Tuesday 16 December 2008

Rain and wine

My birthday + Lucy's 21st birthday = make a good excuse for me to book a hotel for a night in London to be with my girl!

What a weekend we chose, it absolutely hammered it down morning, noon and night.

I booked the Hotel in Camden, as this is Lucy's fav haunts. You can see what we were up against though with the rain, I hate rain.

Tried to capture the moment! Me in my tweed coat (oh not that again, I hear you cry) not exactly the most well chosen of attire for the weekend.

Lots of craft stalls at Camden Lock. And inside, such a beautiful room.

And outside more craft stalls.

Feet soaking wet, we hit Camden's pub life at 5.30!

This pub was lovely. It had candles in the very old windows and I felt I was in a Dickensian Novel! Great watching the world scurry by with their brollies.

Next pub, really great, as all around the walls were posters of Madness (my era) and alot of the middle aged men in there were wearing Crombies and turned back jeans! I got chatted up, much to the surprise of my daughter (and me) and as the night wore on and I devoured more wine, I just told her that I may be 49 but I had still got 'it'. How to freak your kids out, ehh!

Gay bar and far too much wine consumed.
Next day........Street Art below, how good is this? There may be some hidden, subversive message in all of this. I am pretty niave when it come to being street wise, so I do apologise if there is anything offensive!

Sunday morning 10. am heading for the tube when we came across this lot. Did'nt think to ask .... 'why'?

Portabello Road, so beautiful, would'nt mind living myself, if I had a few million quid spare!

Well, we had a wonderful time together, some really good quality mother/daughter time, as I have missed her dreadfully since she moved to London this September.


Anyway, here is my find of the week. Katherine House Hospice Shop, £3....... I can't tell you how made up I am over this purchase. A lovely bag of very old christmas decorations. The glass is so thin and fragile, how they have survived is a miracle. I am just going to keep them in this bowl, as they are and enjoy them.

Apologies for my lack of blogging in general just lately. I have missed making and blogging and reading blogs so much....but with very ill parents and work and two full weekends away from xmas prep......time has been very short. I hope to catch up with everyone very soon though.
Thanks for stopping by. x


Greedy Nan said...

Teriffic coat! It didn't look that busy in London either - rain or lack of finances or combination of both? Glad to hear you had a good time with your girlie and hope that she appreciates the time she spends with her mummy as much as you obviously do with her.

Jackie said...

I'm glad you and Lucy had fun together..and you kepy very quiet about your birthday. You wait till next year! I'll be ready for you. Hope your Mum and Dad are getting better.

Anonymous said...

The Daughter Afghan would make a wonderful gift idea for any daughter!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I love Portabello Road.
A long time ago I lived near Sheperds Bush and would visit every Saturday to buy my clothes from the second hand stalls.
My sis now lives in Dulwich and she told me Spitalfields market is brilliant.
looks like you had a fab time even though the weather was bad.
M x

Laura said...

Beautiful Christmas find.

Gigibird said...

I am now going to refer to your vintage coat as your pulling coat….oh how times have changed I can’t imagine in a million years visiting a gay bar with my mother….and having a laugh….
Lovely baubles;-)

Victoria said...

How wonderful that you and your lovely daughter got to spend some fun time together during your birthdays! (My eldest daughter will be turning 20 in a few months, and will be studying over in London next fall. I know that I will miss her terribly, but am also thrilled that she has this opportunity!)

ArtPropelled said...

I've really enjoyed this post. My hubby, daughter and I spent a rainy Saturday in Camden when we were in London. It. Was. Wonderful!
We started off with hot cider early in the morning to warm up and then it was shopping, exploring and wallowing in the wonder of it all. Glad you had such a good birthday!

Margaret said...

HI Viv, I stumbled across your blog this morn, and my, what a find! your work is gorgeous! love love love the post about Julie A, I so wanted to go to one of her classes myself but couldn't, flights from here and the like. The pics are fab, can just imagine the atmosphere. You look v. smart in your coat, also had a little giggle over that story. Love your style Margaret

A time to dance said...

your coat looks fab so I think you should wear it..I have found some new fabby websites...shall I link you up? The pubs look lovely...glad you had a lovely weekend..cant wait to get my hens teeth chrissie pressie..love H

Gina said...

Sounds like you've had a fabulous time. Camden is such a great place - one of our favourites too!

Unknown said...

Oh, what a wonderful weekend you had! It is my greatest hope that my daughter and I can enjoy each other's company in just that way when she is an adult. Is she your only child? And I adore the bowl of old ornaments! I pick them up wherever I see them...especially the tiny ones...and I also marvel every year how in the world they survived. Lovely, lovely post!