Tuesday 5 August 2014

 I have met and made wonderful new friends, from all over the world through blogging.  You know who you are lovely ladies.   Lately, I have been 'talking' to Nat from Russia, who so very kindly sent me a parcel full of exquisitely wrapped and labelled gifts.  All smelling of coffee.  Such a joy to open.
I was and still am giddy with excitement. 
 How fortunate am I to receive such beautiful handmade and Russian vintage gifts.   I am truly overwhelmed.  
This sails actually turn.
Thank you so very much Nat. X



How lovely Viv! Unexpected gifts are the best of all, especially when traveled from faraway lands!

somewhere on the avenue said...

What an absolutely beautiful gift, blogger friends are special indeed. It must have felt almost like Christmas had come early!! xx

Lynn Holland said...

I know how you feel Viv, I've recently had parcels from Canada and California. Blog/craft friends are very generous people

faith76 said...

How lovely xxx

Marci said...

How exciting to receive a package from so far away! And wrapped and labeled so beautifully. Very generous.

lettice leaf said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl... talent speaks many languages... yours especially!