Thursday 28 March 2013

Why do you keep a coming around, playing with my heart?...

I was given a bag of silk threads, colour co-ordinated into elastic banded bundles.   
It made my heart ache, as just the tiniest wisp had been saved.   From a time when it mattered.
I am very happy to say that I have a three page article in this coming issue of Haute Handbags
 I sent my purses off to America and Stampington Publications did such a beautiful job 
of photographing them.

 I have been updating the Etsy shop, which if any of you follow my Facebook Page, you will be sick of the sight of...but anyhow, the shop is full of Hen's Teeth 'makes'.
 Altered tin artworks
 Brooches ... look at the shoes and the pinny!
Just to finish.  
 I will be having a stand at the very beautiful

Looking forward to this Fair very much.
Thanks very much for stopping by. x
Supremes :: you keep me hanging on


Magic Bean said...

Hello there. Just popping by to say how much I love your little tins. Good luck in TW, Ax

somewhere on the avenue said...

Everything you do is a joy to behold, I love to follow your work on FB to xx

Plain Jane said...

I find those tiny wisps so poignant - far too throw away today. Well done on the article - your purses look fab x Jane

Jayne said...

I love to get given some gorgeous things, they are much more special. I love to find a fragment as you say such thrift in those days nothing wasted. I do love to ponder who owned such treasures. Happy Easter....

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on the big spread in Haute Handbags.

It must feel so special when you see your own stuff photographed and set up so well.

sweetpea family said...

Your purses are so beautiful x

HenrietteWhite said...

Congratulations on you artcle! Look like its done really beautiful.

And keep on posting those brooches! Every single one is gorgeous!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Wonderful that your work is/will be in the Stampington publication. You and Denise, storming the shores with your fine art and charming photos. How excellent. xo said...

oh - that looks so familiar! Are you in Sophie Long's embroidery book??

(I love love your work) said...

I will keep visiting your blog too - but i have no cheap flights. :P

Monika in Canada