Saturday, 3 January 2009

Thank you

Well goodness me, what a wonderful response I have received since my last post! Thank you all so much for your warm, kind comments. It just does'nt get any better. I have received emails from all over the world sending congratulations, I am so lucky to have such great friends....thank you.

My family have'nt seen much of me just lately. I am making the most of my time away from Mind you I suffer from a nagging little condition, you know. It's called 'Blogger Readius Distractus'. It takes the form of not being able to concentrate on what one SHOULD be doing and spending inordinate amounts of time reading blogs......does this sound familiar????? Well, lets face it, we all suffer from that one and with a million and one fabulous blogs to read, who can blame us. I wonder if there wil ever be a cure for me or do I just need some sort of therapy?
Any road up, I have actually managed to make a few things.......

The original paper cheque that I have used here, is simply beautiful. Dated June 9th 1914. The National Bank Ltd, Cardiff, UK. The illustration and text are divine and it was a simple, pure pleasure to work. It is the beauty of the way each piece of text sits with itself, if you understand me. It all just fits together sweetly and I hope that my embellishment has added something and not detracted?

I made another purse and I'm very pleased to say that it has sold too. So more of these babies to come.Oh and look what we have here, two more needlecases. My goodness you must be sick of the sight of these by now.....but I have to show you how busy I've been ;-)

I did manage to drag myself away earlier today to take the dogs a quick walk. -4 degrees and the same kind of spikey, sharp frost that looks like snow but today we have had a smattering of sunshine! As if barbed wire is'nt barbed enough.

Thanks for stopping by.x


Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi Viv,
Blogging can be so addictive and I too have the same disease!
But if it means we become more creative it can't be a bad thing,can it?!
It may be a back lash against some of the mass produced rubbish.
I just adore your purses because they are so unique and I value all the time you put in to it.
Tried to get the magazine today but they did not have it in WHSmith,will try and order one.
M x

gunnelsvensson said...

Yes, I have the same disease! Sometimes I say to my self, no more blogreading, but the TV isn´t fun !!
And all this lovely inspiration I only can get from my blogfriends!
Your new work is stunning!!!

Jackie said...

What lovely purses. Clever you.
I've never tried a frame.Is it difficult?
The frosty barbed wire is just fabulous.

A time to dance said...

oh more lovely things which have gone as soon as I set eyes on them...lovely lovely ....

Unknown said...

I'm suffering from a severe case of 'Blogger Readius Distractus' just now!

Love the cheque and what you've done with it, so pretty - i love your tiny little flowers!


Lorie McCown said...

Yes, I am afraid I have the same disease. I'm convinced,though, it's ok. We all work more or less in seclusion. I love that the internet has made it possible to peek at other creative kindred spirits out there. What a lovely check, your work is so unique.


Just where do you find your energy from. Do you think it can be bottled?? I think after all the Christmas goings on my batteries have been at zero.

Amazing work as ever Viv. I look forward to reading your article when the magazine arrives!! Come on Mr Postman!!

Sam x

maggik1 said...

C,mon Rainbow Silks - where's my CPS? Lovely purses and the cheque, Viv - well, you wouldn't want to cash it, would you? I've got a new laptop so I can watch TV and peep at blogs at the same time but it won't behave! I know it's me!

Kitsch and Curious said...

Beautiful work and beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

Such beautiful pieces,I just adore your needlecases. You are a true inspiration, your soul shines through your work. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Sophie x

Gina said...

That's funny - I suffer that blogging disease too. I should be working this morning but "needed" to catch up with blog reading first! Im in love with those little purses.

Shakti said...

What lovely work!

I have decided to force myself away from the computer lately because I get absolutely nothing done...nothing!

Kel said...

Wow, amazing work.
The coin purse is sooo CUTE.
Love it.

Things Hand Made said...

I think I suffer form the same illness!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

love those new purses - they are great!
well done on CPS article that is my favourite magazine can't wait to see you in print!

gunnelsvensson said...

Hi Viv! I ahve write about your work today on my blog!

Angela said...

Must dash down to Borders and see if they have CPS in stock! May this be the start of a very happy New Year for you and yours!
Your frosty bit of the UK looks very like mine!
blessings xx