Saturday, 6 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday ~ Make a cup of tea, there's a lot to see!

A beautiful antique opened out envelope is the basis for this collage. One of my fav drawing techniques is mono printing. The quality of the line that mono printing produces is so gorgeous, so I have drawn a flower on this envelope using the very same technique.

Lots of calico, muslin, liberty, mother of pearly buttons too. The stamp, date mark and hand writing is so beautiful. Over 130 years old, the stories it could tell. It's only small but very lovely. SOLD Woo hoo!

Another item for sale is a sketchbook with another Letter Card collaged and embroidered. This was sent in the 40's by a sailor to his mum in London from Butlins Holiday Camp. He signed himself as 'your sailor boy, Arthur'. This is a photo from the Letter Card, it's obviously the Camp Site Chef. Does'nt he look jolly!


Right, now...onto Saturday Shopping List. As you all know, it's where I get the chance to pick and highlight some wonderful Etsy products. This week the theme is Glass, beautiful glass.
Go see all the other member's lists at fancypicnic for some wonderful, inspirational choices.
1. InfinateCosmosGirl - Green Light glass handblown jar
2. providenceartglass - Hand Blown Glass Bowl/Centerpiece Mulit-colored Reds-One-of-a-kind by Rebecca Zhukov
3. RVAGlass - Hand Blown Glass Orange Murrine Vase
4. flamekeeper - Midge Mixed Shape Lampwork Beads Torch By Night TeamTGH SRA
5. greenglasscafe - OOAK Handmade Lampwork Beads and Fine Silver - Baby Pink Lemonade Bird by SRA Lampwork Artist Payton Jett aka Green Glass Cafe
Venbead - Blue Rose Borosilicate Glass Implosion Pendant
7. jochris12 - Cherries Galore... fused art glass pendant and earring set
8. MyCabinCreations - Copper Green - Lampwork Beads
8. ccvalenzo - Daisy Garden Floral and Dragonfly Fused Glass Pendant 072008p105
9. LeftCoastGlass - Glass Finial Ornament
Hope you enjoyed all of that beautiful work. Thanks for stopping by. x


Venbead said...

wow some beautiful picks. I see I am in good company with some of my favorite glass artists. thanks so much for featuring my blue rose pendant

The Bunny Maker said...

okay - so you knew I collected glass beads? so you knew that i'd HAVE to check into that shop? and now I HAVE to buy something!!!!! twas a ploy!
great feature for this week - I visited the Island Glass centre on the Isle of wight over the summer and although the glass they did there was very beautifully done there was alot of emphasis on browns, greens and gold - not my favourites - so I'm very excited to check out these shops!

The Bunny Maker said...

I'm $77 poorer and Flamekeeper is $77 richer and its all your fault!

Anonymous said...

I love that envelope! Your work is beautiful, as always. Great etsy finds too--I enjoyed perusing them over a cup of coffee (I get coffee on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!)

Cary said...


Anonymous said...

Hehee!! You sent me half an acre, thank you so much :D But really, I'm very honored that you chose my beads to feature! I see some of my favorites in there too :D Thank you so much!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Love the beads.
I also love the flower you have printed on your envelope.

Jackie said...

I've just read the comments and I wanted to say exactly what Kayla said..the flower drawing is lovely. The envelope is too. Its really a lovely idea to use them in that way.

Lindsey said...

Pooh!!! I just thought I'd found my birthday present and you've sold it already.
The mono-printing is lovely. I'll just have to keep looking and get an "I owe you" from hubby.

Doreen Frost said...

Wow Viv...i love the antique beautiful and congratulations on the sale...i'm not surprised it's lovely.

Great picks :)

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.


'fancypicnic' said...

Such gorgeous finds, your envelope/monoprinting. Beautiful - as always. No surprises it's sold!

Jackie said...

I've passed on an award to you..its on my blog and you can ignore it if you like.Some people don't like these things.But they do spread the word.Hope you don't mind!

mimilove forever said...

Woohoo on another well deserved sale luvlies And top notch Saurday shopping too!

..Loving the skeggy chef :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my glass. I really appreciate it and I am SO diggin' this blog! Great work. Check you out. You are quite the talent. Your work is beautiful and so so creative!

Be well!

Pippa said...

Sold?! You're a big tease. I can see why though - it's stunning. I like the Skegness one too - I used to go to Skegness to a conference thingy (ever heard of Spring Harvest?).
I love your envelopes.