Sunday, 25 January 2009


This may seem a bit of an odd picture to start my post with, but it's what I saw when I finished work last Friday. I looked up and saw lovely blue sky with puffy clouds and I could'nt have felt happier. The conclusion of three weeks of pergatory! I have got the job I applied for........
Oh the relief, of the joy of a new venture, a new challenge and three day week. I work in the Faculty of Art at my local College, working Reception and running the art supplies shop amongst many other duties and I have been very fortunate to work full time but term time. In a month's time I will take on the duties of Fine Art Technician, based in the Print Room at the same Faculty with all the wonderful old presses, screen print units and general print equipment for three days a week. A newly created job, so I am so excited and can't wait to roll my sleeves up and get started. I don't have to worry about trying to look smart each day either, as I shall have to wear a pinny for this new job :-) The other part of the excitement is that I can devote week time to creating, oh bliss. The start of this year really has been one to remember, I said I was going to grab the new year by the danglies!!!
Well after my excitable start, I wanted to show you what I have been mostly making this weekend.
Pendants or as jackie suggested ..... Suspendants!!!! ....made from vintage ladies' suspenders. I'm really pleased with the way they have turned out. I thought they were a little unusual (to say the least) and where there should be elastic I have added layers of muslin and calico, embroidery, bits of this and that. Finished with a shirt button and a brass ring to thread a chain through.

Same one top and bottom, top modelled by myself but a bit burnt out by the light.

Second pendant (below) done in pretty much the same way.

This (below) is worked a little differently, using gorgeous silk embroidery (chopped from a silk blouse, not by me I might add). The button on the pendant came to me attached to this brown silk. I have added seeding stitches, buttons and a little piece of tatting.

Finally onto 'Finds of the Week'. I have done so well this week with my purchases. Here a box of crochet rayon. Love them for the blue against the red typography.

I purchased this book today, it was also a 'must have' and for £1.50 who could say no.

Inside the most bizarre and amazing dictionary of all things medical. The pic below, may have been a bit racy for it's time, do you think? I could'nt find a date but perhaps 1910/20, not sure.

The following page is entitled 'carrying a helpless person'. about the bleeding obvious!

Next page, rather alarmingly entitled 'Treatment of skin conditions by X-Rays'. The patient does'nt look very happy, and I can't say I blame her.

Next page, 'Magnet for extracting metallic foreign body from the eye'. Look at the size of that instrument!!! I would have fainted with fear, if that had been shoved in my eye.

The other book purchased today, also for £1.50 is Needlework and Crafts. Written by
R.K. & M.I.R. Polkinghorne, blimey what a mouthful. Reminded me of Mr. Tolkinghorne from Bleak House. (The BBC version of Bleak House, how I adore that series).
This was in the back......

and this..

Then onto two large tins of buttons. I was in the right place at the right time for these two tins of lovelies. I visited my local Charity Shop, a down to earth affair, what I call a proper charity shop, where they evidently don't chuck stuff out, because of some stupid ruling. (Don't get me started on some Charity shops throwing out items such as knitting needles because of health and safety, grrrrr). Anyway, I asked the lady if she had any buttons for sale? And these were fetched from under the counter, so I gave her £20 for the two tins. A bargain and for a very good charity too.

I had a silly, stupid smile on my face as I walked back to work, carrying two very heavy sweet tins of buttons.

Well, I think that is all for now. Thank you all once again for all of the comments that have been graciously left. Very much appreciated. I also want to thank lovely, lovely friends who give awards. I apologise if I have not fulfilled my end of the bargain with the duties of being given an award, I'm pretty useless at that kind of thing, but I will endeavour to do so soon.

Thanks for stopping by.x


monda-loves said...

Congrats on the new job Viv! Sounds great - and how nice to be creating all day every day. I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce.

I have button tin envy. I went into our local charity shop last week and asked if they had any buttons - they had a small tin with about 10 buttons in - very disappointing!


Jackie said...

Its posts like this that got me addicted to blogs. entertaining quirky happy and arty. Congrats on the job. The suspender pendants (Suspendants?)are a brilliant idea.

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Great news about your job Viv, just like me art technician.
I love wearing my pinny!
Super pendants,such a clever idea.x

Cecca said...

Congratulations on the job - that sounds fantastic!
Your suspender pendants are beautiful - what a great little idea :-)
Wow, I love your finds! I'm a charity shop addict myself - those books and button tins look great :-)

meplusmolly said...

Oh congrats to you on the new job! how fab! I'm job hunting as I've just moved so I'm crossing fingers at finding something.
Your suspendants are lovely! an original and quirky idea, beautiful ;0

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

VERY unusual pendants indeed and very pretty!
Those books freak me out.
Last night I accidentally watched King Kong on TV and lay awake until 5 a.m. I should not look at scary things like that, oh no.

Can I ask you something about your job - does this mean you work about 50% as an artist? Or is it like 100% even though you have a different job as well?

Becky Bunn said...

That blue sky is what I want to see when I visit London next month. I hope to find some great charity or antique shops. Are you familary with any in London?

green phoenix said...

Your new job sounds wonderful and I love your buttons!
The racy illustration reminds me of my very first male life model, who, either because of our extreme youth or his extreme age protected his modesty with a pair of clingy briefs!
He was about 65 with dyed black, brill creamed hair.
Oh what memories!

Unknown said...

Oh its all so lovely Viv I don't know what to comment about first! Amazing new pendents, what a wonderful idea! They are so very cute. I'm so in love with those buttons! What an amazing find,how lucky were you!

Congrats on the job, what a perfect place to be, so inspiring.
Hope you are having a lovely day
Sophie x

Lorie McCown said...

Yay for your new job, nice to get a 'yes' isn't it? Your lovely post just makes my day..the stitched pendants are so great, love them..

A time to dance said...

well...where do I start ...the wonderful buttons...I will have to steal...I have a button obsession...or the man in the thong...I do declare...or the job...what fantastic sounds what sort of apron will you wear...vintage...Cath K or Muji....hopefully not a Harvey Nichols like my other half.... covered with thonged bottoms... and none of them big and see what you have done with that pictures...I have indigo thongs on the brain.....

HappySquirrel said...

Love the pendants/suspendants...such an original idea! I can feel related with your trip to the charity shop. I soooo love going and discovering these type of treasures. Congratulations on your job. It sounds brilliant!

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your new job! sounds like it was made for you! lovely post, suspendants a lot of fun and what a fab pile of treasures you picked up!

Gina said...

Congratulations on the new job - it's sounds perfect! I love your suspendants - genius!

Unknown said...

hi viv, fabulous news about the job, congratulations! you've certainly grabbed this year by the 'danglies' :)

you always post about so many lovely things. your new necklaces are beautiful and i have a serious case of button envy!

have a fab week,


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 'Nothing but blue skies...etc.' The suspendants are truly inspired. Have a very happy week and keep that grin!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on you new job.I have been lurking for a long time and thought now was as good a time as any to say how much I enjoy everything you say and all the beautiful things you make.

Gigibird said...

You do know Viv that suspender belt pendants are going to be everywhere soon don’t you?

Your new job sounds right up your street – congratulations.

I had a similar button experience a little while back – these 2 very obliging ladies in a charity shop in Chichester went out the back and brought a big tin of old buttons for me to look through… I suggested I just buy them all and they were trilled…..not as thrilled as me!!

jenny elkins said...

Viv-congrats! on your new job. Great fun. I spent a lot of time in the printing labs in college love the smells. Great find in the medical book! I really enjoy the little pendant suspenders. Missed your blog always wanting more. How are your Hen's?

prettyshabby said...

Brilliant news on the job front Viv! well done, sounds like fun is to be had as a print technician.
My mum had lots of those ancient medical books from her training as a nurse, they are politically incorrect and full of really scary treatments!
love the 'suspendants' x

Greedy Nan said...

Great entry - I really enjoyed reading this [more than usual].
Really liked your suspendants and what a lucky find with the buttons.
I'm with you about the knitting needles but at least our charity shops have them - but they're under the counter and you have to ask and I suppose after they've checked you out you can look ...

Greedy Nan said...

PS sorry. Meant to congrat you about the job - hope it won't mean you blog less though...

Victoria said...

Love your newest creations, and your new job sounds like a dream! Lucky you!! Great vintage finds as well!

Shabby Chick said...

Congrats on the job! I love your pictures, especially the buttons and crochet thread, yummy.

Mel xxx

ArtPropelled said...

Oh well done Viv. It sounds like an ideal job and the cherry on the top is more time to create. That skin condition x-ray had me in stitches. The suspender pendants are brilliant!

Tamara said...

I love how the buttons and the tins they came in...what a great find, well done...I love how the simple things make us crafty types so happy, Tam xo

Newburgh Restoration said...

OMG....I wouldn't go near that contraption. I'll stay with the metal in my eye. How common could that have been back in the day?

Crafts a la Mode said...

Hello, and I am so happy to have found your blog! I remember when I was little, my Mother's buttonbox was endless pleasure for me. Still is. :)
I am going to put you on the list of my favorite blogs. Love it. Linda

Unknown said...

What an absolutely delightful blog! So glad I found you!

Jacky said...

Wonderful post and soooooo many goodies from the charity shop (lucky you all those gorgeous buttons).
I adore your new "suspenders". What a quirky idea and I think they look fabulous.
How exciting you new job sounds. I would love to know more about printing etc. (dont want to swap your new 3 day job for my boring 3 days a week as a purchasing officer per chance????).
Have fun... sounds perfect!


The suspenders are a "novel" idea - so ingenious! Your book finds are a hoot, I had a chuckle at the pictures and the buttons are such an amazing find - very rare these days to find such lovely button tins. I wonder who they belonged to....

Good luck with your new job!

Unknown said...

hi viv,

thank you for your really sweet comments about my designs! it really did make my day today :)

i love your new banner pic btw :)


gunnelsvensson said...

Congrats to the new job !!! So wonderful! And what lovey find you have done, I can understand you are happy!!

the suspender pendants are SO beautiful! You have so much fun ideas !

Joanie Hoffman said...

What a great posting!
A new wonderful-sounding job, a fun old book, and 2 (two) tins of buttons!
You lucky duck!
Congratulations on the whole kit and caboodle!
Happy days,
p.s. I almost forgot the fun pendants.

cynthia korzekwa said...

lovely post!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ooohh - you lucky bugger!
lovely new job and a charity shop haul to make we weep with envy!
love those new pendants - very cool idea. Your work is an inspiration!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...


So happy for you!:) I am hoping you'll have more time to create. I have your package ready but have been snowed in. LOVE your new designs.. .yummy! AND love the new LOOK of your blog.. beautiful! Thanks for all the inspirations to look at on your blog.. .this is such a happy place and it absolutely makes my day when I see your posts. Hugs, Amy

Eileen said...

Congratulations on your new position! Seems like a job that will suit you well - have fun!

Your pendants are lovely!!!


Tina Peacock said...

I've just come across your blog & was happily reading away...and then I came across the book you bought about needlework. I just can't believe it because only yesterday I bought an identical book in my local charity shop! How strange! It's so true! Apologies if I'm over-reacting!Anyway, you blog is lovely, Tina x

Unknown said...

OyMYGOSH! The the little bits you made from the garter buckles are BRILLIANT! I have some of those buckles and haven't had a clue what to do with them. May I respectfully STEAL your idea? Please?