Wednesday 17 December 2008

From Freda and Doug

My other half and I have been doubled up this evening. We received a Christmas card through the post today addressed to Mr and Mrs Brittain. Correct address, wrong name, as Mr. and Mrs. Brittain were the couple we purchased our house from. They had split up and were undergoing a divorce, reason for house sale.(Envelope, front of card and inside). Nothing wrong in that you might think, some folks only ever exchange Christmas cards but Freda and Doug are a little behind the times, as we purchased the house from Mr and Mrs Brittain in 1994! Yes, 1994. It's not like we have received a card each year either, this is the first!!!! And poor Mr. Brittain (I heard through the grapevine) died several years ago, so gawd knows what planet Freda and Doug reside on, any clues anyone?
Why is it, that just recently I keep singing 'Little Donkey, little donkey had a busy day' in my head all of the time? Last time I heard this lovely Christmas song, was when my girls did Nativity Plays... thirteen and more years ago now!!!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

You should write them back as Mr and Mrs Brittain from beyond the grave if you're able to find out the address! :D

(am I horrible?)

Jackie said...

I was thinking it might have taken all this time to arrive but the stamp is modern. Strange.
I had a beautiful Christmas card today ...thank you so much. It will be blogged later in the week.


Mrs Jelly said...

We receive a card every year for the bloke we bought our house from 10 years ago .... It always arrives really early.
Mind you - not long after we'd moved in, we got an ansaphone message from his (obviously) estranged daughter telling him she'd made him a grandad and if he wanted to get in touch he knew where to find her .... no telephone number so we could ring her and tell her he'd moved (eeks!)

Greedy Nan said...

I know I'd feel personally responsible for the fact that it had arrived at my house in the first place and want to get it to it's rightful owner - bit difficult in this case though. Hopefully someone in blogland will recognise the names and shed a little light. Keep us updated ...
But then, I feel personally responsible for everything that happens anywhere.

Linda Jo said...

You SHOULD send them a card back!!! Let us know what happens. I just found your blog...through Margaret's blog. Love your stuff!

Margaret said...

aw well, I blame the coat, 1940's didn't you say!!!


Te he how obscure the card that is. Maybe said people lost their address book??

Your weekend in London looked ace pity about the rain and all.

Thanks so much for the secret santa gift I haven't had time to post of late. This event called Christmas has taken over. I have resisted the urge to open my gift till Christmas day. Must say the suspense is too much!

Take care enjoy your next few days.

Sam x

Unknown said...

Hi Viv,

It always makes me feel a bit sad when a card arrives for someone who doesn't live here anymore - friends losing touch and so on...
But saying that i've got family members who i've given my new adresses to time and time again and they still insist on sending cards to places i haven't lived for the last five years!!!

Anyway, thank you for the christmas wishes, i hope you and your family have a fabulous time :)


Anonymous said...

Love you eclectic work.
Enjoyed the visit.
Best wishes for Christmas.
Will be back again.
Cheers Jan

Annie Pazoo said...

After ten years, we're still getting calls for the people who had our phone number before us. (Phone numbers get pretty quickly recycled here -- at least they were before new area codes and exchanges were added). Calls have included their childrens' school, creditors, old friends and relations. After 5 years you would have thought they all would have heard that the "X" family had moved and changed their number. After 10 years? Crazy!