Monday 30 January 2012

This is a chance, dance your way, out of your constrictions...

"Look, is he not the most handsome boy in all the world?"  
I say that on a daily basis about our Billy Button Nose.  
Happy Birthday Bill, two years old today.
I have had the most amazing response to my workshop announcement. 
Thank you so much to all that have booked and for the words of support from all.
Just one place left here and link under header. 
All places now booked.
I am hoping to book/hold another workshop soon.
I wanted to show you this gorgeous hand sewn patchwork cushion cover I bought recently.
It is hand stitched and there are millions of the teeniest little stitches you have ever seen.

 From the 40's???
 What I like most about it though is the inside/reverse.
 You know me, anything textured, layered and frayed leaves me weak at the knees.
 Speaking of frayed etc...I wanted to also show you this textile collage I made for thegallery at Bishops Castle, Shropshire.   An exhibition 'Talking about the Weather' to be held soon.     The text, which I took from the back of a holiday postcard is incorporated into layers of paper and fragments of patchwork cottons and quilt.   Embroidery and buttons.   I found it a real challenge having to work to a 'brief' of sorts, instead of my usual creative wanderings.

Below, two notebooks covered in a textile collage too.  
Another challenge,
one:: to find a decent notebook and
two::making the work fit around the notebook,
done now though and I am happy with how they worked out.

Needlecases above, made from slubby handwoven French linen, embellished with old worn, torn patchwork.
And finally, in this month's Craftseller, I share a page with the gorgeous murgatroydhoots chatting about our workspace.

Thank you so much for stopping by. x
One Nation under a Groove


Lynne said...

Love all the images Viv.
Just wanted to thank you once again for the giveaway bag and brooch that you sent me. I am one lucky girl! I'll feel very glam when I use it. A big, big thank you!
Have a great week, and best wishes to all your blogger friends that left such lovely comments congratulating me on the win. I tried to visit some, but the computer just wasn't playing that day. Lovely people. x

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh that is one gorgeous doggie. Happy Birthday Billy. xx

Unknown said...

Your dog is a sweetheart !! and well done for being in the magazine i will have a look out for this when i go magazine shopping. I wish i could sign up for your workshop, too far for me

heidi said...

Happy 2nd birthday Billy button nose..i hope you get lots of doggy treats!!

lettice leaf said...

Viv, I'd love to see a better photo of your exhibit for Talking about the Weather. It looks just soo GORG...
it makes my front warm!?! LLX

lemonade kitty said...

Happy birthday to your lovely Billie. I knew your wrrkshops would be a HUGE sucess only wish I lived a bit nearer....Lucey x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Brilliant Viv, classes!
How I would love to attend~
Hope lots of pictures are snapped and shared
What a fabulous quilt piece and all your makings are top shelf

Murgatroyd said...

Cor! Love the piece you've made for the exhibition Viv. Would love to get a closer look. (Thanks for the mention too xx)

Pomona said...

I have a little black dog with just such a button nose - irresistible! The quilt is wonderful - really beautiful.

Pomona x

Flaming Nora said...

I see my hat is now safe again! Congratulations. I knew your workshops would be a howling success. Oh and Happy birthday Billy. xx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

well, I slope off (to be busy!) for a couple of weeks and come back to find your workshops booked!
I can't wait to see the results - and will defo be joining in if you do some more.
Off to make more blocks of love....there are worse ways to earn a living...fee x

Dotty said...

O my! So much gorgeousness in one place!!! I am overwhelmed:) Happy Birthday to the very handsome Billy!!

Anonymous said...

I just found you via flickr....your work is AMAZING...I've spent the last few minutes stalking you all over the web, hopefully you don't mind;)

Jane said...

Hello Gorgeous I'm *so* delighted your workshop is booked out - I knew it would. I'd give my eye-teeth to be there. I adore your notebook covers. Must pop over to Etsy to see if you're selling them. J x

Emma Thomsen said...

"...Gonna be freakin'! Up and down, Hang Up Alley Way, With the groove our only guide. We shall all be moved". Well done for your fully booked workshop, gutted I missed it - maybe next time! Thanks for sharing your lovely work and finds, always such a joy!!!

Dizzy said...

Love your work, it is always so inspiring!

Dizzy said...

What beautiful notebook covers!

Jo Potter said...

Hi Viv,
Happy Birthday Billy! What a cutie!
Your blog is such fun and I especially love the cat notebook and purses.
Congratulations about the workshop.
It's great to find you here and on facebook. I am now a follower! ;-)

Best fairy wishes,
Jo May.

Unknown said...

Hi, just discovered your blog today, I love your work and your quirky drawings...they are gorgeous


fee @ chipper nelly said...

Viv I'm coming to the fair next week - so excited I can't tell you! Look out for me - I'll be the one with a light purse (by the end) and a large grin (and possibly a cake)
fee x

Victoria said...

Yet another lovely post. x

Ro Bruhn said...

What a gorgeous little dog, he's so very much like one we had a few years ago. He lived to the ripe old age of fifteen, he always reminded us of an ewok from Star Wars before he had is fur trimmed.

Bobo Bun said...

Billy is a very handsome boy indeed. What a wonderful find in that hexie quilt. Stunning worn fabrics and I love the way the blue hexies are placed.