Monday, 1 July 2013

What's the time...


 crikey, what a couple of weeks it has been.     Our youngest girl, Holly now has a BA Hons Makeup for Film, Theatre and TV .  We are so very proud of her achievements.   The photo above is a picture of her Final Major Project at her End of Year Show.   She based the work on the film 'Jaws'.   'Chad' as she called her victim, is so realistic I have kept the picture small, as I would not like to turn anyone's stomach.   She did an incredible job of 'Chad', all in silicone and fibreglass and we now have 'Chad' back at home, pride of place on the living room coffee table!  No, not really...but heaven knows where he is going to go.
Onto a few makes.   I bought these watch faces in France, they are enamel.   I have wanted to use them in some way for ages and the other day, actually did.  So I transferred them as images onto cotton. I also wanted to embroider some text.  'Tick Toc'?   No, can't use that, as Julie Arkell uses that and then it came to me, 'What's the time, Mr. Wolf'...I spent most of my younger days at school running around the playground playing that game.  So, the game holds fond memories, the playground, not the lessons...maths, ugh.
 Love working with these very old, crocheted them a new lease of life.
 and hearts, all backed with lovely old padded patchwork.
 I have enjoyed making a few 'Blackbird' tins too...
 All this stock for the Selina Lake's Handmade & Vintage Summer Fete which was last Saturday.
Here is my stand.

The Fair was held in the Market House, at Kingston Upon Thames.  Wow, what a beautiful area...the Thames, the house boats, the homes...oh my!
 Here is the Tea Room, in charge was lovely 'Kitty'.
 Fabulous is nicholas & steele ... gorgeous.
 Here is Selina selling her beautiful books.  
I had a super day, met so many Blog and Facebook Friends, chatted, sold and generally had a fantastic day.
My stand was next to Priscilla Jones what a lovely lady she is and her work is stunning.   Just so happens that I had booked a workshop with her at Unit Twelve next Saturday, so I am really looking forward to seeing her again and having a day making... with wire, wax and paper ephemera!
Well, that's me for a few days,
thanks for stopping by. x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Well done to your daughter, glad you kept it small! Lovely things in all the other photos though! :) x

Betty said...

congratulations to your daughter, she has a fabulous display and what an interesting career choice! Your latest work is delightful, especially the blackbird tins. Betty

sharon young said...

Many congratulations to your daughter she must have a very strong stomach!
What lovely things on show at the fair.

vintagerockchick said...

Ooh, I zoomed in, - very gory, but what a clever girl. A bit of a contrast to your work which is so pretty and delicate - I love your work, very inspirational x

Anonymous said...

Hello Viv !

I love your clocks and watches ! On the lovely doilies and on brooches too. And the one with the "antique" suspender clip is perfect ! I think I have some of those clips in an old box from my grandma.
In fact, I love everything you make :D
Have a beautiful day.

You can be proud of your daughter. She is very clever and what an exciting job !

the woolly dog said...

What a lovely post today! not that your others aren't, it's just that this one had so many lovely photos. The doilies and hearts are absolutely beautiful, and I love nosing at posts where people are at fairs. Congratulations to your daughter.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the look of your blog, Viv - and all of your new work! Well done to Holly. Lesley x

carrad said...

Well done indeed to daughter! My daughter's final piece for her fine arts degree was "Decay" and there were even pieces of real (decaying) meat in it! Your new pieces are fabulous, by the way xxx