Thursday, 25 September 2008


First of all, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments that have been left particularly on my last post. Every comment means so much to me. I am a very lucky person to have gained such warmth and friendship from so many people who take the time and trouble to read my posts and as an added bonus leave a comment. Which leads me onto tell you about the lovely items that have come my way.
Today my Mom and I met for my lunch break and she brought along with her items of beauty, she had managed to buy for me, on her travels. All of this for £7.50.

Plastic buttons but just look at the silk fabric they are attached to, pity there is only this snippet, but I am not complaining! The cotton underneath is a great big pillow, just lovely for all sorts of projects.
Buttons....I think you know how I feel about these. So glad you understand, some folks would think me a little strange ;-) Seven of the most beautiful doilies ~ I not sure but I think they are Belgium Lace, there are birds all around each one. How do you type the Homer Simpson Doughnut awrghhh?

Then this little treasure box...... This is the contents..............awwwwrghhhhh again.

A Cindy/Barbie dress making pattern, is'nt it just lovely?....thrilled to bits with this.
Yesterday I met my friend Theresa for a quick lunch break coffee and she gave me these.......shells picked up at (I think) Fuerteventura beach. They are mother of pearly inside. And these
and these...the brooch was a found piece in a woodland, horn and mother of pearl belt buttons. And a great big ancient white bedspread!
And today...because, at work, I had given a student some fabric, she bought me these lovely envelopes...all from the 50's. They were taken from a life time's correspondence of a Miss Brockwell, all sold to my student friend in a box, at a car boot sale for a £ sad.
My Mom also gave me a hand written note saying ...."If you love something so much that you can't bear to ignore it, that's a pretty good sign that it's what you should be doing".
I have found myself a little overwhelmed tonight. I have been in receipt of such wonderful things and I just feel total frustration at not having the time to spend on my craft. I work virtually full time but term time only. Having to go to work like so many other millions of women is what I have to do and I am lucky to have a good job but I feel as though my hands are tied behind my back. My poor husband copped for it this evening when I got home and I poured (or should I say moaned, ranted, cried, pathetic) it all out to him. He understands my frustration but needs must. We have two teenage girls and with the ever increasing cost of living, there is no way I can afford to jack the job in and become self employed again. I know that I am a very fortunate woman to have all I possess and I am sorry for the self absorbed woe is me tale ..... but I just felt the need to express my frustration at having lots of ideas, inspirations and a strong desire to make but very little time to fulfill these dreams. Still there is always half term to look forward to.
Dear me, I've just read this through......what a misery, so sorry :-)
Thanks for stopping by.x



Oh no! I wish I had some words of wisdom or anything without sounding entirely patronising. I understand how you fight your demons. I too get VERY FRUSTRATED. I promised myself three years ago when my grandad died that I would work hard on my love of craft being creative but unfortunatley life and all that baggage gets in the way.

Hmmmmmphhhhhhh well I guess we just have to absorb those magical moments where we are blissfully unaware whats going on else where and we are absorbed in our beautiful crafty dream.

It doesn't help when your having a bad day, but if it helps perk you up. Think of all the lives you touch and all the joy you bring when you can.

Smiling is infectious
You catch it like the flu
Someone smiled at me today and now Im smiling too.

Hope this LONG comment cheers you up. Sorry it is long not sure thats good blogging protocol.

Sam X

monda-loves said...

I have plenty of days where I come home from work spewing out the frustrations of the day onto Mr Monda. I would also love to be at home devoting all my time to my craft work but it really isn't practical - we have mortgage like most people and sadly we just couldn't manage it on one salary alone. Hang in there - some days are inevitably worse than others, and it may well look brighter in a day or two (at least this is how I get through it).


Unknown said...

Cheer up love!

After a few weeks of lurking I thought I should say hello! I think your work is really pretty and I love the way you put your pieces together.

I understand you're frustration. Eventhough my day job (appliques for kids clothes) is craft based, it can be quite restricted in it's scope. Because it's so labour intensive, and I need the pennies, there's hardly any time for working on my own ideas. Sometimes I wish I had a mindless day job and i could make my craft my hobby and really enjoy it again...

I suppose the grass is always greener...

Chin up and imagine all the fun when you do get to sit down and work with all your new goodies!


Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi Viv,
You are not alone in thinking the way you do,I am exactly the same.
I so understand your frustration.
I can't wait for the holidays,not to relax but to be busy making and creating, making up for lost time!
Also when we don't have the luxury of doing it full time we are more productive with the precious time we do have.m x

gunnelsvensson said...

So beautiful gifts you have got! the people around you really know you ?? They know what you love ! It´s hard to find time sometimes to create allthing we wants, Ihope you will find time soon xx

Susan Elliott said...

Enjoy the moment and where you are today. you can't ever get it back. Today is a blessing, even if it is spent working. I've had the same problem but if I seek inspiration around every corner and in every person, I am fulfilled, in a way. Good luck to you, dear soul.

Jackie said...

Well you know all about my guilty feelings for not going out to work. Its one or the other...guilt if you don't (and no money) and frustration if you do. You know I understand how you feel though. Just think about the wonderful creative times you have in your holidays..intense creativity, and enjoyment of the making instead of making money from it being the be all and end all.

Lindsey said...

Phew! Glad Jackie confessed first. I'm in the lucky position of not working ('til I find something anyhoo), but even so I don't spend all day, every day being creative. Like Jackie there's the continual guilt and the call of the housework. If anything it makes you feel less inspired. So much time, so little mojo!
Don't fret about moaning on your blog - I truly think that's what they are there for. Where else can you say exactly what you think and feel without someone else butting in or shouting you down :o)

Swirlyarts said...

Wow - you are a very lucky lady! I think I would have been drooling over those buttons too :)

It's half term soon so hang in there until then!

Heloise said...

Keeping positive is not always easy. I hope a good nights sleep has made all the difference. Your work is wonderful.
Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog but have never commented. So today is the day to leave a note. Your art is so creative and full of fun. You are very lucky to have a Mom that knows what you like and gifts you with wonderful treasures!

Gina said...

Dear Viv,
I'm in a fortunate position in some ways because my work is in many ways also my craft but I get so bogged down with the paperwork and planning of different classes and making samples to demonstrate techniques I get very frustrated at not being able to produce "my own" work at times so I know what you are saying! Hang on in there and treasure those holidays! Some lovely gifts by the way!

ArtPropelled said...

I know exactly where you are at. The thing is to keep asking yourself, how can I make more money out of my art so that I can do it full time? There just might be a way. Years ago I gave up my job at university and started making and selling for the craft market circuit. After a while it grew so big and I made so many valuable contacts that I stopped the markets and concentrated only on galleries.

'fancypicnic' said...

Can you hear my heavy breathing from there?! GRRR!!! The frustration can be an immense weight - but on the other hand, you've got those glorious buttons and fabrics! Cor, what I wouldn't give for those!

green phoenix said...

I feel absolutely the same, you are just braver than me at throwing it out there.Probably, like me, it's also more frustrating because you are getting positive feedback.Over the last few weeks, (read- since term time has started again) I have almost ground to a halt as I've struggled to juggle.
I have no advice, other than to keep believing, simplify your life somehow so you can achieve a better balance or push yourself harder to expand.I completely understand how you are feeling because I'm in the same place.
Doesn't make you feel better though, does it?
your work is beautiful, that shines through and I have noticed a momentum gathering, you are getting noticed and becoming a 'name' so you have to buld on that.
Onward and upwards!

Pippa said...

I know what you mean - and you're allowed to vent here. You're friends get you amazing gifts! I really must find these magical car boot sales.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

what a fantastic load of treasures - i've just drooled all over my keyboard!!!!
going to work is a nuisance but hey it has to be done!

Julia said...

Such beautiful treasures.Your friends and family must know you well!
I understand completely your frustrations at not being able to spent your days creatively.This was how my life was for many jobless I'm just stoney broke!and constantly guilty if I'm not making.

Your work is beautiful and always inventive and full of personality.I hope sincerely that you get your wish to spend more time on what you love and NEED to be doing.
Best wishes,