Sunday, 20 January 2013 it me you're looking for?

sorry to moan, but I don't know what I'm going to do if Blogger doesn't improve soon.   I wanted to create a much longer post this evening, but Blogger isn't providing me with the uploader tool and if I upload in HTML it will only allow one lot of 5 shall I move my Blog to Wordpress, I wonder?   Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
Maybe I should do lots of smaller posts, sigh.
Anyway, now I have chucked my toys out of the are a few pieces made this week which have been or are in my Etsy Shop.
'Button Love' Brooch
 Needlecase, obviously!
 Hand stitched Flower
'Keeper of the Buttons' Brooches 
Thanks for stopping by. x
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Murgatroyd said...

Hi Viv. Grrr, sorry to hear you're having trouble with Blogger again. I've got a Wordpress blog and find it to be doubley problematic! Slow, cumbersome and photo's difficult to upload. Feedback from other blogging chums is similar. Try it though - it might be less stressful than here?? Good luck x

Lynda Howells said...

sorry you are having problems. Please keep us informed what you.....would hate not to be subscribed to your blog. I just LOVE your workxxxlynda

liniecat said...

I have had no probs since I upgraded and pay for it monthly.......$3-summat so not earth shattering.
i had issues and cudnt load pics and it was because Id used up my free 1GB.....which includes all you have in Picasa too, which I hadnt realised.
Good luck and yes keep us posted if you shift!!

somewhere on the avenue said...

Just a thought - do you use Google Chrome? I only found out by chance that GC users had no problems with uploading photos etc to blogger whereas others i.e. Explorer had loads of problems. Might be worth a try xxx

theodora said...

Have you loaded the google chrome browser ? All one company & my other browser sometimes will not work on all bits of blogspot, but when I switch browsers to google chrome works. Also I resize my photos before uploading otherwise I get a sorry full message etc etc.
Worth a try

Jayne said...

Hi Viv, I use Google chrome now as the browse button disappeared so couldn't upload any photos. No problems using your new work is gorgeous. x

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Hi Viv Oh dear blog/computer probs, so annoying. Try another Internet provider, a lot of my troubles left when I went over to BT. Also are you resizing your pictures - make them smaller, you can do that with free stuff from internet. Try using Safari, Firefox etc to see if that makes difference. Love your work! Joan

Partofyourstory said...

Absolutely love that brooch Viv. Definitely go for Google Chrome, i've been having the same problem and uploaded it this morning and it works fine - also blogger help has suggested it as a course of action until they sort it, which doesn't look like anytime soon. xx

gentlework said...

Lovely treasures you've made as usual. I use blogger too and the last two posts I did it hasn't given me the option to upload from my computer either. I got round this by uploading my photos into the picassa web album thing (a bit like a version of flickr) and then uploading to the post from there. It took a bit longer but worked. Hope this helps. Christine x

found and sewn said...

Love your new brooches viv x Blogger can be such a pain!

Andi's English Attic said...

The characters/animals you sew are so delightful it's always a joy to see them. Have you ever thought about illustrating a book with them? xx

hellish designs said...

Hi Viv
Think others have pretty much said the same but I've finally managed an upload after 2 weeks trying using Firefox instead of my usual Internet Explorer Lots of time wasted on things I don't like doing!
Are you going to the Spring Selvedge fair?
love Heather

Unknown said...

Love the needlecase. We've had a few hiccups with Blogger but being relatively new to blogging we thought it was just us! x

Charmaine said...

I stumbled onto your blog and absolutely love all of your art!!!!! They are so creative and fun! I love one item more than the next one. See that you are in a magazine that I have bought before, and I am certainly going out to buy the issue that you are in. Be proud of such wonderful art! Charmaine Haines in USA!

Charmaine said...

I just stumbled upon your site and absolutely ADORE your work. One item is cuter than the next. Now that I see you are in a magazine, I have to run right out and purchase, assuming it is still on the stands. Keep up the excellent art! Charmaine Haines in USA!