Tuesday, 7 July 2015

 Hello ...
me again.
Very happy to say that I have a brand new website.  Really very happy, as I think my new web site encapsulates everything I want to say in design and colour.   My brand as such.
Created for me by the amazing Artwork by Angie ... she is a diamond.

Here is the link, if you fancy a peek hensteethart

Thank you for visiting and all the very kind comments.

I will leave you this evening with pics of my latest work...little watercolours on air dried clay.
Mounted on book jackets.  
Thanks for stopping by. X


Katharina said...

I can say only - great! I'm a big fan :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your new site Viv & the new work on clay looks really nice.
Pam x

Linda said...

Your new website is so gorgeous! Your blog is beautiful too. I haven't popped in for a while so now I am going to make a cuppa and have a lovely visit and look at all your wonderful makes.

Nuskina said...

It is so beautiful and sweet!!