Thursday, 10 April 2014

thank you to every one for your comments here on my Blog, each is very much appreciated.
Sincere apologies for not replying or visiting your Blog.  Each day I seem to run out of time and Blog reading is a real treat these days.
Here ... just a few snaps taken last weekend here at Camden Passage, Islington, London.

Moving on.   Waiting for our eldest at Camden, London.
Made my day, when a middle aged passing Irish man told me I was 'a fine looking woman there'!
Ha ha.

Lucy and I then went onto visit Highgate Cemetery.
By all accounts the Cemetery is split into two.   The side where Carl Marx is, you have to have a guided tour.
We wandered around the other side.  A haven for wildlife.  Very tranquil and beautiful.
This really got to me.
Next day I visited the V&A.   Disappointed to find that the Embroidery/textiles  room is no longer here are a few pics I took whilst wandering the building.

Henry VIII English portrait and his writing box.
Small and exquisite stained glass 1550 - 1561 ... Mery May.
The Three Graces
A gorgeous dolls house by Jessie M. King 1910 (I think)
Two wonderful statues by Eric Gill

Thanks for stopping by. x


Unknown said...

wonderful xxx

Marci said...

Enjoyed the photos.

Marci said...

Enjoyed the photos.

Jayne said...

What a lovely record of your visit. I love to go to London, so much to see and always so little time. The last time I went to the V&A the textile room was getting rejigged too. Glad you have a lovely time.

Jacqui Galloway said...

I love the V&A. Your photos took me back there.

Debbie said...

Wonderful photos, so annoying about the V&A they've moved all the tapestries to somewhere way out of central london.

lettice leaf said...

A man of taste if I may say!


the woolly dog said...

Must have been worth it just for the dolls house.