He's such a lovely donkey

So happy he is ok and a freind how lovely.Carole

l.wilks11 said...

Glad that wonky donkey is all well again. Have you any ideas how i can mend my three legged muffin the mule . He lost his leg years ago. Happy for all the winners.x

Margaret said...

Aw bless, at least Wonkey had Doctor Viv on hand! great repair job!
Congrats to the lucky winners!

Jane said...

Oh, Viv, I'm chuckling in Hobart and relieved you could perform successful surgery. Congrats to the lucky winners. J x

GUNTer said...

thank you for holding this generous raffle.
the little story about your mum and dad made me laugh!!! poor lil guy - but at least he got a nice pal out of it.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!
I never win anything!

and thankyou so much, as I was compelled to blog about the

foundling museum too.
Now can I swap the brooch for Wonky???

I can throw in Don's firstborn as well...

Anonymous said...

Ohh poor Wonky Donkey! I'm glad he's on the road to recovery! xxx

Andi's English Attic said...

Thank goodness you got to him so quickly.

Congrats to the winners. xx

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh bless you :0) I'm sure i would have been wailing too!
Congratulations to the winners of your gorgeous brooches, the lucky bloggers :0)
I forgot to say in your last post, I love those postcards that you well as the fabric:)

have a great week Hens teeth. x

mrs jevs said...

Phew Viv! Close shave for Wonkey Donkey! So glad you rescued him and that he now has a friend :-)

Studio 508-Nancy's Place said...

Your poor donkey's affliction reminded me of the visit to a friend who had just come home from knee surgery. Her basset hound took from my purse a felted and laboriously-embroidered ball I had brought to share with her! I could not say anything because my friend would have been distressed. But I did a lot of moaning in the car on the way home.

Velma Bolyard said...

omigog, omigod, omigod!!! that's MY name., lucky me and THANK YOU!