Sunday, 20 October 2013

They seek him here, they seek him there...

it's been along time since my last post...
we have been very busy.
I have a couple of events to share with you, firstly our youngest girl...Holly.
You may remember that she has just finished a Degree in Special Effects Makeup...
Holly had a couple of days work last week with Tony Webb Wax Figures
colouring Jim Carrey's feet, as in this pic here

Here she is striking a ballet pose with Jim's feet.
Can't begin to tell you how much I love this picture, just sums our Hol up perfectly.
A couple of days later, Holly's Graduation Ceremony...tissue please.
 My heart burst with pride.


Louise of Hope & Elvis asked quite some time ago, if I would teach a 'needle case' workshop, 
at her Studio on the Welbeck Estate, Notts.
I said 'yes please' :)

Oh what a day!
The studio is crammed and it's a big studio, with hundreds of vintage pieces...ranging from textiles to old toys...what a treasure trove...what a stimulating and interesting place to meet new people, 
stitch and drink tea.
I think there were around 15 ladies at the Workshop.
Here are a few studio shots...

 after a most delicious lunch and an afternoon of stitching, the ladies gathered with their makes 
(not all needlecases either)

A few of the ladies are Bloggers...
 Mrs Bertimus ... stitched some magic on the day and has since written a super post.
Ticking Stripes ... Wendy stitched the most beautiful needle case and brooch.
Leah Halliday ... helped make the most beautiful lunch and also made a fabulous needle case.

Just a few of the wonderfully kind and talented ladies you could ever wish to spend a day with.

Thank you Louise, Debs and Leah for all your support and hard work in making the day so special.
A huge thank you to Jenny Hubbard too,  for being a super star. xxx

H & E forthcoming workshops here.

I'll leave you now with just a few pieces made over the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for sticking with this and letting me tell you about a couple of very happy days.
Thanks for stopping by x
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Jacqui Galloway said...

You must be very proud. J x

Flaming Nora said...

Good luck to your Holly. What a great contact to have. Charm and a good sense of humour are almost as important as your level of skill at this point in the career. Its a cut throat world but I'm sure she will go far. Welcome to part of my world now gal!

Dotty said...

So much gorgeousness in one post!!! Congratulations to your lovely daughter- it sounds as though she has a bright and exciting future ahead of her.xx

Betty said...

Congratulations to your daughter, she is very very talented and you have every reason to be so proud of her. Your latest workshop looked fun. Betty

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Holly! I wish your workshops were a bit closer for would be a dream come true. <3 your work!

handmade by amalia said...

Everything is so beautiful! I especially like the doilies running across the table, a great idea.

Jayne said...

What a really lovely post Viv, lots of excitement with your daughter, you must be so proud, a laugh out loud moment with Jim Carey's feet! I have read some of the blog posts about your workshop, I really wish I had been there, you can see your influence in all of the lovely pieces created. I love your new work, so colourful and lots to look at in each piece. Jx

the woolly dog said...

Congratulations to Holly! these are absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

this is all just wonderful! I had heard about the day before as i read Mrs B but to see it here is wonderful x

ענתיס said...

hi to you
I'm from israrl and I like your work very much.
I saw in your posts that there are events, worksops, that you make for women, can you tell me about it. I would like to hear about it and maybe to visit England, thanks Anat